Membership – June 2016

Congratulations!  This month I am talking off my Membership Chair hat to put on my proud Mom hat!  In June, our little neighborhood has 18 of our finest young women and men graduating from High School.  All of these kids have grown up in Blue Ridge, some have done swim team, some have babysat for your children, some have volunteered at events, and I guarantee all of them have trick or treated at your doors!  They have attended high schools all over our city and they are off to new adventures – some close to home (University of Washington) and some further away (Smith College), but hopefully they will return to visit. So if you see any of these graduates in the future, congratulate them and wish them well on their next journey:    Georgia Green, Shea Leibow, Ellie Giesa, Izzi Scott, Lizzie Malmgren, Dragon (Christian) Phillips, Sam Greene, Rob Lorentzen, Caroline Healy, Mason Root, Jessica Cary, Emma Kelly, Chay Allfrey, Jon Flanagan, Will Dean, Kleo Chrissafis, Dean Chrisafis, Griffin Brugger, Truly Dorland, Logan Brennan.
AND, we have an outstanding collection of college graduates too! Congratulations to Robbie Caron, Melissa Dean, Hannah Johnson, and Lucy Kelly to name a few! Sincere apologies to anyone we may have missed.
For all our wonderful neighbors, don’t forget to sign up for the Blue Ridge Facebook page so you can keep up to date. Just go to and search for “Blue Ridge Seattle” and request access to our closed group.
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