Events Report – August 2019

Below is an excerpt that supported our Annual 4th of July Celebration!

Happy 4th of July Blue Ridge!

The 2019 Blue Ridge 4th of July parade grand Marshalls have been fixtures in our community since 1973.

Let us present to you Michael Williams, Sr & Jr.
With his wife Jan and three children, Mike Sr. moved to our neighborhood 47 years ago. A graduate of UW business school Mike owned a Real Estate Management company for 45 years. He also served as a staff sergeant in the US Army Reserve. He served as Blue Ridge Club President and his efforts lead to many important changes that reverberate to this day.
As President, Mike was influential in eliminating the language in our covenants that prevented minorities and people of color from owning a home in Blue Ridge. He also spearheaded the movement of developing the beach park as we know it. Long ago it was little more than an unlocked blackberry patch with a small trail to the beach. Thanks in part to his efforts and leadership we all have a beautifully landscaped area which all families in Blue Ridge enjoy. Another feather in his cap was the “bold” decision to paint the tennis courts blue!

Mike Jr. settled down in Blue Ridge with his wife Jana back in 2007. When asked why he liked the neighborhood the strong sense of community is what drew them here. “The pool is such a great social hub and it’s so unique compared to most Seattle neighborhoods”. Both their sons Matthew and Andrew can be found almost daily at the pool these days.

Mike’s contributions started early – from age 11 through graduating from Seattle Pacific he mowed the grass at both Woodbine Park and the newly developed beach park with a walk behind mower! (when your kids think they have it hard today ask them if they’d mow either of those fields!)
When asked of his favorite memories growing up in Blue Ridge the swim team holds a special place in his heart. His relay won All City and they held 2 BR records for over 35 years until last season. “The mentoring the older kids provide through the swim lessons, swim team and lifeguarding have been very special to witness. The way the older kids interact with younger ones is very special and unique for our BR kids”.

Mikes many contributions to the swim team are his way of staying involved. He designed and implemented the new swim caps, the Records Board at the pool and our awesome new starting blocks, all of which the kids love. He announced last year’s Northern Finals and will be behind the mic again this year for ALL CITIES. If you get a chance to see either Marshall in the near future please feel free to thank them for their hard work, dedication and commitment to our fine neighborhood.

2019 Blue Ridge Soirée en Blanc.
What a beautiful evening for a fun and festive neighborhood party. We all had such a great time! 
Special thanks to party co-chairs: Barbara Sinn, Anna Palumbo Brunette, Margaret Giesa & Kristi Dwight.

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