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Payment questions:  A big thank you to every homeowner who paid their annual dues promptly! Efforts are now focused on the 2017 Maintenance Assessment due by March 31st and again, your prompt payment is sincerely appreciated. Our recent mailings have created some confusion however, with some mistaking the Maintenance Assessment notice as a duplicate invoice or a late notice. In retrospect, it may have been clearer if the forms were designed differently, amounts weren’t similar, or the timing different. Lessons learned and thank you for reaching out to clarify. Please call or email me if you have any questions: or 206.784.3868.

What are your hours?  I try to be available with predictable hours and am usually somewhere in Blue Ridge, Mon – Fri, 9-5pm. During the off season, the clubhouse and business office will be locked when I’m offsite. I receive several spontaneous visitors, especially on a sunny day when Blue Ridge walkers take to the streets. Give me a shout before you travel out of your way so I can be here when you are!

Key Fobs:   Sunnier weather is just around the corner and so is key fob season! Last year, you may remember, we brought the key fob system in-house, which reduced response times from 2 weeks to often, the same day. If you haven’t used your fobs recently, or they weren’t registered during the Directory update, please don’t wait until the day you really need access. Turnaround times this year could be delayed due to construction interruptions, let me know if you need a new or replacement fob. 2017 membership levels and delinquencies will update in-office and don’t require homeowner action. All Blue Ridge homeowners are eligible for one complimentary key fob and a 2nd one can be purchased for $25. Replacement of lost fobs are $100. Damaged or malfunctioning fobs are replaced at no cost with trade-in.

New Directory and Shareholder Reports: Stop by and pick up your copy!

Cheers to your St Patrick’s Day and Vernal Equinox!

Michelle Morgan, CMCA®
Blue Ridge Association Manager

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