Pool & Tennis Courts Rules

The Swimming pool and tennis courts are available for use by Community Plus members and their escorted guests.  All guests must be accompanied by a Community Plus member at all times.

Community Plus members and their guests are expected to abide by pool and court rules and conduct themselves appropriately.  Violation of any rule by a member shall subject that member to the loss of the privilege of using the club facilities.

Swimming Pool Rules

The principle objectives for the operation of the pool are:

  1. To provide a safe physical environment for the Community Plus members, staff, and guests who use the facility.
  2. Provide as much time for Community Plus members’ dedicated use of the pool as is physically and fiscally responsible.

To achieve these goals, the following rules have been established for the swimming pool:

  1. All person using the pool do so at their own risk.  The Club will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries incident to such use.
  2. The lifeguard is in complete charge of the pool.  The Pool Manager, Assistant Pool Manager, or any lifeguard, can ask members or guests to leave and her or his discretion.
  3. Pool lifeguards are not baby-sitters!  Parents must ensure that their children are adequately supervised.  ANY CHILD TEN YEARS OR YOUNGER WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE POOL UNLESS ACCOMPANIED IN THE POOL BY A PARENT OR RESPONSIBLE ADULT.  Pool staff may arbitrarily utilize this rule at their discretion.
  4. Children will not be permitted in the pool area unaccompanied by an adult, unless they have passed the basic swimming test prescribed and given by the Pool Manager or her or his staff.  Any child who has not passed the swim test must be accompanied by an adult in the pool at all times.
  5. The cost of damage to Blue Ridge Club properties will be charged to the responsible child or adult.
  6. Admission will be denied to all person with communicable diseases.
  7. All patrons must shower before entering the pool.
  8. No glass containers or chewing gum are allowed in the pool area.  Children may have food and beverages if they are supervised by an adult.  Garbage must be placed in receptacles.  A Guard may confine food and beverages to a specific area as a situation may require.
  9. No rough play, running, wrestling, pushing, or dunking.
  10. Only one person on the diving board at a time, and no repeated bouncing on the diving board.  Please follow the diving board rules posted at the pool.
  11. Now swimming under the diving board while another person is diving.
  12. Appropriate swimwear is required for all swimming activities.  Absolutely no tennis wear, cut-offs, etc., may be worn in the pool.
  13. Only flotation devices provided by the Blue Ridge Club are permitted (water wings, noodles, etc.)
  14. No pets are allowed within the fenced area.
  15. No bikes, skateboards, roller skates, hoverboards, jet packs, or other such devices are allowed in the fenced area around the pool.
  16. Alcoholic beverages, smoking, and vaping are not allowed inside the fenced pool area.  No smoking within 25 feet of any part of the facility.

Tennis Court Rules

The tennis courts are available for use by Community Plus members and their escorted guests, for use by the Blue Ridge tennis teams, and by those taking lessons through the Blue Ridge lessons program.  All guests must be accompanied by a community plus member at all times.

  1. Tennis shoes and appropriate dress are required on tennis courts at all times.  No hard-soled or black-soled shoes are permitted on the playing surface.
  2. Courts may be reserved between April and October on sign-up sheets available at the courts.  If you do not sign up in advance, please add your name to the sign-up sheet upon arriving and before starting your game.  The information on the sign-up sheet is important for us planning next year’s schedule.
  3. Between April and October, certain court times are reserved each week for lessons, team practices, and organized flights.  Check the sign up sheets for the days and times of these activities.  If you wish to participate in any of these activities, please view our online registration available on this site.
  4. Players under 18 must yield courts to waiting adults after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and weekends.
  5. No deuce scoring or consecutive sets are allowed if other players are waiting to play.
  6. Glass containers are prohibited on the tennis courts at all times.  Please dispose of tennis cans and lids in trash containers.
  7. No profanity or loud language on tennis courts.  Players must avoid damage to nets, fences, and playing surfaces.
  8. Tennis courts are for playing tennis only.  No pets are allowed, neither are bikes, skateboards, roller skates, or other such devices.  Jet packs only acceptable during Jet-tennis play, players must still avoid damage to playing area despite the pack’s back blast.


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