Pool & Tennis Report – October 2019


Another warm, fun summer has come and gone. The tennis courts are wet nearly every day now and the pool has been closed down for the winter months. Beginning in late August, the planning for summer 2020 commenced.   

Pool Staff: 

Drew Brennan has agreed to take over the manager role for next summer and Jessica Cary will be stepping into the Lessons Coordinator role. I’m thrilled to have them both back as they are now very experienced and knowledgeable members of our team. Additionally, Glen Bradburn will be stepping in to a full time summer role at our pool. He has agreed ( I only begged a little!) to work in a general manager type role at the pool next summer. He will be there daily to help get both the pool and the guards up and running smoothly. He will then transition over to the head swim coach role. I believe that both the facilities and staff will benefit from his many decades of experience and I feel lucky to have him on board!  

Pool Season Extension: 

Over the last few months, the Board was presented with a proposal by a group of lap swimmers to open the pool for year round swim – similar to the other neighborhood pools. The first proposal included hosting an outdoors swim team in order to offset the costs for our community. We heard from many members of the community who were not in favor of using our neighborhood amenities in this way and the Board challenged the group to present options to extend the season without the additional users. After some deliberation and information gathering, I’m pleased to report that plans are in the works to extend the pool season by 2 months on a trial basis. The pool will open in April and close in October  just for adult lap swimmers and water aerobics where lifeguards are not required.  Exact details of how this will work are still being worked out, but this will be built into our operating budget for 2020. The pool will open to the greater community as usual in mid May with lifeguards. We hope this trial is successful and will be the first step in expanding opportunities for use as we move to single dues in 2021.

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