President’s Report – April 2017

I’ve seen some yards with some beautiful arrays of daffodils.  Spring feels like it is here (still wet, but here).  That usually means that we are gearing up for the summer season that is just around the corner.

As others have reported in their columns I’ll also highlight that the Clubhouse renovation is in full swing.  While the impact to the resident Woodpecker is probably the greatest (see Michelle’s column), the people in Blue Ridge will feel it for the next 8 -10 weeks.  As a reminder, we are replacing the siding on all 4 exterior walls and renovating and sprucing up the front with a new look, energy efficient windows and door system.  Access to the building will be through the North entrance.  The locker room is on track to be finished by the time the pool opens on May 13 but pool users will like need to be routed through the pool gate until early June.

We are also starting to determine the potential design and cost for the proposed deck extension that would go along the East end of the pool and possibly along the tennis courts.  We realize that this project may have mixed levels of support.  The goal will be to have a design scope and cost estimates by this summer so that we can get resident feedback.  This effort will likely require fundraising from the community and will only go forward if it is something that the community wants.

In other news, we won’t be having our annual Spring Work Party this year.  Steve Brunette, the new Grounds & Facilities Chair is focusing his early efforts on helping to oversee the Clubhouse renovation.   He will determine an alternative.  Perhaps it will be a Fall Work Party to do some work around the Clubhouse.

We also have recruited community and board members for the Long Range Planning Committee.  This committee has been charged to proactively determine our community asset maintenance needs and the associated costs and to make budget revenue and cost projections over a 3 year time horizon.  The first meeting will be at the end of April.

Well, that’s all I have this month.  I’ll give a plug for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday April 15, organized once again by Julie Keegan.  I always enjoy the prompt starting time and mad frenzy of the kids gathering up their goodies.  Unfortunately, we are going to miss it this year in my daughter’s last year of legal participation.  I hope all the bunnies have fun!


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