President Report – April 2019

After a crazy winter with storms and snow days, Spring does seem to be here. We’ve even had a few days where it felt like we should go to the pool.   For many of us parents, Spring Break is just around the corner and we’ll blame it for the following announcement: 

April Board Meeting Cancelled  It’s true:  we will NOT have a Board Meeting on Monday, April 8. Every April there is a challenge in getting a meeting quorum given that many of our Board members are parents with kids that tend to have Spring Breaks either the second or third week of April.  This month we don’t have any Architecture projects for review and we also don’t have a quorum of 5 so we cannot conduct any other official Board business. We’ll be back at it, though, on May 13.   

Dues “Town Hall” Discussion Meetings  On March 13, the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) led the first of two town hall type discussions on moving to a single set of dues where all residents would pay the same dues with access to the pool and tennis facilities and where these dues would fund the operation and maintenance of all of the association’s business and assets. The LRPC is charged with investigating the implications and making a recommendation to the Board.   

Part of the process is to get the opinions of the community through the survey that was conducted in December and these town hall discussions. In my view, the March 13 meeting was helpful for everyone that attended. Information was shared, different perspectives were discussed and I think everyone left with at least an understanding of the rationale to make the move to one set of dues.    

At the meeting, people brought up concerns about cost while members of the Board explained some of the difficulties in managing our finances with the current structure. On a more emotional level, there also were people that spoke eloquently and from the heart about what a special place Blue Ridge is, and how we all should share in the effort to preserve the community.   

In the end though, it seems like it comes down to a difference in philosophy.  Those who think that Blue Ridge should keep the current system where residents can choose or not choose to be a CM+ “member” of the pool and tennis facilities and believe that they should not have to pay for something they don’t use. Those that support the move to a single set of dues believe that we are a special community with valuable assets and that all residents should share equally in all of the costs and the benefits of living here.    

The meeting gave the LRPC a lot to think about and we will incorporate some of what we heard in to the next one. I encourage you to attend to give the LRPC more feedback to help them make their recommendation to the Board. 

As before there will be a short presentation on the following: 

  • background of our current dues structure 
  • survey results  
  • rationale for the potential change to one set of dues 

Then it’ll be opened up for discussion.  Hope to see you there:  Tuesday, April 30 @ 7:00pm – Club House.

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