President’s Report – April 2018

Spring has sprung! I think I may have said the same thing last year at this time. It’s true – at least when there isn’t the occasional hail storm that our NW weather brings in March or April
Temporary Residents
One sign of spring is the Killdeer family that has taken temporary residence under the slide at the Beach Park. Since they are birds, we’re pretty sure they flew in rather than use an unauthorized FOB or a propped gate to enter. It is a momma and poppa couple of shore birds that are vigilantly caring for a nest of eggs that should hatch in a couple of weeks.
We have decided to let them stay and are taking measures to protect them as best we can. There are a couple of references to the Killdeers in other columns, including a special column written by your neighbor Linda Murfeldt , that will give you some information about them and when we can expect that the family will be ready to leave.
Basically, we ask that you keep kids and dogs away from the area. I know our family is keeping our dogs on leash as we pass through the park to go to the beach. It’s a temporary inconvenience but feels like the right thing to do. By the time you read this, the Easter Egg Hunt will have taken place. Some of our Blue Ridge bird enthusiasts will have been on hand to educate the kids on the birds and why we are taking these measures. It’s an educational opportunity too.
Pool Happenings
The other sign of Spring is that there are a whole lot of things happening to get the pool ready to open in May. There has been a lot of offseason work on the pool and its drainage. Lifeguards are being hired and systems are being put in place.  Brooke Walker is coming up to speed in her role as Pool and Tennis Chair. Program sign-ups are coming soon. It is A LOT! A big thanks to Brooke, Michelle Morgan, Rosie McDonough and Jamie Smith for devoting the extra time and energy to get things rolling.
Dues Structure Project
Not necessarily a sign of Spring but a sign that we are continuing to work on planning issues, is the expansion of the Long Range Planning Committee. How’s that for a segue? We are adding a few new members as others transition off. The committee will continue its primary objective to ensure proper planning around the use of our reserves and the maintenance and replacement of our community owned assets. The committee will also take on a special project: to determine whether Blue Ridge should change its dues structure and adopt one set of dues where everyone has access to the Pool and Tennis facilities.
This has been a reoccurring topic of discussion by the Board ever since I joined 4 years ago. There are many reasons to consider the change. Primarily it would reduce the administration burden and costs of maintaining two separate membership groups. And it would also institute a level of fairness in equally spreading the costs of maintaining our jointly owned assets and then the subsequent increase in value of our individual homes.
The Board realizes that the community support for this change may or may not be there. Almost half of Blue Ridge residents are not Community Plus members. Our current dues structure has been in place for many years with perhaps some deep cultural roots. The Committee will be charged with determining the implications of the possible change and the level of community support. If you are interested in serving on the Long Range Planning Committee or want to learn more, contact Treasurer, Andrea Durbin or Association Manager, Michelle Morgan at .
Well that’s all I’ve got for now!
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