• President’s Report – November 2017 (11/10/2017)
    I watched the World Series and attempted to write my monthly column. The series was pretty exciting. My column not so much. But we can consider it necessary information.
    Year-end Doings
    At the November 13 Board Meeting we will review the final draft of the 2018 Budget for approval. On the expense side this budget will include anticipated contracted increases from our major vendors, mandated minimum wage increases for our seasonal employees and a recommendation to make a Reserve contribution that approaches full funding outlined in our annual reserve study. This past year the work of the Long-Range Planning Committee (Andrea Durbin, Steve Brunette, Eric Souder, Josh Finlay and Mark Sherard) to identify the capital projects in conjunction with better cost estimates have given us a better handle on necessary expenditures over the next 3-5 years. To cover these increases, it looks like we may need to incorporate a very modest increase to dues.
    We will discuss all of this at our next meeting. Once approved by the Board, a copy of the Budget will be sent to everyone along with the Executive Summary of the Reserve Study. There will be the opportunity for formal commentary at the Budget Ratification Meeting that will be scheduled before the Board Meeting on December 11.
    For the last two years, Cat Burns has done a great job coordinating the signature events we value as a community. Thank you, Cat! Events Chair is an Board appointed position and Cat has unfortunately given us notice that she will finish her tenure in February. So……that means we need to find someone (or two) to replace her.
    We all love the annual events in our neighborhood but we can’t have them unless volunteers step up to make them happen. There are probably a variety of ways we could organize the effort. If you are interested in learning more about The Events Chair position or have ideas about how we can continue these neighborhood traditions, please contact Brooke Walker or me.
    Speaking of neighborhood traditions —the Halloween party/pre-trick or treat function was another fun event. It was a great chance to see all the kids in their costumes, play some games and get some food and drink to sustain ourselves through the frenzy of trick-or-treating on the Valmay/15th Ave loop. The sad fact is that it was almost cancelled until Karen Bombino volunteered to coordinate things and others stepped in to make it work. We owe our volunteers a big thanks!
    Board Recruitment
    Continuing on the theme of volunteerism, here is a reminder that there are three board positions up for election for 2018. We are still talking with individuals who are considering Board service. Please contact anyone on the Board if you want to learn more. It’s another great way to get involved in our community.
    Well my column is done and the Astros won their first World Series in franchise history. Very exciting.
  • Association Manager Report – November 2017 (11/10/2017)
    Clubhouse October to April is pretty quiet around the clubhouse and a great time to stop by in person. A reminder – as the days get darker and spookier, you may find the clubhouse door locked. If my car is here, I probably am too, just knock, I’d love to see you! Onsite hours are usually Mon-Fri, 9-5 (except legal holidays), feel free to reach out and confirm.
    Clubhouse rentals are in full swing this time of year with lots of activity! Consider renting the clubhouse for your next celebration, professional, or family event. Rentals are available by the hour, 7 days/evenings a week, with reservations, details, and forms available at under the Facility Rental tab. Already thinking about 2018? Next year’s cabana and clubhouse rental calendar will open on February 5th, this allows volunteers to coordinate and schedule a year’s worth of community events.
    Helpers Wanted Dedicated, engaged, and capable groups of volunteers are the Association’s most valuable asset. They are the glue that holds the community together, they make things happen, and keep our overhead low. Blue Ridge is a special community that has been humming along for decades due to the strong willingness of volunteers. If you enjoy Blue Ridge events, please consider contributing your time and meeting new neighbors. Only have an hour to spare? Let me know if I can add your name to the 1-Hour Helper list.
    Michelle Morgan, CMCA®
    Blue Ridge Association Manager
  • Architecture – November 2017 (11/10/2017)
    In October, the Board:
    • Heard initial presentation from Zhang – 10234 Belgrove Ct NW – 2nd floor addition & remodel
     In November, the Board will:
    • Act on Zhang – 10234 Belgrove Ct NW – 2nd floor addition & remodel
    • Note: the Board is conducting site visits at 10:00 am November 5 and on November 11.
    • Initial presentation from Hartung – 10555 Valmay Ave – Solar Panels
    You can find architect documents here on our website: 
  • Pool & Tennis Report – November 2017 (11/10/2017)
    The Pool is closed, the tennis courts are empty and it is getting dark at 4pm…..not my favorite time of year, but always a good time to rest and reflect.
    Be confident, we are not dormant at the clubhouse…. we are in budgeting and planning mode as we move to the new year assessing what worked, what did not, and as always, how can we improve to better serve the Blue Ridge Community.
    Swim Team
    With regard to the programs, I am very excited about the growth of the swim team, which is one of the galvanizing forces in the community. We have grown 13% since 2015 to 160+ swimmers and have really become competitive. Because of this program, our private lessons in the last year have increased over 100%! Thank you Carlos and Glen for your continued leadership and commitment to this program. 2018 and 2019 will prove to be very exciting for Blue Ridge as we will host the 2018 Northerns event and 2019 All Cities event. We are already in planning mode for this as it will be a huge volunteer effort to pull off back to back events (which I am confident we will do)! We will need lots of help on may levels, so stay tuned!! We also plan to replace the 6 starter blocks before the upcoming season. We do not have this in the budget due to the clubhouse remodel, the locker room upgrades, and other operation improvements we need to make to equipment due to end of life, but my hope is we can band together as a community to cover these costs…. please feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in donating a starting block or partnering with another family to donate a block…. I will have a full list of pool projects/updates in my annual shareholder report (in Feb), but wanted to make sure the community knows we have failing pool equipment and have planned for these expenses thanks to our reserve study and the diligent work of Janet Wallace (our president), Michelle Morgan (our association manager) and Andrea Durbin (our treasurer). Also note, we have budgeted to replace the pool furniture and are looking for a person to head up a furniture task force committee in the off season to come up with a solution by Q1 2108!
    As most of you know, 3 years ago we entered into a contract with Tennis Center Sandpoint to try and meet the needs of the community to offer a higher caliber of Programs. Our goals were simple: Build the team, Increase participation in the community with adults and increase the level of programming for the kids. The good news is we have accomplished this!  Just this year the team grew from 12 to 30 participants!! For the adults we have added cardio tennis and Wimbledon to the offering along with beginning and advanced classes…..all of which have sold out. I have also heard from many members in the community, that the kids are loving the programs and their game is improving dramatically… So with that, we have filled the courts! Because of this success….we have also heard from some residents that they would like more open court time in the evenings and weekends, priority time slots for the ladies flights (which we have always maintained), less boom box activity, and online sign ups. The other request, is that when there is no regular programing happening, and there are private lessons at the courts, we always have at least one court open for open play. I am happy to announce, that we will be making these changes in hopes of balancing the diverse needs of the community and working out the balance of the details for the season. Thank you to those that spoke up about your needs.
    Water Polo
    Water Polo also continues to grow and has become very competitive. Thank you Thor for your commitment to build this and all of your efforts! Congrats on another great season. We are looking for ways to get more Blue Ridge residents involved in this program. Please let us know if you are interested and we would be happy to provide more information!! We also heard from the community about excess noise this season (which I think is partially due to the fact that they are winning and we had more home meets this year), but please know, we are working to address this issue. Thanks again for the feedback.
    Pool Managers
    We are looking forward to having Our Pool leadership team (Rosie, Jessica and Luke) back next year with another year of experience under their belt. We are in the process of reviewing our progress last year and implementing changes for next, so again, please forward me any improvements you would like to see!
    Thank you for your continued support.
    Jenny Fredericks
    Pool and Tennis Chair
  • Security Report – November 2017 (11/10/2017)
    Over the last several months there have been discussions at our Board meetings, about security concerns in the neighborhood such as vandalism and burglaries, and on-going problems at the beach park.
    We all see the reports of vandalism and burglaries on the neighborhood Facebook page, and that causes concern that our neighborhood is unsafe or not taking steps to prevent crime. With respect to vandalism and burglaries, some have suggested adding private security patrols, neighborhood watch programs, or other ideas to improve safety in Blue Ridge. Unfortunately, each suggestion comes with additional expense/risk, but without the statistics to demonstrate a reduction in crime. Moreover, a recent review of crime statistics shows that Blue Ridge has a significantly lower number of crimes reported than surrounding neighborhoods. Even when compared to similar neighborhoods like Laurelhurst, which pay extra for security of approximately $250 per household.
    The best way to prevent vandalism and burglaries is to take personal responsibility for your safety and belongings. If you have a car, park it in the garage. If you park on the street, don’t leave anything visible in your car that would entice someone to break-in (certainly do not leave your garage door opener in the car). With your homes, use a security alarm service. Companies will go through your house and point out vulnerabilities and offer suggestions to improve security. Then it is up to each homeowner to set the alarm every time they leave the house.
    We are all fortunate to live in Blue Ridge with the lifestyle benefits that it provides. Unfortunately, no neighborhood is going to completely escape criminal activity. But taking the simple steps discussed above will dramatically reduce the chances that you will be the next person to post on Facebook about criminal activity on your property.
    Beach Park
    It seems that problems at the beach park were a hot topic this summer, as it is every summer. Problems included inadequate clean-up, vandalism, beach fires, unauthorized FOB use, teen parties, noise, dogs off leash, etc. And of course, the greatest concerns are when safety is compromised.
    Our community has mechanisms to try and deal with these issues: education, community pressure, and penalties. With respect to education, you should all know that there is a Beach Park Code of Conduct. New residents are briefed on the code of conduct by the Membership Chair, reminders are sent out in the Bulletin, and new signage has been placed at the park as an additional reminder. But the rules are frankly common sense: respect our community property, and when using the park, respect the rights of others present.
    As far as penalties and enforcement go, there really isn’t a perfect solution but we are considering some different options. For those that do not follow the rules, the main recourse we have is to penalize people by discontinuing FOB keys. While we have the means of tracking FOB usage at the gates, it is nevertheless difficult to enforce penalties without eye witnesses. As a deterrent and possible way to identify offenders, the Board is considering security cameras as part of the 2018 Budget. With resolution and camera placement there is concern over how well cameras will pick up activity, but at this point, the Board seems to support giving this a try.
    Unauthorized FOB usage is another issue. Sometimes residents give their FOBs to non-residents which is very difficult to address.  One idea under consideration is to shut-off all FOBs, and have homeowners present their FOBs at the clubhouse to reactivate. This would be quite an administrative undertaking and may not fully solve the problem.   As I complete my first year on the Board, I have become more familiar with these perennial issues and have found that they are not easy answers. I welcome your input and suggestions.
  • Event Report – November 2017 (11/10/2017)
    Once again, the amazing Karen Bombino, lead Our Halloween event with an outstanding turnout of volunteers and scary participants!
    And a BIG shout out to Jennifer Henninger and Jamie Smith for another amazing Oktoberfest. Thank you for all your hard work for our community.
    Next up is our Annual Holiday Open House and we need a leader! I’m looking for a Project Manager type to be the glue to the event and “host” the event on Sunday, 12/3 4-6:30 pm.
    I’ve heard from some newer residents that leading an event would be too much…. But you see, it isn’t! BR is a well oiled machine, with a wealth of experience and people to help and pull these events together! It’s another amazing trait of our neighborhood.
    On the horizon…
    • Sunday, December 3rd from 4-6:30 pm Annual Holiday Open House at the clubhouse- come on down and join your neighbors along with an appearance of Mr. and Mrs. Claus
    • Saturday, December 16th from 8-8:20pm Argosy Christmas Ship Tour at the beach park – coordinate with your neighbors, build your own bonfire, and toast the holiday season with friends and family!
    • Week of December 18th – Holiday Lighting Contest – Get out your creative juices and put up your decorations! It’s time for Santa’s Elves to choose their favorite homes in Blue Ridge.
    • Mid January 2018 – Tom Douglas Dinner … more info soon 😉
    Please email me with any questions/comments regarding events at:
    Happy Events to All!
    Cat Burns
    Events Coordinator
  • President’s Report – Summer 2017 (9/7/2017)

    Sum-Sum-Summer Time.

    We are close to the mid-point of Summer in Blue Ridge! It’s always such a great time to see and talk with our neighbors as we encounter each other outside, at the Beach Park, or at the pool.

    Our family just finished our swim team season with Girls Preliminaries and this year was so much fun. The team won 3 meets! At least in the collective memory of those that I have talked with, Blue Ridge has not done that in many, many years. Congratulations to the team, Coach Carlos and the coaching group who should all get more detailed kudos as you read other sections of the Bulletin. There is a village of volunteers, led by Sarah Bradley and Katie Carlisle, that run the program. Thanks to all. As I write this, we still have swimmers that will compete in the All City Meet this Tuesday. Good luck to everyone!

    I was sad to miss the Vintage Luau this past weekend. Thanks to Cat Burns and her crew of volunteers and sponsors! From the Blue Ridge Facebook photos it would appear it plenty of fun was had by all.

    Some-Some Updates

    Here are a few quick pieces of information for you reading pleasure:

    • Clubhouse & Locker Room Renovation. The projects did indeed come in on time and under budget. The balance will be used to paint portions of the South side of the building, soffits and possibly the interior of the Clubhouse so that the color scheme matches better.
    • Long Range Planning Committee. We have been meeting monthly in our effort to more proactively define our yearly capital expenditures and reserve funding needs. The work is on track to feed in to the fall budget process that will begin in September.
    • Deck Extension Project. The project to create a deck along the East side of the pool that would house the pool equipment/mechanics underneath is probably not going to happen. With our non-conforming use designation, the legal and cost barriers appear to be too great. The Board is also uncertain about community support. We still need to redesign the pool buildings to reconfigure chemical storage to meet Public Health mandates. The challenge will be to do this without losing pool deck space. This will be addressed as part of capital expenditures in 2018.
    • Kayak-Paddle Board Storage. A group of neighbors has asked the Board to entertain the idea of having boat storage down at the Beach Park. This will be discussed that the September Board Meeting. Joe Keating is heading up the effort to determine costs, logistics, and issues.

    So…..that’s all I’ve got. As a reminder we don’t have a Board meeting in August. If the speed of first half of the summer is any indication, September will be here before we know. Enjoy the rest of your summer!!


  • Club Manager Report – Summer 2017 (9/7/2017)

    20 is Plenty! Have you noticed, Seattle City Light has begun final restorations on Blue Ridge roads. New smoother surfaces mean more speeding drivers. Encourage lead footed family and neighbors to slow down!

    Young Entrepreneurs: Are you a budding business owner and under 21yrs? Blue Ridge members may run free ads in the monthly Bulletin and on for babysitting, odd jobs, etc. . . Email final content to:

    Thinking about fundraising with lemonade, cookies, etc . . . at the clubhouse? Contact me at for details.

    Beach Park: Thank you to the cabana renters who have been doing a great job cleaning after use, packing out their trash/recycling, and complying with parking signs. Blue Ridge relies on everyone doing their part to keep costs low. There are still some prime spots available for the Cabana on our self-service rental reservations system at

    Communications: Many thanks to webmaster extraordinaire, John Parchem, and master multi-tasker editor, Jean McCarthy, for their tireless communication efforts. Enjoy their hard work and use the website! Want to know what’s going on? Check out the website. Want to know the pool or beach cabana schedule? Check out the website.

    Also, let me know if you’re not receiving Blue Ridge community eblasts, they cover time sensitive topics between Bulletin issues.

    Thanks to all the volunteers that help make summer fun in Blue Ridge!

    Michelle Morgan, CMCA®
    Blue Ridge Association Manager
    10040 15th Ave NW I Seattle, WA I 98177 I 206.784.3868 I
  • Event Report – Summer 2017 (9/7/2017)
    Aloha neighbors,
    What a summer it’s been. Sunshine and friends gathering throughout.
    Summer wouldn’t be the same without our annual 4th of July celebration! A special shout to Brieanne and team for their amazing skills of making so much come together for our families and beyond. This is Brieanne’s last year running the event and boy did she go out with a BANG! I guess that’s the only way a Master of the 4th should do it, right?!
    And another amazing Summer Party can be put down on the books. Thank you all who were able to be a part of the Luau. A special thanks goes out to all that helped and the generous donations from Chef’n, Shelter, Kavu, Tommy Bahama, Sephora, and SIFF. Our neighborhood is the best.
    Cat Burns
  • Pool & Tennis Programs Report – Summer 2017 (9/7/2017)

    The weather has been absolutely beautiful this summer and the pool has been very busy. With this, we have had a lot of guests and pool parties. This is just a quick reminder that all guests of a pool party will be required to pass the swim test before they can enter the deep end. The lifeguards #1 priority is safety and I have asked them to make sure we are focusing on this.

    Swim Team: The Blueridge Baracudas had a great season this year winning 3 dual meets! They had victories against Sheridan Beach, Wedgewood and View Ridge! The team continues to grow and become more competitive. This year we had a record 86 athletes at Pre-lims, 60 total athletes at Northerns and 14 athletes that will compete at ALL CITIES! Congrats to all swimmers this year for a great season and good luck to the following this week at ALL CITIES….Piper Carlise, Hope Gelfand, Juliette Holt, Tessa Ilgenfritz, Annika Jahn, Estella Kim, Nanthaniel Lee, Alexa Malick, Zachary McCarthy-Fredericks, Jocelyn Mitchell, Sophia Salentine, Kendall Torres, Adam Walker, and Zachary Wilson! I’m looking forward to celebrating with the full team on August 2nd at the Awards Banquet at the clubhouse.

    THANK YOU coaches Carlos, Glen, Rosie, Tucker, Emma and Luke for your commitment to this program. Also, a huge shout out to Sarah Bradley and Katie Carlise for all of your work coordinating the details of the season!

    Tennis: We have extended the tennis team 3 additional weeks – 7/31 & 8/7 & 8/14. Players can participate on a “drop-in” basis for each of the additional weeks. The cost is $35 for BR residents and $55 for Non-BR Residents. Prices reflect the prorated amount of the six-week season and signups are live on the BR website.

    Swim Lessons: We just have two sessions remaining for the season (July 31-Aug 11) and Aug 14th-18. Swim lesson registration is live now here!

    Looking forward to the rest of the summer. Hope to see you up at the pool or down at the beach! And, the pool schedule can be found here.


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