President Report – November 2019

As I mentioned last month, we’re in the midst of budgets and year-end
activities. And one of the things the Board does this time of year is
conduct a review of our Association Manager, Michelle Morgan. She
has been with us for 4 years now and has become critical to the
operations of the Blue Ridge Club. Many of you may not be aware of all
her responsibilities so I’ll take this opportunity to give you a broad
explanation and offer a formal thank you to her for her contributions.

What does Michelle do as Association Manager?

Well, the easy answer is lots: she wears many hats but here are the
primary responsibilities:

Board Support. She helps every Board Member do their job and for many of us we couldn’t do our jobs without her. For the Board as a whole, she provides us with necessary background information and HOA expertise to help us work through issues and make decisions. For some of us she takes on the necessary administrative tasks to assist us in our oversight roles.

Financial Management. Michelle is instrumental in preparing and managing the budget. She is the point person for our bookkeepers, the auditors, banking services, and the reservist. Running the small business that is the pool requires keeping on top of a whole set of financial tasks such as payroll for a part time staff of over 40 teenagers and processing lesson income.

Grounds & Facilities Management. As we have become more proactive in taking care of our annual and long term maintenance needs, there is a list of projects to manage every year. She excels at negotiating and managing our vendors to save us money and works through inevitable problems when they arise. And again supervising the maintenance issues that come up with the pool every summer can be a very involved proposition.
Office Administration & Customer Service. There is a lot under this umbrella, but this area is probably most visible to you in the community whether you have questions and issues or just want to rent the Club House. Michelle and Shannon Schiernbeck keep everything thing in the business office humming to meet your needs on a daily basis.

Thank You Michelle!
So as you can see, to use another metaphor, Michelle often has many balls in the air while she is wearing those different hats. Over the last 4 years our HOA has moved forward in the effort to operate more professionally, taking on required business and regulatory tasks that we weren’t fully doing
before. With Michelle’s organization skills, follow-through and HOA knowledge, she has been invaluable in that effort. On behalf of the Board I thank her for the excellent job she has done for the Blue Ridge community. And as I prepare to finish my tenure on the Board, I extend my personal
appreciation for all the assistance and counsel she has provided me. I know things will be in good hands when I leave.

So…..I know she would welcome your expressions of gratitude too. Next time you need to stop by the office or phone with a question, please give her your own “thank you” for all she does!

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