Architecture Report – May 2017

At our April meeting, the board:

  • Approved the Angelis remodel and addition, 10126 Radford Ave NW
  • Initial Présentation for Redington remodel, 10007 Radford Ave NW
May meeting, the board:
  • Approved Redington remodel, 10007 Radford Ave NW
  • Initial presentation for Fitzgerald/Dodge remodel, 10027 Bayard Ave NW
In June the board:
  • Vote on Fitzgerald/Dodge project, 10027 Bayard Ave NW
  • Initial Presentation for Kliman remodel and addition, 10245 Valmay Ave NW
  • Consider oral comments on hedge complaints at Hamack residence, 10361 15th Ave NW, and make a formal determination regarding whether the hedge is in violation of the Blue Ridge covenants pursuant to the Blue Ridge Hedge Complaint Policy.

If anyone needs to reference our hedge policy, you can find it here on our website under our governing documents: 

Whew a lot is going on architecturally!  Never a dull moment!  Thank you.

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