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  • President’s Report – Nov 2016 (11/30/2016) - If we got the Blue Ridge Bulletin out on time, you are likely reading this either just before or after our annual Halloween festivities.  For the last couple of years Karen Bombino and Jamie Smith have organized the pre-Trick-or-Treat function at the Club House.  Thank you to them and the others that provide this excellent […]
  • Manager Report – Nov 2016 (11/30/2016) - Building community is like growing a garden; plant an idea, nurture it, and watch it grow. Generations of Blue Ridge homeowners have built upon past community efforts to create the Blue Ridge of today; one of Seattle’s most desirable communities. A big thank you to the army of volunteers it takes to nurture our community, […]
  • Architecture Report – Nov 2016 (11/30/2016) - ARCHITECTURAL NOTICES In October, the Board: Deferred to November: 1515 NW Woodbine Way – Tomingas shed Heard an initial proposal for: 1711 Greenbrier Way – Carlisle remodel and addition. In November, the Board: Proposes to act on: 1515 NW Woodbine Way – Tomingas shed 1711 Greenbrier Way – Carlisle remodel and addition. There may be […]
  • Grounds Report – Nov 2016 (11/30/2016) - Board member Steve Malloch and I are now both “short timers” on the Blue Ridge Board; our six-year tenures will end this coming January 31st.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my opportunity to serve as the Board’s ‘Grounds Chair’during Steve’s Board Presidency, subsequently followed by Janet Wallace who now holds that role. Linda Brooks (my way better half) has always […]
  • Events Report – Nov 2016 (11/30/2016) - Well the fall season is definitely in full effect. I want to give a very big thanks to some important families that have helped this past month. Our community could not be what is without volunteers like the Jenn Henninger, Stack Family, Karen Bombino, and Jamie Smith. First off, Thank you to Jenn Henninger and […]


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  • December 12, 2016 7:00 pmBoard of Directors Meeting
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  • December 17, 2016 3:00 pmChristmas Ships at Blue Ridge
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