Pool and Tennis Report

  • Pool and Tennis Programs – July 2018 (7/5/2018)

    Summer is in full swing at the pool & tennis courts! Lessons have started and
    kids are running & biking around all over our neighborhood. Please be on the
    lookout. To help with providing a safe situation for our children and drivers, the
    traffic committee has planned some parking changes to help with traffic flow on
    15th during the peak swim & tennis lesson times.

    Our swim team has a record number of swimmers this year!
    The first home meet is June 26th and my children can hardly wait.
    The home meets are:

    • June 26th
    • July 10th
    • July 17th
    • July 24th

    AUGUST 2nd we are hosting Northerns. Northerns planning has been
    underwayfor months as it is a BIG undertaking to host so many people in our
    neighborhood. We have an amazing committee working hard to make the event flawless. Our fearless
    leader, Jenny Fredricks, will go into more detail about this in her column this month.
    One pool topic I’d like to discuss with the communityis . . . pool guest fees. I thought it would be
    prudent to go over the pool rules as theyrelate to guests. Everytime a community plus member brings
    a guest to the pool, the fee is $5 per person. A guest is anyone who does not live with you yearround.
    If someone is visiting and staying in your house, they are a guest. If your child is bringing a
    friend to the pool, they are a guest. Guest fees are important to help defray pool costs, manage
    attendance and monitor pool capacity.
    It’s been reported to me that people are trying to be sneaky and get around paying the fees. As
    members of the community, it is our responsibilityto play bythe rules. One easysolution is to buy a
    punch card that can be kept on file at the pool. The punch cards even include a free visit – $45 for 10
    Happy SUMMER!


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