Pool and Tennis Programs – June 2018

Summer is in full swing at the Clubhouse. I love hearing the many voices enjoying the pool and tennis courts. I especially love listening to the swim team practice. And despite the increased traffic, I always appreciate seeing so many neighbors when swim & tennis lessons begin!
As we get into the summer routine, a few reminders:
  • Adult Lap Swimmers – YOU MUST leave the area no later than 7:30am. Simply getting out of the pool by 7:30am and heading to the locker room is not acceptable. Our lifeguards need to get to school on time!!
  • Please drive VERY slowly along 15th Ave NW as kids are beginning to run across the street very frequently.
  • Cars may not park on both sides of Greenbrier Way as this prevents an emergency vehicle from going down the street. This is especially relevant during swim meets.
  • Do not block the fire hydrant at the corner of 15th Ave NW and Greenbrier Way.
As you have already heard, our new system allows for tennis court reservations. Instructions for reserving a court are posted to our website and included below for reference. Court rental is only for Blue Ridge Community Plus Members.
  1. Register yourself/family in the new Club Automation system. http://brst.clubautomation.com.
  2. Once registered you will notice an icon on the left side that says RESERVE A COURT. If that icon is not available you will need to contact Monica Blum at 206- 527-5726.
  3. Click on the calendar on the top right to select your date, time, court and click SAVE RESERVATION. Please be respectful to other neighbors and only book a court a week in advance and cancel if you are unable to use it.
  4. Members are always welcome to use a vacant court; however priority will be given to those who reserve a court online during that same time period.
Important Swim & Tennis Dates:
June 13th – Weekly Swim Lesson Sessions Begin
June 18th – Junior Tennis Summer Weekly Sessions Begin
June 26th – Swim Team Pancake Breakfast – 9:00am
June 26th – Home Swim Meet
July 4th – BR Social Tennis Tournament
July 10th – Home Swim Meet
July 17th – Home Swim Meet
July 24th – Home Swim Meet
Aug 2nd – Northerns Swim Meet – No Tennis or Swim Lessons
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