• Pool News – April 2018 (4/17/2018)

    Only a few more weeks until the pool season begins! We have finalized our summer staff and can’t wait to kick off the season with our new and returning employees. Swim lesson registration for sessions 1, 2, and 3 will open on April 2 for members, and May 1 for non-members. Our head swim coach Carlos Palacian will be offering a lifeguard certification and CPR course again this May, and information about the class can be found under the Summer Employment tab on the website. We will begin accepting pool party reservations on May 1, and requests or questions can be emailed to Luke Ilgenfritz at Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

  • President’s Report – April 2018 (4/17/2018)
    Spring has sprung! I think I may have said the same thing last year at this time. It’s true – at least when there isn’t the occasional hail storm that our NW weather brings in March or April
    Temporary Residents
    One sign of spring is the Killdeer family that has taken temporary residence under the slide at the Beach Park. Since they are birds, we’re pretty sure they flew in rather than use an unauthorized FOB or a propped gate to enter. It is a momma and poppa couple of shore birds that are vigilantly caring for a nest of eggs that should hatch in a couple of weeks.
    We have decided to let them stay and are taking measures to protect them as best we can. There are a couple of references to the Killdeers in other columns, including a special column written by your neighbor Linda Murfeldt , that will give you some information about them and when we can expect that the family will be ready to leave.
    Basically, we ask that you keep kids and dogs away from the area. I know our family is keeping our dogs on leash as we pass through the park to go to the beach. It’s a temporary inconvenience but feels like the right thing to do. By the time you read this, the Easter Egg Hunt will have taken place. Some of our Blue Ridge bird enthusiasts will have been on hand to educate the kids on the birds and why we are taking these measures. It’s an educational opportunity too.
    Pool Happenings
    The other sign of Spring is that there are a whole lot of things happening to get the pool ready to open in May. There has been a lot of offseason work on the pool and its drainage. Lifeguards are being hired and systems are being put in place.  Brooke Walker is coming up to speed in her role as Pool and Tennis Chair. Program sign-ups are coming soon. It is A LOT! A big thanks to Brooke, Michelle Morgan, Rosie McDonough and Jamie Smith for devoting the extra time and energy to get things rolling.
    Dues Structure Project
    Not necessarily a sign of Spring but a sign that we are continuing to work on planning issues, is the expansion of the Long Range Planning Committee. How’s that for a segue? We are adding a few new members as others transition off. The committee will continue its primary objective to ensure proper planning around the use of our reserves and the maintenance and replacement of our community owned assets. The committee will also take on a special project: to determine whether Blue Ridge should change its dues structure and adopt one set of dues where everyone has access to the Pool and Tennis facilities.
    This has been a reoccurring topic of discussion by the Board ever since I joined 4 years ago. There are many reasons to consider the change. Primarily it would reduce the administration burden and costs of maintaining two separate membership groups. And it would also institute a level of fairness in equally spreading the costs of maintaining our jointly owned assets and then the subsequent increase in value of our individual homes.
    The Board realizes that the community support for this change may or may not be there. Almost half of Blue Ridge residents are not Community Plus members. Our current dues structure has been in place for many years with perhaps some deep cultural roots. The Committee will be charged with determining the implications of the possible change and the level of community support. If you are interested in serving on the Long Range Planning Committee or want to learn more, contact Treasurer, Andrea Durbin or Association Manager, Michelle Morgan at .
    Well that’s all I’ve got for now!
  • Association Manager Report – April 2018 (4/17/2018)
    Spring is really here! I’m grateful for the extra sunlight and the extra activity it brings. It’s great to see more people out and about on our streets, in our parks, and more visits to the office.
    Increased Clubhouse Use
    Your Clubhouse is seeing an increase in rental use. This is excellent – it is getting used as intended – for your family and neighborhood gatherings, medium-sized to large, potluck to catered. Rental rates remain comparatively low, with the expectation that you will treat it as your own, leaving it as or better than you found it. We especially like to see the birthday parties: disco dancing to high-tea, so much creativity and joy really changes the space from event to event. The calendar availability is in real time, handy as you contemplate dates. Details and forms are also under the Facility Rentals tab, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out and we’ll track it down.
    Final Option #2 Payments Due April 30th!
    Most 2018 Dues have been received – Thank you! For those that chose the payment plan – the second payment is due April 30th. “Real Estate Season” is upon us and having your dues current and understanding the assessment status of your home can expedite closing.
    Key Fobs Updated with 2018 Memberships
    The key fob database has been updated to reflect 2018 membership levels and outstanding balances. Don’t wait for the sun to find out if your key fob no longer works, please contact us ASAP with any problems!
    Happy Earth Day and looking forward to seeing everyone at the Work Party, April 21st !
  • Architecture Report – April 2018 (4/17/2018)
    In March the board:
    Approved the Smith front porch enclosure – 10221 Radford Ave NW
    Dellisanti 10535 12th Ave NW – 2nd story addition – Vote tabled in light of new plans. The board accepted their new plans as a new presentation.
    Initial presentation of plans for Dellisanti 2nd story addition – 10535 12th Ave NW
    In April the board will:
    Vote on Dellisanti project – 10535 12th Ave NW
    Initial Presentation of Zhang/ Nix 2nd story addition and house remodel – 10234 Belgrove Ct NW
    Just a few words about the architecture process. As the chair, the homeowners reach out to me at least two weeks in advance of the next board meeting so I can do my job of notifying the neighborhood. The homeowners should be reaching out to their surrounding and affected neighbors, presenting them with a set of plans, and having them sign attachment C (signing does not mean you are in favor of project, it just acknowledges you were contacted). In addition they should give you an attachment D, neighbor feedback form, to fill out. Attachment D should be turned into me or our association manager for board review. If I do not hear from a neighbor, I assume they are neutral on the project so if you want your opinion to be heard, you must reach out. And if you ever have any questions concerning the process, please send me an email. I am here to make the process run smoothly.
  • Security Report – April 2018 (4/17/2018)
    Last month was a quiet one, just the way we like it! The only activity reported was a car prowl. The best way for all of us to protect Blue Ridge is to keep an eye open for any unusual activity and for any instance that involves theft or criminal activity. Always call the police first and then let us know.
    Have you noticed cars driving too fast in our neighborhood? Well, you are not alone. A new  Traffic Safety Task Force  has been put together to identify possible solutions to this problem – A huge thank you to the Jane Caron and Helen Curtis who are heading up this task force. They have been promoting this on Facebook so please connect with them if you are interested in being part of the team to help make our Blue Ridge streets safer.
    Last but not least, with spring comes more usage of our great Beach Park. As the usage grows, please make sure you close our gates and introduce yourself to our fellow neighbors. If you see any unusual activity then please let me know as only our neighbors have fobs for this park.
    Enjoy the Blue Ridge Spring and stay safe!
    Eric Souder
  • Membership Update – April 2018 (4/17/2018)
    Spring is trying to emerge… beautiful budding flowers amidst sunshine, rain, and even some hail. With the changing of seasons, it is an honor to kick off my tenure as Blue Ridge Membership Chair. It is my role to welcome new families and provide useful information as our newest residents navigate their way into this fabulous community. If you are new to the neighborhood, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. I’ll do my best to find an answer or point you in the right direction.
    With that, I would like to welcome families who have moved into the neighborhood since the beginning of the year. Please give a warm welcome to:
    • David Kwan & Kelly Lay Eng Tan
    • Steven Crutcher & Jamie Bozied
    • John & Beth Brown
    Another aspect of my role is to oversee the Events component of our community. As I am certain you know, our neighborhood is unique and cherished for community involvement and social gatherings. Our fantastic volunteers have orchestrated an amazing array of events for children, families and adults over recent history and years past.
    However we seem to be in a decline for volunteer support. Without people like you to step in and help plan events, we simply will be unable to continue hosting these fun and community-building events. These volunteer opportunities are not terribly time consuming or difficult (most events have already been fully organized so year-to-year implementation is a breeze). They are great opportunities to meet more people in the neighborhood and build your personal community. The two specific immediate needs we have are:
    • Events Coordinator (Takes about 2-4 hours/mo. preparing and managing the events budget, helping to recruit volunteers to lead and assist in the production of various events.) Community events will not continue to be offered without someone stepping into this role!
    • Lead for Annual 4th of July Parade and Picnic
    If you are interested in either of these opportunities, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We NEED your volunteer support to make these events happen.
    Upcoming events to put on your calendar:
    • Annual Blue Ridge Work Party – April 21
    • New Resident Social – date TBD
    • July 4th Parade and Picnic – This event will NOT happen unless we get a volunteer to chair this event ASAP!!!
    • Summer Luau or Fiesta at the pool – July 28 (volunteers welcome and needed)
    • Oktoberfest – September 28 (volunteers welcome and needed)
    Best regards,
    Jen Henninger
  • Grounds and Facilities Report – April 2018 (4/17/2018)
    Greetings, Neighbors –
    Spring has arrived and as you can see (and smell), the landscaping crew has been hard at work getting our parks ready for increased use. With many of our shared areas being well tended to, our upcoming work-party provides an opportunity to truly improve and enhance our community by taking on tasks that are more non-recurring in nature and forge camaraderie and friendships in the process. This year’s event is scheduled for  SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 9:00 AM  (Coffee and donuts available beginning at 8:15). Plan on meeting at the clubhouse in the morning, with work projects assigned and commencing at 9:00 AM. While projects are still being finalized, they look to include an array of skill sets and physical effort including (and weather depending) planting, painting, cleaning and minor repair. As a reward for your hard work, a delicious lunch will be served around noon back at the clubhouse. (Thank you Candis Litsey for again making this possible!) More details will be forthcoming, but please plan to participate if you can, as we are looking forward to 50-75 participants for what should be a fun and gratifying experience. Kids are welcome and appreciated! (For those neighbors that wish to be involved but are unable to attend, donations in the suggested amount of $25 will gladly be accepted and can be turned in with Michelle at the Clubhouse.)
    In addition to the upcoming work party and as many of you have been already made aware, our Beach Park has been graced with nature’s ‘spring fever’ in the form of a Killdeer nest. While many are excited about this new ‘addition’ to the Blue Ridge community, ensuring its success requires a bit of common sense and minor shared sacrifice – particularly since the location is in the existing play structure area (and cannot be moved without terminating the process). Specifically, until the eggs have hatched and the nest no longer needed, we are asking neighbors to exhibit discretion in the use of the play structure, allowing space as appropriate and being respectful of the parent-Killdeer actions. Also, importantly, we are asking that dog owners pay special attention to their dog’s activity and behavior. While keeping dogs on leash in the park for the next several weeks has been suggested, at a minimum, please keep your pups away from the nest so we can avoid any conflict between the species. While mildly inconvenient, the expected time frame is relatively short, with estimates for the completion of nesting on or around May 1 st . If you find yourself at the Beach Park over the next few weeks, perhaps take a moment to observe and enjoy the nest as it represents a chance to view one specific component of the natural beauty from which we all benefit.
  • Pool and Tennis Programs – April 2018 (4/17/2018)
    Hi Neighbors!
    Even though it’s snowing as I write this, all of the summer pool and tennis planning is underway. The pool opens this year on Saturday, May 12th (barring any unforeseen issues with the current construction). The pool schedule is posted here .  Rosie McDonagh is back to lead our pool again as this year’s manager and Luke Ilgenfritz will also be back as the assistant manager. The seasoned Jessica Carey is returning again as the lesson coordinator as well. Rosie & Luke have completed their hiring process and their staff is in place for the 2018 season.
    Swim Lessons:
    Blue ridge swim lessons start June 11th and run all the way through August 17th . Registration for Community Plus Members is live now at   Common Members and   Non-Residents May 1st for session 1,2 & 3. Mark your calendars as the spots fill up quickly!  The full class schedule and details about the program can be found at the website as well. Please note that residents must log in to see this link, otherwise you will only see the non-resident sign up.
    I am excited to announce that we will continue our partnership with Tennis Center Sandpoint. Lead Pro Clay Dudley will be our tennis director and has worked here the last 3 years. Clay will be leading the junior camps and tennis team for 2018 and we are excited for this new change in leadership. The adult program was a big success last year and the goal this year will be to get even more adults playing tennis at Blue Ridge. Coach Clay would love to create Blue Ridge’s first annual tennis tournament so hopefully enough players will show interest. We will repeat the popular kids program, and continue to work to build the team. Sign ups are now live for Community Plus Members at . Please note that residents must sign in to the website to see the full class schedule and details about the program. Please be prepared to follow the new registration instructions as we are using the Tennis Center Sand Point system. With this new system, you will be able to see available court times and schedule your court in advance!
    Water Polo
    Our water polo program is growing under the leadership of Thor Tyson . Schedules are flexible and the kids have a great time. Last year, many kids from the swim team joined after their season and we saw our 10-and-unders win the 2017 All-City Championship!! Congrats on a great year and we’re looking forward to another great season.
    Swim Team:
    We are very fortunate that Carlos Palacian will return this year for his 12th season with the Blue Ridge Barracuda swim team!  Glen Bradburn will also be back for his 4th year. The program is robust and building with many kids swimming in the off season and in influx of new families. If you are new to the neighborhood, you will quickly find out this is the lifeblood of the community during the summer and a great way to meet your neighbors. For more info, please attend the  New Parent Night on Thursday April 25th from 7pm-9pm.   We will also have the  Ice Cream social Wednesday May 9th from 6:30pm-8:30pm  and  Swim Suit Fitting Thursday May 10th 6:00pm-8:00pm.  The pancake breakfast will be Tuesday June 26th @ 9:00am up at the Clubhouse!
    I have received a few questions regarding the 10 outside family CM+ memberships that will likely be approved at the next Board meeting. These families are grandfathered into the swim team from many years ago. At one point in our history, we did not have enough children in the neighborhood interested in the swim team and we needed a few more in order to compete in each race. At that time, the Board agreed to approve 10 families whose children would be part of the swim team. These families are only eligible until their children age out of the team. Additionally, these families are some of the most involved and strongest volunteers for our swimmers. We have no intention of approving new families as our swim program has grown so impressively!
    The swim season could not happen without the tireless efforts of our swim parent coordinators. Thank you in advance Sarah Bradley , Jeff Malick and Katie Carlisle !
    Please send any comments, questions or feedback to me directly at .
    I look forward to seeing you at the clubhouse.
  • President’s Report – March 2018 (3/7/2018)
    I can’t believe it is March already with Spring just around the corner! We’re forging ahead with initiatives for 2018.
    Ch-ch-changes – The Board 2018
    At last month’s Board Meeting we ratified the Shareholder vote of our 2018 slate of Board Members. And with this transition, there is a shift of responsibilities among the group.
    Jen Henninger and Eric Souder are new Board members. Jen will serve as Membership Chair. Her primary responsibilities in that role are to orient new residents in the neighborhood and to work with the Events Coordinator to engage community volunteers. As Security Chair, Eric will monitor and communicate safety and security issues especially concerning our common properties. The Board also elected Board officers for 2018:
    Janet Wallace – President
    Brooke Walker – Vice President (and Pool & Tennis Chair)
    Andrea Durbin – Treasurer
    Steve Reich – Secretary
    Before we are too far in to the year, the Board will hold an informal planning session to orient new members and discuss priorities for the year. In my column next month, I will report on our session.
    Hey – I’m Walkin’ Here!
    We keep hearing from neighbors about concerns about traffic and road safety. At our next Board Meeting on February 12, Jane Caron and Helen Curtis will be presenting a proposal to the Board to form a community task force that will determine ways to address those concerns. Some of the issues include excessive speed, impaired sight lines, and possibly road conditions. Please come to the meeting if you are interested in this topic and would consider joining the task force and the effort.
    Events – We want em’ but who is going to lead them?
    Our community is still in need of an Events Coordinator (or maybe two Co-coordinators). Cat Burns has left after two years in the position. She did a great job and ended her tenure as the lead on the fabulous Tom Douglas dinner in January.
    What does the Events Coordinator do? Well, the primary responsibilities include working with the Membership Chair to identify leads that implement our signature events (e.g. Easter Egg Hunt, Fourth of July Parade and Picnic, Halloween, Holiday Open House), assisting with volunteer recruitment, and serving in a budget/financial management capacity. It can be a fun position where you get to know your neighbors and perform a vital community building role.
    But for as long as I’ve been around, it seems we’ve struggled with getting the right structure in place to run and manage the events we’ve all come to enjoy and want. We’re all busy and only have so many volunteer hours to give. I don’t know the answer, but I do know I will be very disappointed if we don’t have the Fourth of July festivities this year. We’re definitely open to new ways of ensuring that we keep these events going.
    If you have ideas or questions or would consider stepping in to the Events Coordinator role, please contact Jen Henninger or myself
    Thank you!!
  • Association Manager Report (3/7/2018)

    Shareholder Meeting & Reports

    It was great to reconnect with members at the 77th Annual Shareholder’s Meeting on February 5th. We broke earlier records for returned ballots with a 52% response rate and handily achieved quorum – Thank you all! If you didn’t receive a shareholder report, drop by and pick one up, we’re usually in the office Mon-Fri, 9-5. A big thank you to Darby Carlisle for creating our beautiful cover!

    Each year, three board members are up for election, familiar faces rotate off, and fresh ideas are introduced. As I start my third year serving Blue Ridge, I continue to be impressed with this highly dedicated and collaborative group genuinely serving the greater good. Congratulations to newly elected board members, Jen Henninger and Eric Souder! As Jen and Eric get up to speed, the focus shifts to supporting 2018 board goals and projects.

    Blue Ridge is a special neighborhood. Unlike many communities, Blue Ridge accomplishes much with many groups of ambitious volunteers. The immediate benefit is lower than average homeowner assessments, but the real benefits are vital social networks and community pride. Please consider the many volunteering opportunities, from behind the scenes, or in the thick of things, from one time, short term projects, to ongoing community engagement. Help Blue Ridge usher in another fabulous 77 years!

    Thank You for Your Payment!

    Along with the crush of ballots, we processed annual payments, visitors, emails, and phone calls as our dues deadline neared and passed. We fielded many questions and suggestions and met many of you, and your dogs and kids, too. As of now, all initial dues payments received have been processed. If you owe the Initiation Fee – you should have received a statement from our bookkeeper recently. Please remember Option 2 second payments are due April 30th.

    Reservation Calendars Open

    Excitement for warmer days is under way as many of you plan picnics and parties at the beach park. The board recently updated rental forms, rules, and fees, including a new cabana rental fee of $100 to offset increased maintenance and repairs. Please utilize the rental reservation system at for calendar availability, new forms and rules. If you don’t find what you’re looking for under the “Facility Rentals” tab, reach out and we’ll track down an answer.

    Clubhouse Parking Lot

    Not everyone thinks of the clubhouse parking lot as a homeowner amenity, but it’s handy for carpools, or as overflow during home construction or hosting large gatherings. Before parking though, please give us a quick call or email so we can coordinate with rental parties, construction projects, or lot closures.


    Our mail carrier has mentioned many homeowners need to update their mailboxes. Several “front loading cluster box units” are damaged and/or are easily targeted for mail theft. Most mail

    kiosks are on your neighbor’s private property, and it is the responsibility of the homeowners who use it to maintain it. Do you think your grouping needs to be replaced? Collaborate with your neighbors and organize a replacement. An excellent selection of secured options are available at

    Here’s a tip if you lose a mail box key: A locksmith may cost around $100, but replacing the tumbler is a lot less at $50. Your mail carrier will do this for you if you leave him a note, once your box is secure again, you can leave a $50 check.

    Road Conditions

    As the weather warms, potholes will appear causing wear and tear on your car. Reach out to the Pothole Rangers at Seattle.Gov under Transportation or 206.684.ROAD (7623). The more reports, the faster the repair. Non pothole issues can also email:

    Office Hours

    I will be on vacation March 5-9th and services and business office hours will be limited this week. If you need any help or questions arise, Alison will be in the office Mon – Thurs, 9-1pm answering emails and phone calls.

    Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.”

    — Lewis Grizzard

    Warm and sunny cheers to the coming spring!


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