President Report – October 2018

Now that it’s October, it feels like it is the beginning of my busy time in my role as President. It is budget time and time to plan for year-end activities and next year. I hope my addition of exclamation points on the subheads below will convey the excitement that this time of year brings.
Board Recruitment!
Now is the time to have conversations with people that might consider serving on the Blue Ridge Board. Every year there are three Board positions that must be filled as terms come to an end. This coming year there are two people that will end their Board service (Kelly Sheridan – Legal Chair and Barbara Sinn– Architecture Chair) and one person that has thankfully chosen to run for a second term (Brooke Walker – Pool & Tennis Chair). That means that there are two “open” positions for new people to be elected to join the Board in February.
As far as specific jobs go, we tend to shuffle things around amongst existing Board Members and the newbies based on experience and interest. A new Architecture Chair will need to be determined. This is one of the more central positions on the Board since most monthly Board meetings involve architecture projects for review. For the Legal Chair position, Steve Reich has agreed to take that on for 2019. That means that we will then need to fill the Secretary position (which is a good one for a new person to adopt).
So, as you can see, there are a number of moving parts and flexibility with this. If you have any interest in possibly serving on the Board for the community that you love or if you simply want to learn more about what we do on the Board, contact me at
At the October Board meeting the first draft of the 2019 Budget will be reviewed. There are a few decisions to be made that will influence the overall numbers but everything should be pretty straightforward. With all the adjustments and pre-planning we have done over the last several years, the budget process has been simplified.
The timeline for the budget and other year-end activities is as follows:
  • October 9: Board Meeting – First Draft review
  • November 12: Board Meeting – Final Draft and Board Approval
  • December 3: Special Budget Ratification Meeting
  • February 4, 2019: Annual Shareholder Meeting & Board Elections
If you have any questions about any of this, just send me an email. Hope you enjoy your special Fall activities!
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