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  • Blue Ridge Water Polo News! (6/3/2015)

    Summer means time in the pool and at Blue Ridge it means water polo! Our team is open to all boys and girls from five to eighteen, including those from outside the neighborhood. No experience needed or expected. Bring a friend. August vacations are not a problem! Join at any time.

    Water polo is similar to soccer in the water and is great for those who like the water and team sports of any kind.

    • June 22nd First Practice— On Monday, join us for our first practice at 8:45 pm.
    • June 22nd – July 22nd Evening Practices— We will practice from 8:45-10 p.m. Monday and Wednesday evenings.
    • July 27th – August 20th   Morning and Evening Practices    No, you do not need to come to both! Morning and evening practices allow those with scheduling constraints the opportunity to make it to practice. Practices are Monday-Thursday with times varying slightly during the season. For details, contact Coach Thor or check the website.
    • August 7th First Games The older kids play on Thursday night and the younger kids on Fri. morning.
    • August 23rd – August 27th Playoffs and Championships, We finish up the season the week prior to Labor Day weekend.
    • September 13th (Sunday) 6:00-8:00pm Awards Potluck: Awards and annual parent & coaches vs. kids polo game.

    For more information on the team, contact Thor Tyson at thortyson@comcast.net or at 206-999-5686. Or check out our website: www.seattlesummerwaterpolo.org/blueridge



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