Pacesetters – Feb. 20th @ 6PM


LRPC Meeting – Feb. 26th @ 7PM


HOA Dues Town Hall – Mar. 13 & Apr. 30

All events are at the Clubhouse unless stated otherwise.

Business Office

10040 15th Ave NW

Seattle, WA  98177





Pool (May-Sept)



Blue Ridge News

  • President Report – February 2019 (2/4/2019) - Come to the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting is February 4 @ 7:00pm at the Club House. It’s your chance to hear a summary of 2018 and ask questions. Please get your ballots in before the Shareholder Meeting deadline. This is your chance to vote for the current slate of Board Member candidates. We need a quorum for the votes to […]
  • Association Manager Report – February 2019 (2/4/2019) - Annual duesEach January brings a crush of payments, visitors, emails and phone calls as the January 31 deadline for annual dues approaches. Thank you to everyone who made their payments on time! If you missed the due date, please contact me or I’ll reach out soon. Please remember, final payment for the installment plan is […]
  • Architecture Report – February 2019 (2/4/2019) - In January, the Board: Heard initial presentation for additional window at 1943 NW Milford Way – Van Kampen  In February, the Board will: Act on additional window at 1943 NW Milford Way – Van Kampen Initial presentation on solar panels at 1990 NW Blue Ridge Dr NW – Litsey/Young
  • Membership Report – February 2019 (2/4/2019) - Volunteer Appreciation Dinner!Once a year we like to give a heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers who make this amazing community function. This year’s Volunteer Appreciation Dinner will be Sunday February 10, 2019 from 6-8pm . If you have helped in any capacity around the neighborhood this year (or any year!), please come enjoy a lovely […]
  • Events Report – February 2019 (2/4/2019) - This month has been filled with planning for the fun year to come in Blue Ridge. Set your calendars for the events we have scheduled so far for this year and stay tuned for some dates to come.The summer party will be back this year at the beach park cabana! Thanks so much to Barbara Sinn and […]


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