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  Glen Bradburn, Pool Manager.


Drew Brennan is returning to the Blue Ridge Pool Management, as the Pool Manager this year. This will be his sixth summer working at the pool. He graduated from Ingraham High School, and is currently attending Santa Clara University, where he is studying at the Leavey School of Business.


Hi, my name is Emily Cary! Although my athletic focus has shifted to rowing since I started at the University of San Diego, swimming was always my sport prior to college. I was lucky enough to spend every summer at the Blue Ridge Pool from my tadpole days as a toddler to my senior night swim team ceremony last July. My childhood summers were colored by the magic of the Blue Ridge community and I want to continue creating that friendly and supportive environment that helped me thrive as I grew up. As lessons coordinator and swim coach, I have the opportunity to make our neighborhood pool a place where more kids can gain confidence and happy memories, just like I have (and still am!).  


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