• Association Manager Report – December 2019 (12/6/2019)

    We’re in the process of transitioning to a new online portal for easier homeowner use and to manage clubhouse and cabana rentals. We took this opportunity to also streamline processes and forms and are hoping to transition to a paper free system. Reservations will look different but are essentially the same with the exception of one policy change; the clubhouse rental fee and deposit are both due within two weeks of making the reservation.
     Next year’s cabana and clubhouse rental calendar will open by the shareholders meeting, February 3 rd . Pool Staff, Swim Team and Events volunteers – please send us your 2020 dates and times by December 21 st . 

    Beach Park Survey Results 

    As mentioned in last month’s Bulletin, the existing playground equipment is beyond its useful life and no longer meet safety standards. As 2020 maintenance and repair projects are considered, we asked members to complete a survey so we could learn how homeowners use, or don’t use, the beach park and gather feedback on replacing the playground equipment. Thank you to everyone that took the time to respond, as promised here are the survey results: Q1: How often do you visit the park? 

    • 27% A few times per year
    • 26% Multiple times per week
    • 25% A few times per month
    • 17% Weekly, or almost weekly
    • 5%   Never

     Q2: What are your primary activities? (choose as many as applicable) 

    • 45% Picnics/BBQ
    • 44% Dog walking/playing
    • 41% Playground equipment
    • 30% Other (access to the beach, enjoying sunsets, visiting neighbors)
    • 27% Cabana rentals
    • 24% Ball/frisbee activities
    • 10% Fitness

     Q3: Would you rather have the existing playground equipment removed or replaced? 

    • 75% Replaced
    • 14% Don’t care
    • 11% Removed

     Q4: What playground elements are important? (choose as many as applicable) 

    • 71% Swings    
    • 61% Slide    
    • 48% Climbing rock/net    
    • 47% Natural (rocks, logs, hill climb)    
    • 42% Monkey bars    
    • 39% Balance beam    
    • 29% Pretend play    
    • 26% Spinning/bouncing    
    • <25% Fitness, Shade, or Other (teeter totter, trail, zipline)

     Q5: How many children, by age, in household? (choose as many as applicable) 

    • 34% 2-5yrs
    • 27% 6-8
    • 27% 9-12
    • 26% 12-18
    • 25% No children
    • 22% 19+

    Comments not included above:

    Consider off-leash area within park for dogs separate from playground and open space. Have had multiple off-leash dogs run up to and knock over my playing small children completely unprovoked.
    No pets on playground equipment sign. Dogs often pee in wood chips.
    Prefer as little or no plastic as possible
    Preference for lowest maintenance option
    Mirror of woodbine structure
    I think something different but similar to what we put in at woodbine would be awesome
    I support whatever the children enjoy. Uniqueness is special. Like Carkeek’s salmon slide. And beauty for adults is nice too.
    My kids are past playground years so I defer to the families who will use it the most, but I think playground equipment is essential to making the park the great place it is
    Since there is no other place in the survey to add this note, I think we desperately need landscaping along the sewer facility fence to screen that from view.
    Remove old bbqs in grass so kids can safely run w/o injury. (replaced in 2016) The beach park has several County, City, and utility easements that require compliance, next steps include consulting with permitting departments, insurance, and vendors. Thanks again for your help and stay tuned!  As the end of another year approaches, we hope you share our excitement for celebrating the upcoming holidays with family and friends! 

    Thank you Blue Ridge for a great 2019 and cheers to a happy and healthy 2020!

  • Events Report – December 2019 (12/6/2019)

    Hello! My name is Jenn Branstetter and I am happy to be the Events coordinator. My husband, Stephen, and I moved into the neighborhood one year ago with our twin boys (age 6). We have loved getting to know many of you and participating in the neighborhood events. I am excited to continue these Blue Ridge traditions with the incredible army of volunteers that put on each event.

    TODAY the Holiday Ships will be in front of the Beach Park from 2:55pm – 3:15pm. I hope you can join us to kick off the holiday season and enjoy some music. 

    This Thursday, December 5th is our annual Holiday Open House at the Clubhouse. There will be drinks, appetizers and a special appearance from Santa Claus! 

    The annual Blue Ridge Holiday Lights competition is on! Get your lights and displays up and running for everyone to enjoy; our home-grown Band of Merry Elf Judges will be on the lookout for great displays. Post a pic of yours on our FB page with your location to make sure you aren’t missed! Winners will receive a Swansons Nursery gift certificate. Good luck, and have fun!

    Upcoming Events:

    • Holiday Open House, December 5th from 5:30 – 7:30 pm
    • Holiday Lights Contest
  • Architecture Report – December 2019 (12/6/2019)

    In Nov, the Board:

    • Voted and approved the Howe/Greene project – 1204 Norcross
    • Voted and approved the Bilger project – 2054 Blue Ridge Dr.
    • Heard initial presentation for the Lorenze project at 10019 Radford Ave. NW

    In Dec, the Board will:

    • Vote on the Lorenze project at 10019 Radford Ave. NW

     If you have any questions then please let me know as we are here to help.

  • President’s Report – October 2019 (10/4/2019)

    Hello everyone! With October comes my annual “now we turn to Fall with end of the year planning” column. For some of us, it’s our busier time on the Board. We have begun work on the 2020 budget and have an eye towards Board composition and succession planning. 

    Budget 2020

    The Board will review a first draft of the 2020 Budget at the October 14 meeting. As part of the process, the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) met this past month to review the Reserve Study and projects for 2020. Andrea Durbin, Treasurer and Chair of the committee welcomed new members, Jake Burns and Rowan Christmas. Two major reserve projects are earmarked for next year: replacement of the pool deck and the beach park playground equipment. At the October Board meeting, we will discuss the reserve contribution for next year as well as a number of discretionary items so that we can prepare a final budget for board approval at the November 11 th Board meeting. The approved Budget and Ratification Meeting (date still TBD) Notice will then be sent out soon after to the community. 

    Board Elections 2020

    Every year there are three Board positions that are voted in. This is my last year on the Board. I will finish two 3-year terms with one year as Treasurer and five as Board President. Hard to believe! Next year Andrea Durbin and Jen Henninger will operate as co-presidents while we shift their current roles/responsibilities. Steve Brunette (Grounds & Facilities Chair) and Steve Reich (Legal Chair) will be rolling off the Board too. Bottom-line is that there are 3 open positions.

    Conversations took place with individuals over the summer with an eye towards eventual succession in key positions such as Swim and Tennis Programs Chair. We’ve got some verbal commitments to run which is great! If you are interested in learning more about Board service please shoot me an email at . We have particular need for an attorney to serve as Legal Chair. It’s a great way to give back to your community!

  • Membership Report – October 2019 (10/4/2019)

    Hello Friends and Neighbors,

    I hope this fall bulletin finds you well and adjusting to shorter days, warmer sweaters and a few rain showers along the way…. I know as I take long weekend dog-walks through the neighborhood, I have been enjoying fall flowers in people’s yards, leaves changing colors in the Carkeek ravine, and the amazing pumpkin patch in Woodbine Park!

    Amazingly, we have no new neighbors to welcome since our last bulletin. Which means there are lots of familiar faces to say hello to as you are out an about in the ‘hood.

    As always, please don’t ever hesitate to let me know if you have any resident questions I can help with.

  • Association Manager Report – September 2019 (9/10/2019)

    It’s Budget Season
    Starting in August each year, a good deal of time is spent in QuickBooks and Excel to help develop the annual operating budget . To determine our expenses we annually analyze maintenance and use of grounds and facilities, solicit vendor estimates, and review utility rate changes to create a budget that incorporates audit and reserve study recommendations. Several versions and untold hours create the first draft for board review. Then, back to the drawing board to incorporate edits and 3 rd quarter financials for final review. Every line item is scrutinized and various scenarios are created until board members can approve a final version for November’s budget ratification.

    It’s tedious work but a critical component for managing the community’s financial health and protecting home values. 

    Wile E Coyotes
    Wildlife safety is outside my professional expertise, but from time to time we receive homeowner inquiries about coyotes and here’s what we’ve learned so far.

    At first glance, the coyote resembles a small German shepherd dog, yet its color can vary from animal to animal. Adult coyotes weigh 20 to 35 pounds and prey on small mammals such as rats, mice, rabbits, and carrion. In Washington, you will find these intelligent and adaptable animals occupying almost every conceivable habitat type, including downtown waterfronts at any time, day or night. Coyotes create a variety of vocalizations. Woofs and growls are short-distance threat and alarm calls; barks and bark-howls are long-distance threat and alarm calls; whines are used in greetings; lone and group howls are given between separated group members when food has been found; and a yip-howl is often done after a group reunites. Juvenile coyotes are often heard in summer, trying out their voices.

    Humans increase the likelihood of coyote conflicts by deliberately or inadvertently feeding the animals, whether by handouts or by providing access to food sources such as garbage, food debris, or pet food. When people provide food, coyotes quickly lose their natural fear of humans and become increasingly territorial and aggressive.

    Blue Ridge ravines, greenbelts and nearby parks, Carkeek and Golden Gardens, provide habitat and prey for many wildlife, including coyotes. Human encroachment and easy access to food waste has made coyotes considered part of urban living. Wildlife professionals explain they aren’t necessarily aggressive, will usually ignore or avoid humans, but for the safety of small pets we should follow leash laws.
    The coyote’s tenacity tries some people’s patience and inspires others’ admiration. To learn how to prevent conflicts and fencing ideas, please click on the below links:

    I hope everyone enjoyed summer and looking forward to the colors of fall.

  • Events Report – September 2019 (9/10/2019)

    I can’t believe summer is ending, but I am so thankful we have had such a great one in our community. So many good times have been had including the 4 th of July and the summer party down at the beach park! Thank you so much to Amanda and Ryan O’Rourke for taking on the Fourth of July again this year. It was an amazing day and it was such a great time to see all the neighbors out celebrating together. The summer beach soiree looked amazing and beautiful in white! Many thanks to the Summer Party team including Barbara Sinn, Kristi Dwight, Anna Brunette, Margaret Giesa and others for organizing this amazing event!

    It has been my pleasure to lead Blue Ridge Events for the past year, but I am leaving my position at the end of September. This has been such a fun experience and I am grateful for the opportunity. Thank you so much to all the volunteers in the community who have graciously given their time to make sure that our events have been a success. If anyone is interested in taking on the events role please let me know or contact the board. It is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors!

    Upcoming Events:·          

    • Oktoberfest- September 27th
    • Family Halloween Party- October 31st
    •  Holiday Open House-December 5 th         

    If you have any questions or would like to volunteer I can be reached at

    Summer Highlights:Congratulations to all of our winners on the 4 th of July! Below is a summary of the winners with some highlight photos from the day.

  • Pool & Tennis Report – September 2019 (9/10/2019)

    Pool & Tennis Report – Brooke Walker
    Once again, I’m shocked that it’s September and am feeling like summer flew by too quickly. 

    I’m delighted about this year’s swim and tennis season and I hope you are too. I know many memories were made in the pool and on the courts and I’m reminded how grateful I am to have these assets in this community.

    TENNIS: We had a full summer on the courts. Many weeks in the junior program were full. I received lots of positive feedback about the classes and the coaching staff. Our JV and Varsity teams grew and we even beat our rival, Klahaya for . . . . perhaps the first time? The adult classes remain very popular and are continuing into the fall. 

    POOL: Swim Lessons have come to close and were a huge success. While I don’t have final numbers, I believe we had a record year for revenue earned from lessons and many happy kids and parents.
    We had an amazing staff of Lifeguards this summer and I hope to see many of them back next year. I’d like to take a moment to thank LUKE ILGENFRITZ for his 7 years of service to the pool. His “Blue Ridge Pool Career” is coming to a close as he enters his senior year of college. Luke has set up the pool up for success and will be truly missed! Please make sure to read Luke’s bulletin section for additional pool details.
    Swim Team was a lot of fun this year. We had 159 swimmers and nearly a third of them were in the 8 & under group. I truly believe that in just a few years, we will be winning all our meets! We upped our home meet concessions game this summer and I think everyone enjoyed the Burns’ pulled pork sandwiches. If not, here’s hoping they do it again next year for you to try!

    Rachel Douglas and Esther Kim teamed up to make exceptional swim team coordinators. Jane Caron and Kristi Dwight were back again volunteering as Clerk of Course at all home meets.We had an emotional send off for our graduating seniors, some of whom have 14 years on our swim team!

    As you have probably heard, this was COACH CARLOS’ last year with us. He has dedicated 14 summers to helping our children learn to compete and gain confidence in the pool. His departure, due to his move to Burien, will leave a huge hole in our hearts. On behalf of Carlos, I’d like to thank everyone who donated to a special goodbye gift for Carlos. Many families who have not had swimmers in many years donated, and Carlos was blown away by our generosity. Once again, our community coming together for a purpose is an amazing place to experience.

    Coach Glen has agreed to take over as head coach next year and I have hired a new assistant coach from Cascade, name Becky Woodruff, to add to our amazing coaching team.

    All City: I’d like to thank the entire community for dealing with, and helping out at, the big All City swim meet. I believe it went off without a hitch and there are about 1200 people who were incredibly impressed with our neighborhood and hospitality. We really put on a good show! While I don’t have the full financial picture yet, I do believe we actually managed to make a little money too. I was, once again, amazed by how this community comes together. The committee who put on this event felt supported and was pleased with the full neighborhood volunteer effort. 

    I need to take a moment to thank the All City committee who collectively spent thousands of hours planning this event. We began our adventure nearly 2 years ago, put our heart and soul into it and knocked it out of the park. Committee is pictured below, after a 14 hour work day, celebrating our success. Luckily, we are not on the hook for another one of these for many years and my shift will be over. HA!!

    In conclusion, it’s been a perfect summer. I have just a few more changes in store that I will share in my final season report next month. As always, I’m available for feedback.
    Off to complete some school supply shopping . . . .

    From Luke-
    “Hi everyone! The summer is winding down, but there is still time to enjoy some summer sun! The last day we are open this summer is Sunday, September 15th, so make the most of it. Starting Wednesday, September 4th, weekday open swim will be from 4-7pm, but the weekend schedule will stay the same! 
    Please note that on Monday, September 2nd we have a Saturday schedule for Labor Day. This means lap swim is from 7-12pm and open swim from 12-7pm.
    This has been an amazing final summer working at Blue Ridge and I’m excited to announce our management staff for next year. The Pool Manager will be Drew Brennan and the Swim Lessons Coordinator is Emily Cary! Congratulations to both, they’ve worked very hard to earn these positions and I can’t wait to see them in action! 
    Thank you again to everyone for making Blue Ridge home these past 7 years.”

  • Architecture Report – September 2019 (9/10/2019)

    Hi Neighbors, As you look to make plans to make exterior improvements to your home or property then please make sure you are reviewing our Blue Ridge Architecture Documents and Procedures. These can be found on our Blue Ridge site at:
    Architecture Report July 2019 (no meeting in August)

    In July, the Board:

    • Did not hear any initial presentations or approve any actions.

     In September , the Board will hear:

    • Initial presentation for 10530 Valmay Ave. NW – Osaki remodel

     If you have any questions then please let me know as we are here to help. Thank you,

    Eric Souder

  • Membership Report – September 2019 (9/10/2019)

    Ein Prosit!

    Raise your Bier Stein and Toast Blue Ridge in this seventh annual Oktoberfest Celebration! Our 8th Annual Blue Ridge Oktoberfest is just a month away… It’s an event not to be missed! In years past, this has been a fantastic way to catch up with friends, meet your neighbors, and generally just have a fun evening as fall is upon us.

    Once again, we will be hosting an adults-only beer festival in true Oktoberfest tradition. This all-inclusive evening will include a fantastic and diverse selection of beer tastings carefully chosen by local favorite Chuck’s, as well as kegs provided by a neighborhood brewery (stay tuned!). To round the evening out, we will couple these seasonal beverages with Dante’s Dogs and Tom Douglas pretzels.

    Event is Friday, September 27, 6:30 pm.
    All-inclusive tickets are $40/person
    RSVP as soon as possible to hold your space:  email  (no, that’s not a typo) with your name(s) and how you prefer to pay. You can either drop a check in the mailbox at the clubhouse or pay by credit card at the door. 


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