• President Report – October 2018 (10/1/2018)
    Now that it’s October, it feels like it is the beginning of my busy time in my role as President. It is budget time and time to plan for year-end activities and next year. I hope my addition of exclamation points on the subheads below will convey the excitement that this time of year brings.
    Board Recruitment!
    Now is the time to have conversations with people that might consider serving on the Blue Ridge Board. Every year there are three Board positions that must be filled as terms come to an end. This coming year there are two people that will end their Board service (Kelly Sheridan – Legal Chair and Barbara Sinn– Architecture Chair) and one person that has thankfully chosen to run for a second term (Brooke Walker – Pool & Tennis Chair). That means that there are two “open” positions for new people to be elected to join the Board in February.
    As far as specific jobs go, we tend to shuffle things around amongst existing Board Members and the newbies based on experience and interest. A new Architecture Chair will need to be determined. This is one of the more central positions on the Board since most monthly Board meetings involve architecture projects for review. For the Legal Chair position, Steve Reich has agreed to take that on for 2019. That means that we will then need to fill the Secretary position (which is a good one for a new person to adopt).
    So, as you can see, there are a number of moving parts and flexibility with this. If you have any interest in possibly serving on the Board for the community that you love or if you simply want to learn more about what we do on the Board, contact me at
    At the October Board meeting the first draft of the 2019 Budget will be reviewed. There are a few decisions to be made that will influence the overall numbers but everything should be pretty straightforward. With all the adjustments and pre-planning we have done over the last several years, the budget process has been simplified.
    The timeline for the budget and other year-end activities is as follows:
    • October 9: Board Meeting – First Draft review
    • November 12: Board Meeting – Final Draft and Board Approval
    • December 3: Special Budget Ratification Meeting
    • February 4, 2019: Annual Shareholder Meeting & Board Elections
    If you have any questions about any of this, just send me an email. Hope you enjoy your special Fall activities!
  • Association Manager Report – October 2018 (10/1/2018)
    October brings crisp, cool nights and Halloween frights!
    The time is frightfully near for the 2019 edition of the Blue Ridge Neighborhood Directory. The Directory, published biennially, is an indispensable tool for quick reference and keeping in touch with neighbors. Soon, publication forms will be sent to homeowners who moved to Blue Ridge since the 2017 edition. If you’d like to update current information for the 2019 edition, please download or request a form before the November 30th deadline creeps up.
    Don’t be ghoulish: while publication in the Directory is optional, information may not be used or distributed for gain or commercial purposes.
    Best witches!
  • Architecture Report – October 2018 (10/1/2018)
    In September the board –
    • Heard initial presentation – 10045 15th Ave NW, Brunette carport enclosure
    In October the board –
    • Will vote – 10045 15th Ave NW, Brunette carport enclosure
    • Will hear initial presentation -1219 NW Woodbine, Bozied new build
  • Security and Traffic Safety – October 2018 (10/1/2018)
    Happy Fall Neighbors,
    I hope everyone is enjoying the great Fall weather.  As for security, September has been fairly quiet. There have been a number of car prowls and break-ins, in the NE part of the neighborhood that have been reported. In following the site it sounds like this has been a problem over in North Beach and Olympic Manor as well.  Please don’t keep anything valuable in your car and report any activities to me and the police.
    On another note, we all see the homeless problem in the Seattle area and want to make sure that we stop any homeless activity or encampments that may pop up in BR, along the train tracks or down the Carkeek trail.  If you do see any activity, then please call the police and let me know.  It takes all of us to make sure that we live in a clean and safe neighborhood.
    Be safe and have a great October!
  • Membership Report – October 2018 (10/1/2018)
    Welcome to Fall in Blue Ridge!
    Summer membership was fairly steady with a number of real estate signs popping up in the neighborhood (and likely a few off-market agreements as well!). That said, since our September bulletin went out, there has been only one home closing in the neighborhood. I’d like to have you join me in a very warm welcome to (James) Thomas Brady ll and Katie Appel & their family who moved in across the street from the pool. They’ll have to wait a few seasons before they can enjoy that proximity to our fun community plus benefits, but I am sure they would welcome a big hello! (And a recommendation to stock up on LOTS for Halloween candy for the upcoming trick-or-treaters!)
    Now, as the cooler weather settles in and days become shorter, perhaps we can all use this opportunity reach out to our amazing neighbors and share a dinner, a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine. Make it a goal to get to know a new friend within Blue Ridge this fall and build our community.
  • Events – October 2018 (10/1/2018)
    The Halloween party is happening! Thank you so much to Mary Beth Brown for stepping up to lead the event. However, she needs help! Please let me know if you are available to help with set up, the night of, clean up, or if you have tweens/young teens interested in helping with games. More information will be available coming up on Facebook.
    Oktoberfest -Thanks to Jen HenningerKaren BombinoJamie Smith and everyone else who has worked hard on this event. Thanks to all the community who came out to have a great time and make this event a success!
    Upcoming Events:
    • Family Halloween Party (Oct 31st 5:00-6:15pm)
    • Fall/Winter Movie Nights (TBD)
    • Holiday Ships at Blue Ridge Beach Park (Dec 2nd)
    • Holiday Open House (early December TBD)
    • Holiday Lights Contest (December)
    Happy October!
  • President Report – September 2018 (9/4/2018)
    Time flies. It’s September and the kids are heading back to school. I hope everyone had a great summer!
    Summer Happenings
    Although the Board does not have a meeting in August that doesn’t mean that things weren’t happening – especially on the pool and tennis front. Swim and tennis lessons pretty much operated on full and we hosted 4 swim meets this year. I hope you noticed our attempt to improve traffic and parking flow with better signage courtesy of the Traffic Safety Committee. We’ll do an assessment of how well it worked as part of the summer season review.
    A huge operational effort involved our hosting of the summer swim league’s post season Northern Swim Meet on August 2.  Jenny Fredericks and Brooke Walker lead a task force of individuals that planned and executed an event that had so many different facets: Traffic, concessions, merchandise, swim meet and spectator logistics. All the pre-planning paid off and the event ran “swimmingly” with many positive comments all around. Kudos go out to key members of the task force that included Jae Kim , Mike Williams , Cat Burns , Karen Bombino , Jamie Smith , Jean McCarthy, and Rachel Douglas. There will also be an assessment of this effort so that things can go even better when Blue Ridge hosts the All City post season swim meet.
    Back-To-School Happenings
    As we approach our next Board Meeting on September 10 , we will begin to switch gears and work on the 2019 Budget. The Long Range Planning Committee met over the summer to confirm our capital/maintenance projects in conjunction with the Reserve Study. We will begin to review the pool and tennis program revenue and expenses. And we’ll identify any special projects for next year. We don’t anticipate any big changes from this past year.
    Pre-Fall Happenings
    One sure sign that Fall is around the corner is that it’s time to get your Oktoberfest tickets. Mark your calendars. It’s Friday, September 28 at 6:30pm . Details will be available soon. See you there!
  • Association Manager Report – September 2018 (9/4/2018)
    Forest for the Trees
    This was the summer of trees, where homeowners shared various arbor concerns and information. Concerns included trees on neighboring properties, trees on a property line, trees where the trunk and canopy are on differing parcels, trees in common areas, and removal of trees on steep slopes. Blue Ridge does not govern trees or plant material, unless we receive a complaint about a hedge, a policy more about structure than plant. The City of Seattle governs trees and some vegetation; the website offers a wealth of information, not just what regulations apply where, but also handy reference materials and advice.
    The Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) limits the number and the size of trees that may be removed from private or common property. They also have restrictions on when we can remove shrubs and other vegetation. ( )
    Environmentally critical areas  
    We cannot remove any trees or vegetation from the following environmentally critical areas without a Tree Removal and Vegetation Restoration approval: landslide-prone critical areas, steep slope erosion hazard areas and their buffers, and within 200ft of shoreline, including fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas including riparian corridors, wetlands, and wetland buffers.
    Developed property 
    We cannot remove any exceptional trees unless they are hazardous. Exceptional trees are trees that are of significant size or have historical, ecological or aesthetic value.
    We cannot cut down more than 3 non-exceptional trees 6 inches or greater in diameter each year.
    We can remove trees after SDCI has approved a certified tree risk professional’s determination that the trees are hazardous.
    Stop Tree Topping
    If your trees are being pruned, be sure they are not being topped. Tree topping is an outdated pruning practice that indiscriminately removes large amounts of leaves and branches. It looks terrible, causes serious damage to the tree, and often turns a safe tree into a hazard. ( )
    Street Trees
    Most Blue Ridge properties include a street right-of-way of several feet within their front yard. Street Trees installed and maintained in these areas follow stricter regulations to protect utilities and site lines. More information about street trees can be found at:  Seattle Street Tree Manual , with a quick species reference guide here: Street Tree List
    I hope this summer you were able to enjoy shade from your favorite tree and look forward to the colors of fall.
  • Architecture Report – September 2018 (9/4/2018)
    In July the board approved:
    10515 12th Ave NW, Agerton – Master bedroom addition
    10308 15th Ave NW, Featherstone – Second story addition
    10205 Belgrove Ct NW, Pinney – Deck Remodel and Stair relocation
    10234 Belgrove Ct NW, Zhang/Nix – second story addition
    In August – No meeting!!
    In September the board will hear initial presentation:
    10045 15th Ave NW, Brunette – Carport enclosure
  • Security & Traffic Safety Report – September 2018 (9/4/2018)
    Happy Summer Neighbors,
    The security team has been active over the last few months which I am sure is usual during the summer. A recurring issue has come up which is parties down at the beach park and beach. Please let your families (and teen/college age kids) know that the beach park closes at 10:30 pm and please  don’t prop open the doors. We have these rules in place to keep the noise level down for our neighbors and keep those using the beach park and our assets safe.
    Also, on July 24th, one of our fellow neighbors had an incident where an excited dog barreled down the path to the beach gate, within the beach park, and he was tripped by the dog and broke his leg. He needed medical attention and luckily his son and a visiting nurse were nearby to wait for the EMTs. Thankfully he is doing much better. I want to bring this up to make sure that dog owners are aware of what their dogs are doing around the neighborhood. The dog was unleashed, which seems to be a recurring issue, but in this occurrence, the owner never acknowledged themselves. We all love our neighborhood and it takes a team to make it safe. If you see someone who needs help than please help them and if you see something strange then don’t hesitate to call 911.
    Please let me know of any incidents as well as use our neighborhood Facebook site as this seems to be a good way to communicate.
    Enjoy the last days of summer and stay safe!
    -Eric Souder


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