• President Report – July 2018 (7/5/2018)

    School’s out for Summer! Well, it is for some of us anyway. There
    is a lot going on for the season that you can read about in this
    month’s Bulletin. The Board has its monthly meeting on July 9 but
    as usual there is no meeting in August. I will highlight a few things
    that you can read more in depth about in other columns.

    Fourth of July!
    One of the best community-wide celebrations we have in Blue
    Ridge is the annual 4th of July Parade and picnic. It is so much fun to see the festive kids on bikes in
    the parade, partake in the traditional hot dogs and picnic fare and watch the spirited rivalry of the
    games down in the park. We need to give a special thank you to Amanda and Ryan O’Rourke for
    stepping up to lead and coordinate this large event. It requires a large number of volunteers to pull this
    off and it looks like there may still be a few openings. Go to the following link to sign up:

    Beach Park and Beach Clean-up.

    And here is my annual plea. While it technically may be illegal to shoot fireworks in the Seattle City Limits, we know it happens, especially down at the beach. For those of us who take our dogs to the Beach Park or walk the beach the next day, the amount of refuse and garbage down on the beach is staggering and overwhelming. Often it’s these neighbors that end up spending their morning on clean-up duty. If you are involved in anyfirework activity, PLEASE, PLEASE help clean-up either that night or the next morning when the tide is out further. We will tryto have large
    contractor bags available to help facilitate.

    Let’s Be Good Neighbors.

    Recognizing that fireworks are not just limited to the Beach, please be
    considerate of your neighbors on when and where you shoot them off. Not everyone enjoys them and
    the sounds of fireworks that go in to the wee hours of the morning or that continue beyond the 4th are
    not welcome. Many have pets that are traumatized enough already. Celebrate but be considerate.

    Kayak and Paddle Board Storage

    At our last Board meeting, we reviewed a draft proposal to allow storage of kayaks and paddle boards
    at the Beach Park. This proposal is championed by Joe Keating and a group of interested neighbors.
    After addressing a few questions, the proposal was edited and will now be officiallytaken up bythe
    Board at the July 9 meeting. The proposal in full can be read and is contained in this edition of the
    Bulletin. In a nutshell, the group proposes that Blue Ridge initially allows the “temporary” storage of 17
    kayaks/paddle boards in three storage units that would be located on the east fence line near the
    swings during the months May-September. The storage units would be purchased and owned by the
    collective of interested boaters. And since there are significantly more interested boaters than available
    storage slots, participation would be granted through a monthly lottery system. Liability would be taken
    by boat and storage unit owners and addressed through a waiver and insurance review. This
    arrangement would be reviewed bythe Board annually. If you wish to comment on this, please contact
    Joe Keating ( and Steve Brunette ( by Sunday, July 8.

    Northerns – Post Season Swim Meet
    Another good read in this month’s Bulletin is a guest column by our former Pool & Tennis Chair, Jenny
    Fredericks that will give you more information on the post season swim meet that Blue Ridge will be
    hosting on August 2.

    Northerns involves qualifying swimmers from the swim teams in the North end of the Seattle Summer
    Swim League. This meet will have many more people here than for a typical meet. There is a small
    task force, led by Jenny, that is deep in to planning this event that will include logistic, traffic, and
    financial considerations. If you have questions direct them to Jenny or Brooke Walker, current Pool &
    Tennis Chair.

    Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Keep reading for more information! Start enjoying your summer!

  • Association Manager Report – July 2018 (7/5/2018)

    Be the Change
    Have you met Metta and Milt? Doers, unaccustomed to sitting on the sidelines and believers of the daily 15 second kiss. What about Jenny and Jean? Enthusiastic volunteers who envision a more perfect union and have fun while giving back. Heard about Fred?First to arrive and setup, last to leave and teardown. Quietly painting our benches and tables year after year. And what about the man behind the curtain? John’s been our webmaster, IT guru, and everything digital consultant for years, volunteering hundreds of hours and saving Blue Ridge thousands. But it has to be Alyne who has the most glamorous assignment of all: for years she’s kept us well stocked with doggie waste bags.

    These are just a few Blue Ridge homeowners that contribute to the greater good and offer dailyinspiration. I don’t like enforcing rules or delivering unwelcome news, but it’s necessary and frees others to focus on bigger issues. My joy comes from the sporadic shared stories, the smiles, and helping you create community. I leave Blue Ridge most nights with a sense of accomplishment and a heart of gratitude. Thank you. And speaking of rules, a few reminders . . .

    Facility Rentals
    Q: Why do I have to attend a sponsored rental?
    A: Blue Ridge facilities are insured as privately owned, this keeps their use in compliance with our
    governing documents as well as saves moneyfor the community. As long as the responsible
    homeowner is in attendance, the asset is insured. This is why both clubhouse and cabana rental
    forms state, “The Blue Ridge homeowner is required to be present for the entire time the rental function
    is in progress.”

    Key Fobs
    The beach park, tennis courts, and now the clubhouse, all require a homeowner’s keyfob for access.
    “If you wish to share our resources with friends and family outside of the neighborhood, you must
    remain present during guest use of the properties. Fobs found to be in use by people who do not live in
    Blue Ridge will be deactivated and may result in your household fobs being deactivated.”

  • Architecture Report – July 2018 (7/5/2018)

    In June, the Board heard these initial presentations:
    10234 Belgrove Ct NW – Zhang/Nix: 2nd floor addition & remodel
    10205 Belgrove Ct NW – Pinney: deck remodel and stair relocation
    10308 15th Ave NW – Featherstone: second story addition
    10515 12th Ave NW – Agerton: master bedroom second story addition

    In July, the Board will act on:
    10234 Belgrove Ct NW – Zhang/Nix: 2nd floor addition & remodel
    10205 Belgrove Ct NW – Pinney: deck remodel and stair relocation
    10308 15th Ave NW – Featherstone: second story addition
    10515 12th Ave NW – Agerton: master bedroom second story addition

  • Security & Traffic Safety Report – July 2018 (7/5/2018)

    Hi Neighbors,
    It has been quiet on the securityfront for the month of June which is a
    good thing. Please let me know and/or post any security related items to
    our Blue Ridge Facebook site as this has been a great resource for the
    BR community.

    I want to remind everyone that we now have two camera’s monitoring our
    beach park entrances. We have installed these to help us identify any
    unwanted riff raff entering the park as well as any after-hours hooligans
    that extend their stay past the 10:30pm closure time. We feel this will
    increase the security around the beach park and make it a safer place for our families, friends and
    protect our assets.

    We hope you have seen and replied back to our Traffic Task Force Committee questionnaire. They
    have been reviewing everyone’s feedback and for one of their first initiatives, you will see some mobile
    “no parking” signs along 15thacross from the pool and the south side of Greenbrier between 9am2pm
    and possibly during swim meets. This will make these streets a much safer place for all that use
    them during the summer months. They are also looking to add a sign as you enter Blue Ridge letting
    everyone know to “Please Look Out For Kids”. Please let them know if you have anysuggestions
    and/or would like to join the Traffic committee. You can contact me or Jane Caron

    Last but not least, if you are looking for ways to improve your safety then here are two suggestions:

    1. Ring Neighborhoods – (
    It’s basically a social network of people dedicated to reducing crime where users can post
    videos of incidents and alert neighbors. In addition, Ring has partnerships with local law
    enforcement, including Seattle, that will utilize recorded videos as evidence for finding and
    prosecuting criminals. While the App is significantlytied into the Ring product feature set, you
    do not need a Ring device to use the App, nor do you need a Ring device to share videos (e.g., I
    can share Nest Cam, Blink, Arlo, etc videos within the Ring Neighborhoods app) – This
    suggestion was from our neighbor Morgan F. – Thank you

    2. USPS – Real Informed Delivery
    This is a free service from USPS that digitally previews your mail and manages your packages
    scheduled to arrive. Informed Delivery allows you to view greyscale images of the exterior,
    address side of the letter-sized mail pieces and track packages in one convenient location. If
    you have had any mail problems in the past then this could be a good solution. Some
    additional features – Preview incoming letter-sized mail, track packages, provide delivery
    instructions, schedule deliveries, and manage notifications.

    Have a safe summer and remember that we are all responsible for making Blue Ridge a safe place –
    drive slow and keep a look out for each other.
    Eric Souder

  • Membership – July 2018 (7/5/2018)

    Please give a warm welcome to the following new members of the Blue
    Ridge community:
    The Alexander Family (Vinton Court)
    The Keith Family (Greenbriar)

    Best regards,
    Jen Henninger

  • Water Polo – July 2018 (7/5/2018)

    Water polo is coming and we are excited to have a bevy of
    new coaches this year, most of whom are fixtures in the
    neighborhood. Blue Ridge residents Oliver Wilkins, Graham
    Barwick and Ethan Gaisser will help coach the younger kids
    this season as we move towards having more and more of
    our older, experienced players lead our program. With them
    helping out, we are looking forward to continuing our fiveyear
    streak of finishing in the top three of the All City
    Our team is open to boys and girls, age six and up and to
    Blue Ridge residents and non-residents alike. We welcome
    everyone – beginners, veteran players, those here for the
    whole season and even those who travel much of August.
    Very relaxed, great fun – a wonderful way to close out
    Key dates in the season:
    * July 25 First evening practice
    * July 31 First morning practice
    * August 3 First 8u, 10u and 12u games
    * August 9 First 14u & 18u games
    * August 16 First home games
    * August 26 Playoffs start
    * August 29 Girls Championship Games
    * August 30 Coed Championship Games

    For all the details, go to If you have any questions, contact Coach
    Thor at or at 206-999-5686

  • Events – July 2018 (7/5/2018)

    Hello all – get ready! The biggest neighborhood celebration of the year is
    coming next week on 4th of July! Put on your american flag pants and meet
    us at the clubhouse to kick it off the parade!

    11am – Parade (come a little early and socialize with your neighbors)
    11:45am – Picnic at Woodbine (hot hogs, lemon aid and pie to fortifyyou for
    the three legged race, potato sac races, tug-of-war, and balloon toss –
    submit your best apple pie for the pie contest if you feel inclined!)
    Post-picnic pool party at the Clubhouse – bring your floaties! Flamingos,
    pizza slices and unicorns welcome.
    If you would like to volunteer to organize an event, please contact me!

    Upcoming Blue Ridge Events:

    New Resident Social (date TBD)
    Oktoberfest (Oct 28th)
    Family Halloween Party(Oct 31st)
    Holiday Ships at Blue Ridge Beach Park (Dec 2nd)
    Holiday Open House (early December TBD)
    Holiday Lights Contest (December)

    Happy Summer!

  • Pool and Tennis Programs – July 2018 (7/5/2018)

    Summer is in full swing at the pool & tennis courts! Lessons have started and
    kids are running & biking around all over our neighborhood. Please be on the
    lookout. To help with providing a safe situation for our children and drivers, the
    traffic committee has planned some parking changes to help with traffic flow on
    15th during the peak swim & tennis lesson times.

    Our swim team has a record number of swimmers this year!
    The first home meet is June 26th and my children can hardly wait.
    The home meets are:

    • June 26th
    • July 10th
    • July 17th
    • July 24th

    AUGUST 2nd we are hosting Northerns. Northerns planning has been
    underwayfor months as it is a BIG undertaking to host so many people in our
    neighborhood. We have an amazing committee working hard to make the event flawless. Our fearless
    leader, Jenny Fredricks, will go into more detail about this in her column this month.
    One pool topic I’d like to discuss with the communityis . . . pool guest fees. I thought it would be
    prudent to go over the pool rules as theyrelate to guests. Everytime a community plus member brings
    a guest to the pool, the fee is $5 per person. A guest is anyone who does not live with you yearround.
    If someone is visiting and staying in your house, they are a guest. If your child is bringing a
    friend to the pool, they are a guest. Guest fees are important to help defray pool costs, manage
    attendance and monitor pool capacity.
    It’s been reported to me that people are trying to be sneaky and get around paying the fees. As
    members of the community, it is our responsibilityto play bythe rules. One easysolution is to buy a
    punch card that can be kept on file at the pool. The punch cards even include a free visit – $45 for 10
    Happy SUMMER!

  • Pool News – July 2018 (7/5/2018)

    Hello Blue Ridge!
    Julyis a busy month at the pool and we are so excited! We will have our
    annual 4th of July pool festivities following a Saturday pool schedule
    (Lap Swim from 7am-12pm, Open Swim from 12pm-7pm) and as per
    usual this is the one day of the year we allow pool floaties! Please
    remember no glass or alcohol can be brought into the pool. Swim team
    is in full swing and our home swim meets will be affecting a few days of
    open swim. On July 10 and 24, Open Swim will be scheduled from 2-
    3pm and the pool will be closed the rest of the night for the meet. As we
    approach our Northerns swim meet on August 2, pool hours may be
    affected due to setup or construction. Keep an eye out for updated pool
    schedules on the website in late July! Two-week sessions for swim
    lessons begin July 2 with Session 4…check the website for registration links and signup dates.
    Please email me with any questions at See you at the pool!

  • President Report – June 2018 (5/31/2018)
    Now that June is upon us, the epi-center of Blue Ridge for many of us becomes the pool and tennis programs and activities. So, in this month’s column I am going to address some things in this area.
    Tennis Anyone?
    While the pool with swim lessons, swim team and weekend poolside lounging often takes the primary focus of the summer season, our tennis programs have been growing too. This growth can be attributed to the strategic shift in how we operate tennis initiated by our former Pool and Tennis Chair, Jenny Fredericks, and from the dedicated volunteer efforts of neighbors such as Jamie Smith.
    Three years ago, after getting feedback from the community on how to improve the Blue Ridge tennis programs, we sought to develop a program that would accomplish the following:
    • Elevate the caliber of instruction for kids and adults
    • Create the opportunity to have a more cohesive tennis team for our kids
    • Offer a variety of programs to increase the number of people playing tennis
    The conclusion was made that the best way to accomplish the goals above was to contract with a more professional organization. So we entered in to an arrangement with Tennis Center Sandpoint (TCSP). In the last two years, these initial goals have been met. More people than ever are playing tennis and our kids are enjoying a more robust level of play. We have heard testimonials from many that say that TCSP has inspired a new or latent interest in tennis.
    There have been a few issues with outsourcing aspects of the tennis program that we are attempting to solve this year. First, administration became more cumbersome and costly to reconcile sign-ups and payments. And second, we heard very strongly expressed concerns with the lack of availability of courts and the perception that court time was being used too frequently by non-members taking private lessons with TCSP instructors.
    To reduce administrative hassle and costs, we have migrated operations over to their systems while still maintaining control over pricing, program offerings and usage of our courts. With guarantees to maintain court availability for Blue Ridge members, there should be more limits on private lessons given to outsiders. With their system, members now have the ability to reserve courts which should help with court availability and allow us to review usage.
    You may have noticed that we have invested in tennis in other ways too. The courts have been resurfaced and the sheds and surrounding equipment spiffed up (Thank you Lloyd Low). We are making every effort to ensure that Blue Ridge member tennis players have access to our courts when they want it. But with increased demand, there will be more conflicts. And with this system migration, there will also be hiccups, so please be patient. We are really trying to meet a variety of needs with our tennis programs.
    Pickle-ball Anyone?
    So it seems that there is a growing interest in Pickle Ball and we’ve heard from many members that they want Blue Ridge to have it. Apparently this is a trend. Many clubs and parks are lining tennis courts or other areas with pickle-ball boundaries. Who knew? Well I guess a lot of people other than me.
    We will investigate our options. Initially there was the thought that we could introduce the pickle ball lines when we resurfaced the tennis courts but that felt premature without understanding the full implications. Another idea is to use the basketball court down at Woodbine. There are issues with that too.
    If you have interest or ideas about pickle ball in Blue Ridge, contact Brooke Walker, Pool and Tennis Chair at:
    Here’s to enjoying summer in Blue Ridge. Hope to see you around and about!


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