• President’s Report (3/19/2017)

    As we transition to a new Board and look ahead at plans for the year, it’s time to fill you in on some changes amongst the Board and initiatives that are on tap for 2017.

    First, I’ll welcome our newest Board Members voted in by the Shareholders: Steve Brunette and Steve Reich. With the same first name we are still trying to work on how to best refer to them. I am resisting the temptation to collectively call them The Steves. Steve Brunette will serve as the Grounds and Facilities Chair with more of an accent on facilities over the next couple of years. Since he is new to this position, we’ve decided to postpone the Annual Work Party that usually occurs in April until a plan has been developed. Steve Reich came on board to be Security Chair but we are reviewing this position to broaden its scope. Originally this role on the Board primarily operated as a resource and information conduit for security/crime and safety issues. With social media (Facebook) and an Association Manager to oversee our security vendors, the work involved for the position has changed and diminished. We have, however, identified a need to do a better job of general communication to all of you to make sure you are better informed on issues and that the Association office and the Board are aware of issues important to you. We are still working on how to best morph this position and you will hear more later.

    With the departure of Steve Malloch and Mike Brooks, there are some other shifts. Barbara Sinn has taken on the big responsibility of Architecture Chair while Brooke Walker is now the Membership Chair. Andrea Durbin was also elected by the Shareholders to finish out Brandon Pemberton’s term. She will continue as Treasurer.

    The Board had a planning session last week to talk about priorities and roles/responsibilities. We’re tweaking some of the Board jobs to make sure we have proper oversight over different functional areas.

    The most significant thing to come out of our meeting was the commitment to form a Long Range Planning Committee. This committee will be charged with developing a 3-year capital/asset spending plan that projects the impact on revenue and reserves. We want to avoid the situation we had this past year with deferred maintenance that resulted in the special assessment. This planning committee will also explore our dues/membership structure. There have been discussions over the years about moving to one set of dues where all community members would have access to the pool and tennis facilities. The committee will define the implications and will determine if there is community support for the possible change. Our Treasurer Andrea Durbin will chair the committee and it will include both Board and community members. If you are interested in possibly participating on this committee, contact Andrea at

    We also decided to renew our effort to design and determine the cost of the Pool Deck Extension project. As a reminder, last year, we started to explore ways to gain more space around the pool and update the exterior of the buildings that house our pool equipment and supplies. We will engage Schemata Designs to design an extension of the Club House deck along the East end of the pool that will potentially continue along the tennis courts on the South End. Depending on the cost and nature of the design, it is likely that there will be restrictions on the use of reserves or assessments to fund the project. This means that a capital fundraising effort will be required. The goal will be to get community input this summer to determine whether to go forward.

    Those are the main things we are working on. If you have any thoughts on any of this or other priorities you think should be addressed, shoot me an email!

  • Business Manager Report (3/19/2017)

    Payment questions:  A big thank you to every homeowner who paid their annual dues promptly! Efforts are now focused on the 2017 Maintenance Assessment due by March 31st and again, your prompt payment is sincerely appreciated. Our recent mailings have created some confusion however, with some mistaking the Maintenance Assessment notice as a duplicate invoice or a late notice. In retrospect, it may have been clearer if the forms were designed differently, amounts weren’t similar, or the timing different. Lessons learned and thank you for reaching out to clarify. Please call or email me if you have any questions: or 206.784.3868.

    What are your hours?  I try to be available with predictable hours and am usually somewhere in Blue Ridge, Mon – Fri, 9-5pm. During the off season, the clubhouse and business office will be locked when I’m offsite. I receive several spontaneous visitors, especially on a sunny day when Blue Ridge walkers take to the streets. Give me a shout before you travel out of your way so I can be here when you are!

    Key Fobs:   Sunnier weather is just around the corner and so is key fob season! Last year, you may remember, we brought the key fob system in-house, which reduced response times from 2 weeks to often, the same day. If you haven’t used your fobs recently, or they weren’t registered during the Directory update, please don’t wait until the day you really need access. Turnaround times this year could be delayed due to construction interruptions, let me know if you need a new or replacement fob. 2017 membership levels and delinquencies will update in-office and don’t require homeowner action. All Blue Ridge homeowners are eligible for one complimentary key fob and a 2nd one can be purchased for $25. Replacement of lost fobs are $100. Damaged or malfunctioning fobs are replaced at no cost with trade-in.

    New Directory and Shareholder Reports: Stop by and pick up your copy!

    Cheers to your St Patrick’s Day and Vernal Equinox!

    Michelle Morgan, CMCA®
    Blue Ridge Association Manager
  • Architecture Report (3/19/2017)

    Hi, I’m Barbara Sinn, the new architecture chair.  I’ve been on the board for the past two years as membership chair.  So now I’m going from a fun position to a tough position but I welcome the challenge. Steve Malloch has left me some big shoes and I will do my best to fill them.

    One thing that always want us to remember when going through this process is that we are each others neighbors and friends.  At the end of this process, we still have to live next to each other!
    On the schedule for the next board meeting:
    • Initial presentation – 10126 Radford Ave NW, Angelis remodel
    • Voting on 10532 13th Ave NW, Rockwell remodel
  • Events Report (3/19/2017)

    Happy Spring Neighbors. What does Spring means to me? Organizing, prepping, and preparing for a fabulous Event Season in our beloved neighborhood! We have many events that are right around the corner that are looking for more of those special folks to help out. Please contact the assigned contact, or reach out to me directly if you’d like to be even more connected with our Events at

    Here’s what is coming up….


    When: SATURDAY, April 15th at 11am SHARP 
    Where: Blue Ridge Beach Park 
    Scoop: Free event for our community. Come on down and find some Easter Goodies, candies, and other surprises in plastic eggs. Please note, all children are able to “go for it!” at 11am, not a minute later. If you show up 5 mins late, there is a high probability that your child will not get any eggs. Kids today are determined! For all you new families, we have a special area set up for different age groups, including toddlers. Please walk on down to the beach park and enjoy the time with your neighbors. Tide will be in-between High and Low tides, so it could be a nice day to enjoy our amazing neighborhood beach too. Let’s all wish for fantastic weather.
    Contact: Julie Keegan at


    When: Sunday, May 21 4-6pm 
    Where: The Walker’s Home, 1509 NW Greenbrier Way 
    Scoop: This is an open event to all new residents of Blue Ridge over the last 18 months or so. If you have never attended a new resident event, please come! Join your neighbors, Board Members, representatives from swim, tennis, and more. This is a great opportunity to learn about community programs, activities and events while mixing and mingling over drinks and appetizers. Kid’s welcome – crafts and helpers provided!  The Walkers live across from the pool, so stop by after swimming and see what Blue Ridge is really all about.
    Contact: Kelly Carrithers at

    JULY 4th

    When: Tuesday, July 4th 
    Where: Kicks off at Blue Ridge Pool and ends up at Woodbine Park 
    Scoop: Join your neighbors at this free day of fun for an old fashioned style 4th of July. We start at the clubhouse with an amazing family style parade behind a local Fire Truck. Decorate your wagons, bikes, cars, dogs, children and get ready to parade in style. We will end up at the new and improved Woodbine Playground/Park to enjoy hotdogs and old timey games. Don’t forget about our annual pie making contest! This year we are looking for people to shadow our leads to take this annual event for 2018! Contacts below for more information. This is an easy and fun way to get involved and make our neighborhood even better. Come and add your special Patriotic touch.
    Contact: Brieanne Yuchasz at and Holli Harris at


    When: Saturday, July 29th 
    Where: Clubhouse and poolside* (*weather permitting) 
    Scoop: This is a ticketed event where the cool kids, the Adults, can walk to the clubhouse and chill with all our amazing neighbors. In the past years we’ve had Fiesta’s, Hoedowns, and many more fun themed nights that include signature cocktails, sweet tunes, and more. We are looking for a lead to help us make 2017 a fun night to be talked about many years ahead. Darby Carlisle  who lead the event last year is the most organized person I’ve ever met and has agreed to help the new Lead hit the ground running with ease and grace. I couldn’t ask for an easier way to the pass the baton.
    Contact: Cat Burns at

    And for an update on Movie Nights – Thank you all for your ongoing support and volunteering for movie nights. There have been many issues with our equipment this season, so I’m going to hold off future movie nights till the 2017/18 season. Thanks again for your time and participation.

    Here is to a wonderful 2017 Event Season ahead –
    Cat Burns
    Events Coordinator
  • Pool & Tennis Report (3/19/2017)

    The Pool opens this year on Sat May 13th!!!! The full schedule can be found here on the Blue Ridge Website in the pool drop-down list.

    I am delighted to announce Rosie McDonagh as our new Pool Manager this year. Rosie comes from a long lineage of Blue Ridge Pool Managers following in the steps of brother John and sister Sarah. Rosie has grown up at the Blue Ridge Pool and was a member of the Barracuda swim team for 13 years! She also has been a lifeguard, swim coach, and lesson coordinator so comes with some great experience. Last year she worked closely with Tucker Benge to get ready to take the reins this year! She is looking forward to bringing new energy and ideas to the Program. She has hired Luke Ilgenfritz as her assistant manager and Jessica Carey as the lesson coordinator!

    Rosie has completed the hiring process and has her staff in place for the 2017 season!! Congrats new lifeguards and lesson instructors!! Don’t forget to sign up for the Red Cross Lifeguard Certification with Carlos Palacian starting Sat May 6th. You can view and download the entire list of requirements and dates here. The re-certification program will be on May 22nd.

    Swim Lessons:

    Blue ridge swim lessons start June 12th and run all the way through August 18th. Registration for Blue Ridge residents will go live April 1, Non-Residents May 1 for session 1,2 & 2A. Mark your calendars as the spots fill up quickly! The full class schedule and program details are posted here.


    I am excited to announce that we will continue our partnership with Tennis Center Sandpoint. Lead Pro Nick Ketchem will be back for his 3rd season. We have added a Wednesday night cardio class and a Saturday Wimbledon workout as requested by the community. We will repeat the popular kids program, and continue to work to build the team. Please join us on Sunday June 25th at the courts from 4-6pm to meet the pros, play Queen/King of the Court and learn more about the programs! Signups will go live on April 1st for Blue Ridge residents. The full class schedule and details about the program can be found here.

    Swim Team:

    We are very fortunate that Carlos Palacian will return this year for his 11th season with the Blue Ridge Barracuda swim team! Glen Bradburn will also be back for his 3rd year. The program is robust and building with many kids swimming in the off season and an influx of new families. If you are new to the neighborhood, you will quickly find out this is the lifeblood of the community during the summer and a great way to meet your neighbors. For more info, please attend the New Parent Night on Thursday April 20th from 7pm-9pm. We will also have the Ice Cream social Wednesday May 10th from 6:30pm-8:30pm and Swim Suit Fitting Thursday May 11th 6:00pm-8:00pm.

    The swim season could not happen without the tireless efforts of our swim parent coordinators. Thank you in advance Sarah Bradley, Jeff Malick and our newest addition Katie Carlisle!

    The swim meet schedule will be announced after the SSSL (Seattle Summer Swim League) meeting on March 7th. We will announce the schedule in the Blue Ridge Facebook, the Blue Ridge Website and the Blue Ridge Swim Team site here.

    Please send any comments, questions or feedback to me directly at

    I look forward to seeing you at the clubhouse.


  • President’s Report (1/30/2017)

    The beginning of the New Year always marks two significant events that enable our homeowner’s association to do its business: Our annual dues and Board elections.

    Annual Dues

    The Common Property fees and Community Plus fees are the source of the bulk of our income. If you read my last column about the 2017 Budget, I hope it prepped you for the notion of a dues increase and an additional assessment to fund a list of maintenance projects that in some cases have been deferred for several years. What it may not have done, is prepare you for the magnitude. After running the numbers with firmer estimates, we were surprised in some areas too.

    The dues increase was driven by two main things: fully budgeting for some items “above the line” as part of expenses and increased costs (vendors and payroll). The most significant cost that is now properly budgeted is our annual reserve contribution ($60,000 in 2017) and we are doing it in accordance with an annual reserve study. Many of our vendors also increased their fees after several years of keeping them steady.

    The 2017 assessment ($950) for maintenance projects for the Clubhouse and Pool was derived after doing our due diligence to define exactly what the “must dos” were and the actual cost. Engineering inspections were done and competitive bids were sought. Choices were also made. For example, the biggest cost item is to refurbish the Clubhouse exterior ($203,000 total). The siding on the front and the South side of the Clubhouse is failing and the glazing on the single-paned windows is compromised. We made the decision to side the whole building because the siding is 60 years old and will eventually fail too and because there are economies in having the contractor do the work now. As a long term investment, we chose a more durable material and we also decided to replace the windows with a double paned, energy efficient alternative. You will receive a notice for this assessment in late February and all of the projects will be fully outlined.

    At the last Board (and Budget Ratification) meetings there was a great discussion about the obligation of the membership to maintain the assets (Common Properties) that we all own. Not everyone agrees about the best way to do that or how we should pay for it. One of the primary functions of the Board is to be “stewards” of these assets and the funds of the association. We struggle with those questions too. As an outcome of this more difficult budget process, the Board is committed to more fully funding our reserves in conjunction with reserve studies and will engage in more long range planning to be more intentional and proactive in managing our maintenance obligations.

    Board Elections and Annual Shareholder’s Meeting

    By now you should have received the notice for the February 6 Annual Shareholder’s Meeting and your ballot to elect Board Members. ALL residents are invited to the shareholder’s meeting (even if you aren’t a shareholder). Board Members will present their annual reports and there will be an opportunity for residents to bring up topics that they wish to discuss.

    The Ballots have 3 candidates running for 3 year terms: me, Steve Brunette, and Steve Reich. Andrea Durbin’s name will also be on the ballot as a formality after being appointed to complete Brandon Pemberton’s term as Treasurer. If elected, we’ll be shifting some positions around to replace Board members that are departing. PLEASE VOTE by February 6! We need a quorum for the election to be valid. You may send your ballot in the postage paid envelope, drop it off at the Clubhouse or bring it to the Shareholder’s meeting with you.

    We do have two Board Members rotating off the Board after completing two 3-year terms. It is impossible to thank these two enough in one paragraph in the Bulletin. Mike Brooks as Grounds Chair (along with his wife Linda) developed a plan for the landscaping of our two parks. Both parks (Woodbine in particular) are far more beautiful than they were 6 years ago and that is attributed to Mike’s vision and hard work. Steve Malloch’s contribution to our community may not be quite as visible but has been invaluable. On the Board, he has served in two of the most involved roles as President and Architecture Chair. Under his leadership and with a focus on process improvement, the association is far more organized and professional than it was 6 years ago. He also has a communication style that helped us through some difficult and potentially divisive situations. We truly will miss them both on the Board and the community as whole owes them a great big collective THANKS!

    Well, that’s it for this month’s column. Hope to see you at the Shareholder’s Meeting. And one more time……..PLEASE VOTE by February 6!!

  • Association Manager Report (1/30/2017)

    Things are hopping at the office as we gear up for another great year!

    Final edits for the 2017 Directory have been received, we’re set to print, and on schedule to have the first copies available at the Annual Shareholder Meeting Monday, February 6th at 7pm. A big thank you to volunteers Darby Carlisle and Barbara Sinn for your hours and hours of hard work!

    By now, everyone should have received in the mail, Ballots for the Annual Shareholder Meeting (Clubhouse, Monday, February 6th, 7pm).Each year we struggle to reach a quorum, please vote early and send in or drop off your ballots ASAP! Please let us know if you have any questions, or for some reason haven’t received your ballot yet.

    Several construction projects are planned in 2017 that will impact clubhouse activities and operations:

    • Locker rooms demo and construction – Jan 30th – March 24th
    • West entrance & siding replacement – March 3rd – June 30th
    • Pool sewer and mechanical projects – TBD, engineering & permitting underway 

    Locker room repairs won’t impact daily operations as much as exterior building repairs. Major mayhem will start the first week in March, with windows and door removal at main entry, access closed off, and siding demolition (entry through north door during this time). We’re not sure what to expect, but won’t be surprised to find damage necessitating the west building envelope removed to studs. If so, heating the clubhouse could be a challenge until insulation, sheetrock, and siding is replaced. Plumbing, electrical, telephone, and internet service will have intermittent interruptions, but none should be overnight. A portion of the parking lot will be unavailable during construction dates, reducing parking capacity.

    Please be aware Clubhouse rental conditions will be less than ideal January 30th through June 30th.  Most of the noise and inconvenience will occur Mon – Fri, 8-5, however there may be construction activity outside this schedule. The main floor will be open for use through the north door, we expect some contractor equipment to be stored inside overnights, but few materials. Contractors will be using the upstairs restrooms daily and we imagine a fair amount of dirt will be tracked through the clubhouse. Janitorial service is provided twice a month, so it’s a real possibility the bathrooms and floors won’t be as clean as usual. Permitting and material deliveries require us to remain fluid at this point, but with weekly construction meetings scheduled, we can speak to specific impacts a week prior to a scheduled event.

    During this same time frame, we’re working with our pool professionals to reroute waste water, repair the pool pit, repair leaks, replace/reroute the electrical panel, and reconfigure the mechanical shed for compliance. Engineering is underway, but once again, permitting will determine final timeframes.

    There’s a lot to accomplish the first half of this year and advance apologies if our response times are slower than normal, or the clubhouse isn’t suitable for your special event. The short term inconvenience will be offset when the dust settles and we have a beautiful clubhouse and pool for years of community gatherings!

    Michelle Morgan, CMCA®
    Blue Ridge Association Manager
  • Architecture Report (1/30/2017)

    This is my final report to the community. I close by thanking Blue Ridge for the opportunity to serve on the Board for the last 6 years. In my roles as President for 3 years, Architecture Chair for 2 years, and Secretary for 1 year, I have come to know many people in the neighborhood. I knew Blue Ridge was special before I served on the Board, but I have a much richer appreciation for how unusual and wonderful the neighborhood is. It’s a beautiful community, but what makes its great is the interaction, the neighborliness and the communication. Service on the Board has not always been fun, but it has always been worthwhile.

    In the Blue Ridge Annual Report, I give a longer version of the following, but I want to mention the Carlisle project here. In January, the Board approved the 4th version of project. I believe that the Board struck an appropriate balance for the community in approving the project despite some issues not being resolved. We all know that architectural issues can be difficult. I want to commend all participants in this process for being civil, forthright, and engaged. That can be difficult, but we got through this one by remembering that: we are all neighbors; we will have to live with the actions we take during a review process; and we live with the consequences after a project is approved or rejected. It is easy to be a community during the parties and parades, it is harder to be one when we have genuine conflict. Thanks for showing the best of Blue Ridge.

    At the February Board meeting, the current Board will act on the one pending architecture project, and then turn over the meeting to the new Board. I am confident that Blue Ridge will be in good hands with the new Board. I especially thank the new and returning Board members for their service.

    I anticipate that the new Board will install Barbara Sinn as the new Architecture Chair – thanks Barbara!

    At the January 2017 Board meeting the Board:

    Acted heard and approved:

    • 1711 Greenbrier Way – Carlisle remodel and addition, as modified since the initial presentation to address community issues.
    • 10042 Valmay Ave NW – Hall remodel and addition

    Heard an initial proposal for:

    • 10532 13th Ave NW – Rockwell/Barrett remodel and addition

    At the February 2017 Board meeting the Board:

    Proposes to act upon:

    • 10532 13th Ave NW – Rockwell/Barrett remodel and addition

    There may be other initial presentation projects submitted prior to the Board meeting.


  • Grounds Report (1/30/2017)

    Being a “short timer” I’d like to say it’s been a fantastic six years to be able to serve on the Blue Ridge Board!  I’ve really enjoyed working with you,  so many dedicated board members, with our previous and present Blue Ridge Business Managers, with our Oasis contractor team,  and especially with the tremendous assistance from our generous community volunteers at each of our Spring Work Parties.

    Linda and I look forward to our continuation as Blue Ridge community volunteers for as long as we have the stamina to do so!

    Michael J . Brooks

  • Events Report (1/30/2017)
    Events is kicking off the new year and looking towards more fun and connecting with neighbors in 2017. Christmas decor has been broken down and put away (thank you Volunteers!!!), first Bunco night of the year went off without a hitch (Thanks Jamie Smith!), and we are looking forward to the Spring time ahead. Construction on the clubhouse this Spring could put a slow down to immediate 2017 events, but stay tuned for more fun this late Spring, Summer, and Fall!
    In the meantime, we are still looking for a family to volunteer to run the next movie night, Saturday, February 11th.
    Sign up can be found here:
    A volunteer family gets the opportunity to:
    • *Set up the movie projector (all you need is in the clubhouse!)
    • *Pop popcorn and put in paper bags (we have it all in the kitchen!)
    • *Fill water jug and set up for kids to help themselves
    • *Set up pizza (I will preorder pizza for delivery for the night)
    • *Set up tables for pizza, popcorn, water & set up chairs
    • *Easy clean up

    Please email me directly with any questions/comments at blueridgevents@gmail — and also feel free to reach out regarding the Events of our community.

    Happy New Year,
    Cat Burns


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