Jenn Branstetter
Events Coordinator

  • Events Report – November 2020 (12/16/2020)

    A huge THANK YOU to BETH BROWN and the team that put on the Halloween experience last night! My kids had a blast walking through and loved the opportunity to dress up and candy.
    Thank you to Mike and Linda Brooks for coordinating the springtime pumpkin seed planting and supplying the neighborhood with pumpkins again this year! My boys have started calling Woodbine Park the pumpkin patch!The winners for the pumpkin carving contest and the costume contest will be announced on the Facebook page!
    Holiday EventsI’m looking for a volunteer to help coordinate a special holiday event on Sunday, December 6th. We will continue to follow social distancing guidelines to keep our neighborhood safe, but want to still celebrate the season!If you are interested in coordinating, please email me
    Upcoming Events:
     *  Holiday Lights Contest: December 

    *  Holiday Celebration: Sunday, December 6th


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