• President’s Report – Summer 2017 (9/7/2017)

    Sum-Sum-Summer Time.

    We are close to the mid-point of Summer in Blue Ridge! It’s always such a great time to see and talk with our neighbors as we encounter each other outside, at the Beach Park, or at the pool.

    Our family just finished our swim team season with Girls Preliminaries and this year was so much fun. The team won 3 meets! At least in the collective memory of those that I have talked with, Blue Ridge has not done that in many, many years. Congratulations to the team, Coach Carlos and the coaching group who should all get more detailed kudos as you read other sections of the Bulletin. There is a village of volunteers, led by Sarah Bradley and Katie Carlisle, that run the program. Thanks to all. As I write this, we still have swimmers that will compete in the All City Meet this Tuesday. Good luck to everyone!

    I was sad to miss the Vintage Luau this past weekend. Thanks to Cat Burns and her crew of volunteers and sponsors! From the Blue Ridge Facebook photos it would appear it plenty of fun was had by all.

    Some-Some Updates

    Here are a few quick pieces of information for you reading pleasure:

    • Clubhouse & Locker Room Renovation. The projects did indeed come in on time and under budget. The balance will be used to paint portions of the South side of the building, soffits and possibly the interior of the Clubhouse so that the color scheme matches better.
    • Long Range Planning Committee. We have been meeting monthly in our effort to more proactively define our yearly capital expenditures and reserve funding needs. The work is on track to feed in to the fall budget process that will begin in September.
    • Deck Extension Project. The project to create a deck along the East side of the pool that would house the pool equipment/mechanics underneath is probably not going to happen. With our non-conforming use designation, the legal and cost barriers appear to be too great. The Board is also uncertain about community support. We still need to redesign the pool buildings to reconfigure chemical storage to meet Public Health mandates. The challenge will be to do this without losing pool deck space. This will be addressed as part of capital expenditures in 2018.
    • Kayak-Paddle Board Storage. A group of neighbors has asked the Board to entertain the idea of having boat storage down at the Beach Park. This will be discussed that the September Board Meeting. Joe Keating is heading up the effort to determine costs, logistics, and issues.

    So…..that’s all I’ve got. As a reminder we don’t have a Board meeting in August. If the speed of first half of the summer is any indication, September will be here before we know. Enjoy the rest of your summer!!


  • Club Manager Report – Summer 2017 (9/7/2017)

    20 is Plenty! Have you noticed, Seattle City Light has begun final restorations on Blue Ridge roads. New smoother surfaces mean more speeding drivers. Encourage lead footed family and neighbors to slow down!

    Young Entrepreneurs: Are you a budding business owner and under 21yrs? Blue Ridge members may run free ads in the monthly Bulletin and on for babysitting, odd jobs, etc. . . Email final content to:

    Thinking about fundraising with lemonade, cookies, etc . . . at the clubhouse? Contact me at for details.

    Beach Park: Thank you to the cabana renters who have been doing a great job cleaning after use, packing out their trash/recycling, and complying with parking signs. Blue Ridge relies on everyone doing their part to keep costs low. There are still some prime spots available for the Cabana on our self-service rental reservations system at

    Communications: Many thanks to webmaster extraordinaire, John Parchem, and master multi-tasker editor, Jean McCarthy, for their tireless communication efforts. Enjoy their hard work and use the website! Want to know what’s going on? Check out the website. Want to know the pool or beach cabana schedule? Check out the website.

    Also, let me know if you’re not receiving Blue Ridge community eblasts, they cover time sensitive topics between Bulletin issues.

    Thanks to all the volunteers that help make summer fun in Blue Ridge!

    Michelle Morgan, CMCA®
    Blue Ridge Association Manager
    10040 15th Ave NW I Seattle, WA I 98177 I 206.784.3868 I
  • Event Report – Summer 2017 (9/7/2017)
    Aloha neighbors,
    What a summer it’s been. Sunshine and friends gathering throughout.
    Summer wouldn’t be the same without our annual 4th of July celebration! A special shout to Brieanne and team for their amazing skills of making so much come together for our families and beyond. This is Brieanne’s last year running the event and boy did she go out with a BANG! I guess that’s the only way a Master of the 4th should do it, right?!
    And another amazing Summer Party can be put down on the books. Thank you all who were able to be a part of the Luau. A special thanks goes out to all that helped and the generous donations from Chef’n, Shelter, Kavu, Tommy Bahama, Sephora, and SIFF. Our neighborhood is the best.
    Cat Burns
  • Pool & Tennis Programs Report – Summer 2017 (9/7/2017)

    The weather has been absolutely beautiful this summer and the pool has been very busy. With this, we have had a lot of guests and pool parties. This is just a quick reminder that all guests of a pool party will be required to pass the swim test before they can enter the deep end. The lifeguards #1 priority is safety and I have asked them to make sure we are focusing on this.

    Swim Team: The Blueridge Baracudas had a great season this year winning 3 dual meets! They had victories against Sheridan Beach, Wedgewood and View Ridge! The team continues to grow and become more competitive. This year we had a record 86 athletes at Pre-lims, 60 total athletes at Northerns and 14 athletes that will compete at ALL CITIES! Congrats to all swimmers this year for a great season and good luck to the following this week at ALL CITIES….Piper Carlise, Hope Gelfand, Juliette Holt, Tessa Ilgenfritz, Annika Jahn, Estella Kim, Nanthaniel Lee, Alexa Malick, Zachary McCarthy-Fredericks, Jocelyn Mitchell, Sophia Salentine, Kendall Torres, Adam Walker, and Zachary Wilson! I’m looking forward to celebrating with the full team on August 2nd at the Awards Banquet at the clubhouse.

    THANK YOU coaches Carlos, Glen, Rosie, Tucker, Emma and Luke for your commitment to this program. Also, a huge shout out to Sarah Bradley and Katie Carlise for all of your work coordinating the details of the season!

    Tennis: We have extended the tennis team 3 additional weeks – 7/31 & 8/7 & 8/14. Players can participate on a “drop-in” basis for each of the additional weeks. The cost is $35 for BR residents and $55 for Non-BR Residents. Prices reflect the prorated amount of the six-week season and signups are live on the BR website.

    Swim Lessons: We just have two sessions remaining for the season (July 31-Aug 11) and Aug 14th-18. Swim lesson registration is live now here!

    Looking forward to the rest of the summer. Hope to see you up at the pool or down at the beach! And, the pool schedule can be found here.

  • President’s Report – May 2017 (5/12/2017)

    It’s the quiet before the storm of late Spring and Summer activity. The Pool opens May 13 and evening swim team practices will follow soon after. With the low tides more people are out on the beach with nice weather and the Beach Park starts getting a lot of use.

    The nice part of this time of year and summer months is that we get to see our neighbors more and we get the chance to enjoy our common properties/parks more. With the increased use of our parks, however, comes the obligation to keep them clean and engage in safe and courteous behavior. Yes, this is the annual reminder about our Code of Conduct for our parks.

    Every year with end-of-year school and early summer parties, there seems to be an incident or occasions where there is vandalism, garbage isn’t cleaned up, or a party gets out of hand and noise levels increase or people engage in dangerous acts such as climbing up the railroad signal. Our Code of Conduct has a list of expected, common sense behaviors. The bottom-line is that our parks should be left in better shape than when you arrived. The Beach Park is for Blue Ridge residents and their guests and FOBs should not be loaned to non-residents. Violations of the code and FOB policy can possibly result in FOB suspension.

    The Blue Ridge Directory has the Code of Conduct spelled out as well as a lot of other useful information. If you haven’t already picked-up your 2017 Directory, why not use the pool opening as a chance to pick one up.

    On to a less dogmatic topic: The Long Range Planning Committee! Under the leadership of the Treasurer, Andrea Durbin, we had our first meeting. The group confirmed objectives and outlined a set of initial tasks. The first order of business is to review the Reserve Study and to begin to outline the assets that will need replacing in the next 3-5 years. The members of the committee in addition to Andrea are Steve Brunette, Josh Findley, Mark Sherard, Eric Souder and me.

    On a final note, I’d like to promote the New Resident reception 4:00 – 6:00pm May 21 at the home of Membership Chair, Brooke Walker. We encourage all new residents to attend. It is a great chance to meet your neighbors and learn more about Blue Ridge. I hope to see you there!


  • Architecture Report – May 2017 (5/12/2017)

    At our April meeting, the board:

    • Approved the Angelis remodel and addition, 10126 Radford Ave NW
    • Initial Présentation for Redington remodel, 10007 Radford Ave NW
    May meeting, the board:
    • Approved Redington remodel, 10007 Radford Ave NW
    • Initial presentation for Fitzgerald/Dodge remodel, 10027 Bayard Ave NW
    In June the board:
    • Vote on Fitzgerald/Dodge project, 10027 Bayard Ave NW
    • Initial Presentation for Kliman remodel and addition, 10245 Valmay Ave NW
    • Consider oral comments on hedge complaints at Hamack residence, 10361 15th Ave NW, and make a formal determination regarding whether the hedge is in violation of the Blue Ridge covenants pursuant to the Blue Ridge Hedge Complaint Policy.

    If anyone needs to reference our hedge policy, you can find it here on our website under our governing documents: 

    Whew a lot is going on architecturally!  Never a dull moment!  Thank you.
  • Events Report – May 2017 (5/12/2017)
    April showers DEFINITELY bring May Flowers! Our neighborhood is in full bloom and it’s lovely. In addition to all the beauty, summer is right around the corner which means a lot is happening in the Events Department of Blue Ridge. We are in need for your help, so please contact the assigned contact, or reach out to me directly if you’d like to be even more connected with our events at
    Here’s our spring-summer line up….


    When: Sunday, May 21 4-6pm 
    Where: The Walker’s Home, 1509 NW Greenbrier Way 
    Scoop: View the details here! This is an open, free event to all new residents of Blue Ridge over the last 18-20 months. Please join your new neighbors and Board Members, Pool & Tennis crew, and more. This is a great opportunity to network and learn about the many opportunities to get more involved in our awesome community. So enjoy the pool and walk over to the Walker’s home to get to know what Blue Ridge is really all about.
    Contact: Kelly Carrithers at

    JULY 4th

    When: Tuesday, July 4th 
    Where: Kicks off at Blue Ridge Pool and ends up at Woodbine Park 
    Scoop: View the details here. Join your neighbors at this free day of fun for an old fashioned style 4th of July. We start at the clubhouse with an amazing family style parade behind a local Fire Truck. Decorate your wagons, bikes, cars, dogs, children and get ready to parade in style. We will end up at the new and improved Woodbine Playground/Park to enjoy hotdogs and old timey games. Don’t forget about our annual pie making contest! This year we are looking for people to shadow our leads to take this annual event for 2018! Contacts below for more information. This is an easy and fun way to get involved and make our neighborhood even better. Come and add your special Patriotic touch.
    Contact: Brieanne Yuchasz at and Holli Harris at


    When: Saturday, July 29th 
    Where: Clubhouse and poolside* (*weather permitting) 
    Scoop: This is a ticketed event where the cool kids, the Adults, can walk to the clubhouse and chill with all our amazing neighbors. In the past years we’ve had Fiesta’s, Hoedowns, and many more fun themed nights that include signature cocktails, sweet tunes, and more. We are looking for a lead to help us make 2017 a fun night to be talked about many years ahead. Darby Carlisle  who lead the event last year is the most organized person I’ve ever met and has agreed to help the new Lead hit the ground running with ease and grace. I couldn’t ask for an easier way to the pass the baton.
    Contact: Cat Burns at

    Blue Ridge Seniors:  “Pacesetters”

    Pacesetter is a Blue Ridge + group of predominantly senior citizens meeting once a month while sharing a potluck dinner and lectures/entertainment.  One of our aims is to increase enjoyment and fun in the neighborhood and prevent isolation as we age. We invite all Blue Ridge residents to our March meeting. If you know a senior living in Blue Ridge who you think would like to attend, please invite them, since we have no way know from the directory!

    Our Wednesday, May 17th Pacesetters meeting will feature Blue Ridge Resident, Dr. John Crocker, M.D. who will talk and show a film about his work with Dr. Jane Goodall in East Africa studying families of wild chimpanzees. His book, Following Fifi, will be published in December and includes how his work with the chimps influenced his work as a doctor and also in raising his two boys. The evening agenda:

    • 6:00 – 6:30       Socializing
    • 6:30 – 7:15       Potluck dinner
    • 7:15                  Announcements
    • 7:20  +/-8:00    Speaker Dr. John Crocker, M.D. will talk and show a film about his work with Dr. Jane Goodall
  • Pool & Tennis Programs Report – May 2017 (5/12/2017)

    The Pool opens this weekend Sat May 13th!!!! Thank you Michelle for managing all of the operational details to get the pool heated, chlorinated and ready for use. The locker room upgrade is complete, but the clubhouse remodel is not. No fear, we will still open as scheduled, please look for the signs for the temporary entrance.

    The pool schedule can be found here.  Please note: the lifeguard office now has a real phone line, the new number is: 206.784.9028. Please direct all pool inquiries about lessons, pool parties etc, to this number.

    Swim Team:

    We kicked off swim team this week with the following events with the ice cream social and swim suit fitting and May 15th starts our evening practices. The practice schedule is here: Next up:

    • Pre-team May 22-June 26– this is for all kids that want to join the swim team, but cannot swim the length of the pool yet. The coaches will get them ready with this special program
    • Morning Practices: starting June 27th see the Swimtopia site here for times
    • The pancake breakfast will be Tuesday June 27th @ 9:00am up at the Clubhouse!
    • Team pics – July 13th -3:30 start with the team shot at 4:45

    Registration: Please note, this year all swimmers need to be registered and paid in full before they can enter the pool (no exceptions). The fee is $170 per swimmer. Please register here on the Swimtopia site and pay online. You can also drop a check by the clubhouse.

    This year we have 3 home meets – come by and cheer on the Barracudas! Here is the 2017 schedule:

    • Thursday June 22 Blue Ridge at Sand Point
    • Tuesday June 27 Innis Arden at Blue Ridge
    • Thursday June 29 Blue Ridge at Wedgwood
    • Thursday July 6 View Ridge at Blue Ridge
    • Tuesday July 11 Blue Ridge at Klahaya
    • Thursday July 13 Aqua Club at Blue Ridge
    • Tuesday July 18 Blue Ridge at Sheridan Beach
    • Friday July 21 B-Champs at Klahaya
    • Monday July 24 Girl’s Prelims at Wedgwood
    • Tuesday July 25 Boy’s Prelims at Aqua Club
    • Thursday July 27 Northerns at View Ridge
    • Saturday July 29 Adult Meet
    • Tuesday August 1 All City at Innis Arden

    We are very fortunate that Carlos Palacian will return this year for his 11th season with the Blue Ridge Barracuda swim team! Glen Bradburn will also be back for his 3rd year, along with Tucker Benge, Emma Kelly, Rosie McDonagh and Luke Ilgenfritz. Also, special thanks to our parent coordinators, Sarah Bradley, Jeff Malick and our newest addition Katie Carlisle! Go Barracudas!

    Swim Lessons:

    Blue ridge swim lessons start June 12th and run all the way through August 18th. Registration for Blue Ridge residents is live now here. Please note, you’ll need to sign into the website to access the page.


    I am excited to announce that we will continue our partnership with Tennis Center Sandpoint. Lead Pro Nick Ketchem will be back for his 3rd season, along with Clay Dudley. We have added a Wednesday night cardio class and a Saturday Wimbledon workout as requested by the community. We will repeat the popular kids program, and continue to work to build the team. Please join us on Sunday June 25th at the courts from 4-6pm to meet the pros, play Queen/King of the Court and learn more about the programs! Signups are live now here.

    I look forward to seeing you at the clubhouse. Please send any comments, questions, concerns to me directly at

    Water Polo:

    Our water polo program is growing under the leadership of Thor Tyson. Schedules are flexible and the kids have a great time. Last year, many kids from the swim team joined after their season and we saw our 10-and-unders win the 2016 All-City Championship!! Congrats on a great year and we’re looking forward to another great sea. See Thor’s intro below for more information.

    Please send any comments, questions or feedback to me directly at

    I look forward to seeing you at the clubhouse.


  • President’s Report – April 2017 (5/12/2017)

    I’ve seen some yards with some beautiful arrays of daffodils.  Spring feels like it is here (still wet, but here).  That usually means that we are gearing up for the summer season that is just around the corner.

    As others have reported in their columns I’ll also highlight that the Clubhouse renovation is in full swing.  While the impact to the resident Woodpecker is probably the greatest (see Michelle’s column), the people in Blue Ridge will feel it for the next 8 -10 weeks.  As a reminder, we are replacing the siding on all 4 exterior walls and renovating and sprucing up the front with a new look, energy efficient windows and door system.  Access to the building will be through the North entrance.  The locker room is on track to be finished by the time the pool opens on May 13 but pool users will like need to be routed through the pool gate until early June.

    We are also starting to determine the potential design and cost for the proposed deck extension that would go along the East end of the pool and possibly along the tennis courts.  We realize that this project may have mixed levels of support.  The goal will be to have a design scope and cost estimates by this summer so that we can get resident feedback.  This effort will likely require fundraising from the community and will only go forward if it is something that the community wants.

    In other news, we won’t be having our annual Spring Work Party this year.  Steve Brunette, the new Grounds & Facilities Chair is focusing his early efforts on helping to oversee the Clubhouse renovation.   He will determine an alternative.  Perhaps it will be a Fall Work Party to do some work around the Clubhouse.

    We also have recruited community and board members for the Long Range Planning Committee.  This committee has been charged to proactively determine our community asset maintenance needs and the associated costs and to make budget revenue and cost projections over a 3 year time horizon.  The first meeting will be at the end of April.

    Well, that’s all I have this month.  I’ll give a plug for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday April 15, organized once again by Julie Keegan.  I always enjoy the prompt starting time and mad frenzy of the kids gathering up their goodies.  Unfortunately, we are going to miss it this year in my daughter’s last year of legal participation.  I hope all the bunnies have fun!


  • Club Manager Report – April 2017 (5/12/2017)

    It’s not usually a good sign if a Hairy Woodpecker is excavating insects and creating holes in a building’s siding. In the Woodpecker’s defense, he didn’t cause the original moisture damage, which attracted an insect population and reliable food source. After several decades, there were other areas of the clubhouse with failed siding, but the west side belonged to the Woodpecker. They are skittish birds, hearing them more often than seeing. During the long, quiet months at the clubhouse there were days when the Woodpecker visits were a welcomed interruption. I will miss his calls, rhythmic tapping, and catching a glimpse of tail feathers against the kitchen window. This has been a good gig for the Woodpecker, but soon the gig will be up when damaged siding and framework are replaced. This morning was his last visit and that’s a good sign for the clubhouse. I will listen for him as his search continues for insects in nearby tress. 

    Pardon our dust!  Siding demolition is under way and the front entrance is closed until project completion in June. Please help maintain a safe environment and use the side door off parking lot (north side) as a temporary entrance. Drop-box use is still available evenings and weekends, please watch your step.

    Payments:  Thank you to every homeowner who paid our 2017 Maintenance Assessment due by March 31st , reducing collection costs for everyone.

    Thinking of selling? Please share my contact info with Listing Agent, Title, and Escrow for document requests, payoffs, and HOA demands. Turnaround times are usually less than a week (please note office closure below).

    Seattle City Light: Please see project updates below, Phase 1 is nearing completion in June with Phase 2 beginning this month. Details, contacts, and maps below. 

    New Directory and Shareholder Reports: Stop by and pick up your copy!

    Office closure: The office will be closed during vacation April 17-21nd, let me know if I can help prior and cheers to a sunny spring!

    Michelle Morgan, CMCA®
    Blue Ridge Association Manager


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