• President Report – February 2020 (2/3/2020)

    Hello Blue Ridge!

    This is my final Blue Ridge Bulletin column as I finish my second term on the Board. My last official duty will be to chair the Shareholder’s Meeting February 3 @ 7:00 pm where the Board will present year-end reports and answer questions from the community. At this meeting final ballots will also be received and counted.  With a quorum, three new members will join the Board and the “new” Board will have their first meeting Tuesday, February 11 (revised date).

    In total I have served six years on the Blue Ridge Board with one year as Treasurer and five as President. There are mixed feelings but it really feels like it is time to be done.  As I reflect, the rewards have come with the relationships I’ve made with my neighbors and with the long term impact that I hope has been made. 

    When I first joined the Board I really didn’t know what I was getting in to. I just knew that I really loved living in Blue Ridge with all that it offers and wanted to make a positive contribution. Now, as I leave, my hope is that the community feels that things are better-off than when I started. 

    It took me a year or two to figure out what I felt Blue Ridge needed most: long term financial stability. While our annual budgets were balanced and managed well, it was also apparent that our reserves had been diminished from the 2010 locker room remodel with no real plan to build them. We also had deferred a number of significant replacement projects (e.g. Club House siding) that were causing problems and had no funds to fully pay for them. So in 2016, we hired an Association Manger with HOA experience (Michelle Morgan) to help us understand best practices and with Andrea Durbin as Treasurer we began work on a sustainable funding plan. After an assessment in 2017 to pay for the extensive list of deferred projects, the newly created Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) developed a process to review our assets in concert with an annual Reserve Study. We have now built up our reserves and are in a position to budget an annual contribution to allow us to fund the maintenance and replacement of the assets that we all own and that help make Blue Ridge a great place to live. 

    As I look back, however, the best part of being on the Board is that not only do you get to meet people from all over the neighborhood but you also get to work and develop friendships with your fellow Board members. There have also been a few laughs along the way which helps to face some of those thorny situations.

    There are special thanks I want to give to the folks I’ve worked with in the last 6 years. First, there is Steve Malloch who was President when I started and put us on the road to become more professionally run. Second, special kudos go to anyone who has served as Architecture Chair (Eric Souder, Barbara Sinn and Steve Malloch – again!). It can be a tough job with many things to balance. Third, infinite gratitude goes to the two people who have been Pool & Tennis Program Chair: Jenny Fredericks and Brooke Walker.  It takes a lot to oversee the small business that is the pool and tennis operation and both have made strong contributions to improve things and enable the programs to thrive.   I also need to thank Andrea Durbin for partnering with me on the Board to lead the effort to get us in to the strong financial position that we are in. And finally, I must extend my appreciation to Michelle Morgan, our Association Manager. She has been integral in helping us all do our jobs on the Board and has helped improve our HOA for the whole. 

     I’ll end with a big thanks to ALL of YOU for letting me serve our community. You are in great hands with the 2020 Board with its new leadership (Andrea Durbin and Jen Henninger as Co-Presidents) and members. Now I’m off to find another place to devote my volunteer time. I hope to see you all out and about enjoying our special place that is Blue Ridge!

  • Association Manager Report- February 2020 (2/3/2020)

    Website Feedback 

    Over the years, a few homeowners have shared improvements they would like to see on the Blue Ridge website. There are issues to factor, including privacy, cost, compliance, and management, but before we consider any changes to , we’d like to know how important and useful this communication tool is serving the neighborhood.

    Please tell us what you think by taking a quick survey (click on below link). There are five questions that should take less than 2 minutes:
    Blue Ridge Website Survey – Homeowners

    Thank you in advance for your help and please check back in March for survey results

  • Events Report – February 2020 (2/3/2020)

    Spring is right around the corner…or at least that is what I keep telling myself as I put on my down jacket and rain boots!! 

    One of the most memorable Blue Ridge traditions in the spring is the Easter Egg Hunt. Special thanks to Julie Keegan who has planned this event for the past 5 years! This year, Julie will be out of town on Saturday, April 11th and is looking for a new volunteer to lead the event. It would be a wonderful job for a couple neighbors to do together or it could easily be done solo. Julie has promised to give you all her tips and tricks to make it a great event! 
    Would you consider coordinating the Easter Egg Hunt this year?  Contact Julie ( ) or me to learn more. 

    Upcoming Events :

    • Easter Egg Hunt (pending volunteer coordinator): April 11th
    • 4th of July Parade and Picnic: July 4th

    If you have any questions, I can be reached at:

  • Pool Report – February 2020 (2/3/2020)

    Hello everyone!
    The 2020 pool season just around the corner, we are looking to hire new lifeguards and swim instructors! Applicants must be at least 15 years old, lifeguard certified, and free to work this summer.  If you are interested in being considered for a position, please send a resume and cover letter to by Saturday, March 1st .

    If you have any questions, feel free to email either of us. Enjoy the rest of the school year and we look forward to hearing from you!

    Drew Brennan, Pool
    Glen Bradburn, Pool

  • Architecture Report – February 2020 (2/3/2020)

    In January, the Board:
    Approved the Lorenze remodel – 10019 Radford Ave. NW

    In February, the Board will:
    No initial presentations or pending projects are scheduled.

    If you have any questions then please let me know as we are here to

  • President Report – January 2020 (1/3/2020)

    Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good holiday season and is excited and hopeful for 2020. This month I will speak to Board Elections and the upcoming Shareholder’s Meeting on February 3rd.

    Board Elections
    Every year terms end for 3 Board members and 3 positions are up for election. You will soon receive your ballot in the mail if you haven’t already got it.

     The Steves (Steve Brunette and Steve Reich) will both finish serving on the Board for one 3-year term. And I will end my tenure on the Board after serving two terms. Steve Brunette was Grounds and Facilities Chair and brought a candid perspective to our deliberations and expertise in property management to the position. He also helped bring pickle ball to Woodbine! Steve Reich was a jack-of-all-trades and held three different positions on the Board: Security Chair, Secretary and in his final year, Legal Chair where he could use his experience as an attorney to help us through a couple thorny issues. I personally thank them for their service and I hope you will too. It’s not always easy being on the Board – it takes time out of your life and the issues we deal with can be challenging. For my part, I will write a final farewell column next month.

    The good news is that we have three great candidates up for election: Nick Larson, Gary Mitchell and Jamie Smith. All three have kids on swim team and are involved in the community. Nick is an attorney with experience both serving on and advising Boards and has past legal experience with HOA clients. Gary is a finance guy, is working in investment banking and also has served on non-profit boards. Jamie has volunteered a ton for Blue Ridge and other organizations and has served as the Blue Ridge tennis coordinator for the past several years. We are lucky to have them step up and give their time and energy to Blue Ridge!

    So…. Please fill-out your ballot and return it by mail or in person to the Club House by the February 3rd Shareholders meeting. As always, we need that quorum for votes to count.

    Annual Shareholders Meeting
    Mark your calendars. Come hear year-end reports by the Board. It will be my last time addressing the community as Board President (who knows what I might say):

    Annual Shareholders Meeting February 3, 2020 @ 7:00 pm Blue Ridge Club House

    Hope to see you there!

  • Association Manager Report – January 2020 (1/3/2020)

    New Year’s Beach Clean-Up 

    While it’s technically illegal to shoot fireworks in Seattle City limits, we know it happens, especially down at the beach. For those who enjoy the beach the next day, the amount of refuse and garbage is staggering and overwhelming. Often, it’s these neighbors that spend their morning on clean-up duty. If you are involved in any firework activity, PLEASE, PLEASE help clean-up before the refuse is washed out to Puget Sound. Refuse buckets and trash can liners have been dropped off at the beach gate to make the job easier. 

    2019 Rewind

    It’s hard to believe 2019 is over; we had a great year and much was accomplished, including: 

    Planned Projects

    • Pool/clubhouse surveillance cameras replaced (saving 4k annually!)
    • AV components replaced
    • Pump house noise mitigation
    • Pool heaters, chemical controller, thermostat & hand sprayers replaced
    • Asphalt at Beach & Woodbine parks repaired & resealed
    • Pickleball/basketball striping at Woodbine Park installed
    • Tree maintenance coordination initiated for Mary Ave
    • IT upgrades for clubhouse & lifeguards

     Surprise Repairs

    • Handrail, appliance and plumbing repairs and replacements
    • Snowmaggedon damage (trees, tennis & landscape)
    • Beach Park gate, fence, irrigation & bench repairs
    • Woodbine playground warranty replacement


    • Merchant services established
    • Recouped $2,768 with vendor oversight
    • Reserve study complete
    • New dues structure research & adopted effective 2021
    • Facility reservation platform replaced
    • Business office manual created
    • Webmaster responsibilities transferred from volunteer (thanks John!)
    • 2010 loan refinanced to lower rate
    • YOY expenses & utilities well under budget! Accounts Receivable: HOA 99%, Swim Team 100%, Swim Lessons 99%, Water Polo 100%.
    • 2019 Pool Ops manual complete & approved by public health
    • All City coordination with vendors, insurance and POS
    • Analysis to extend pool season
    • New labor laws incorporated – highest compliance yet!

     Much was accomplished due to the expert stewardship and unsung efforts of Blue Ridge Board members. Much appreciation also for the committee members and volunteers that make Blue Ridge so special. Thank you also to those who took the time to share the warmth of the holiday season. I am honored to serve Blue Ridge and enjoy contributing to this wonderful community.
    Thank you!

  • Events Report – January 2020 (1/3/2020)

    Happy New Year! Before we kick off 2020, I want to take a moment to thank the wonderful volunteers who coordinated our holiday activities! 

    Thank you so Shannon Redington and Catherine Powell for coordinating a wonderful holiday open house with the most delicious food spread I have ever seen! If you missed seeing the photos with Santa, you can view the full album here.

    Thank you to Sarah Leung for coordinating our Holiday Lights competition again this year and congrats to our winners who each received a Swanson’s gift card.I am excited about the year ahead and look forward to many fun events in the neighborhood. 

    If you have any questions, I can be reached at:

  • Architecture Report – January 2020 (1/3/2020)

    In December, the Board:
    Did not hear any initial presentations or approve pending

    In January, the Board will:
    Vote on the Lorenze remodel – 10019 Radford Ave. NW

    If you have any questions then please let me know as we are here to

  • Membership Report – January 2020 (1/3/2020)

    Season’s Greetings!

    As I look back on 2019 as Membership Chair, I reflect on how
    blessed I am to be a part of this wonderful community. The friends I
    have made, the new and interesting people I have met, the
    exposure to how much generosity and kindness exists among
    neighbors is humbling.

    In 2019 we welcomed 16 (!!) new individuals and families to our
    neighborhood. I hope you have had the opportunity to reach out and
    give them a warm welcome. In addition, we have had three families move within Blue Ridge to new homes and one return to the neighborhood following a hiatus. This truly is a testament to how strong
    and lasting the bonds are in this neighborhood.

    In November and December, I would like to give a warm welcome to the following new residents:
    Betty Westfall on Greenbriar
    Jessica and David Matlock on Woodbine
    Gurdeep and Aerin Sembhi on Blue Ridge Drive

    I’d like to recommend a new year’s resolution, if I may… Get to know some new neighbors in this wonderful community. Share some laughs, give a helping hand, and maybe take advantage of some Blue Ridge amenities you have not yet tried (a sunset walk on the beach, pickleball at Woodbine Park,
    a visit with our Blue Ridge Manager, Michelle at the clubhouse, a morning swim at the pool, or simply a stroll through the streets looking at all the holidaylights…).

    May you have a safe and happy holiday season and a happy 2020!


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