• Board President Report-June 2019 (6/5/2019)

    As I look ahead to the busy summer and the next two Board meetings, I thought I’d cover a couple of topics that will relate to key agenda items at the June and July Board sessions.  

    Blue Ridge Properties  One of the special things about our neighborhood is that we all, as members of the Blue Ridge Club HOA, own several properties and amenities on those properties that can be enjoyed by all residents.  There are the high profile properties such as the Club House which is often used for community events and can be rented for private ones. We have Woodbine Park that has open space, a relatively new play structure, and a court that will soon be repaved and striped for both basketball and pickle ball in June. Pickle Ball will be a new option for us and concerns have been expressed about potential noise and use by non-Blue Ridge residents. Use guidelines (hours etc.) will be established and the concerns monitored. There will also be a review on the feasibility of fencing Woodbine as well.

     As mentioned last month, now is the time when the Beach Park gets real use with cabana rentals and impromptu picnics. With June and July you get the extreme low tides and it seems on the weekends that everyone is out there walking the beach, paddle boarding and for some brave folks swimming in the Sound. We own three tide flats just on the other side of the rail road tracks. Our special right of way access to the beach is provided by a “lease” with BSNF Rail Road. In the coming months the pathway down to the beach will be repaired and resealed for safety and maintenance. We also will coordinate with BSNF to put a concrete pad on the tracks to provide a safer path to the beach that will put us in compliance with crossing standards.

    Some may not know that Blue Ridge also owns 3 tracts of “open” land.  Two tracts go through the woods from Mary Ave., under the Woodbine Bridge to Carkeek Park. These tracts involve an easement with the city for the trail and abut 28 private properties. At the June 10 Board meeting, the Board will review an arborist report on the overall health of the trees as it looks like there are a few that may be in danger of coming down. The third tract is the hillside above the rail road and below Blue Ridge Drive and Culpepper.
    These properties are assets for all of us. We benefit from them in many ways and there is significant effort that goes in to maintaining them for us to use. It is why we have dues to support our ownership.   You’ll note that I did not mention the Pool and Tennis facilities above. It is another asset that provides immense benefits to our neighborhood. And this leads in to the major topic for the JULY Board meeting………  

    Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) Dues Structure Recommendation

    At the July 8 Board Meeting the LRPC will make their final recommendation for a Board vote on the dues structure question that they have been working on for the last year.  After reviewing Blue Ridge business operations/costs and gathering feedback through a survey and “town hall” discussions, the overall recommendation from the committee is to move to a single dues payment that would allow access to the pool and tennis facilities for all residents in 2021.

    The full recommendation will be included in a community eblast and available on the website for all residents the week of June 10 and will include the committee’s reasons for the overall proposal and a set of implementation recommendations that attempt to address concerns brought up during the feedback process. The recommendation will also be published in the July Bulletin. With due consideration and recognition of different views and cost concerns from some residents, the committee concluded that it is still in the long run best interests of our Blue Ridge community to make this move. In a nutshell, the committee believes that the recommendation provides equity in shared costs/benefits of all of our assets, stability and predictability in management and budgeting, and fosters community unity.

    All residents are encouraged to read the full recommendation and to attend the July 8 Board meeting where another community question/comment period will be provided.   

  • Association Manager Report-June 2019 (6/5/2019)

    In the business office, the summer months mean it’s time for the Annual Audit and Reserve Study. While the audit looks at the past year and the Reserve Study at the coming year, both are important tools necessary for budget season in the fall.

    Park Closures – June 3 & 4 Asphalt repairs, reseal and restriping are scheduled Mon, Jun 3 and Tues, Jun 4 at both Woodbine and Beach Parks. This work is weather dependent, if Mother Nature cooperates, the parks will reopen sometime Weds, June 5.

    Annual Audit Like many homeowner associations, Blue Ridge contracts with an independent auditing firm to review the prior year’s financial procedures and processes. Noted in the Audit Report are exceptions and recommendations to better protect homeowner funds and comply with IRS and accounting standards.  

    Reserve Study A Reservist compiles a list of every asset component, its value, useful life, and remaining useful life over the next 30 years. The numbers are crunched to determine how much we’d have to save each year to afford scheduled replacements. Each year, we review the component list, make adjustments based on recent projects or findings, and the numbers are crunched again. It’s a tedious process, but critical to avoiding unplanned failures and special assessments.   Both the Audit Report and Reserve Study are available for review by homeowners and prospective buyers. Not exactly great beach books, but if you love spreadsheets and balance sheets, they could be the read for you!

    Michelle Morgan, CMCA®, AMS® I Association Manager  10040 15th Ave NW I Seattle, WA I 98177 206.784.3868 I I

  • Architecture Report-June 2019 (6/4/2019)

    In May, the Board heard:

    Presentation of project modifications – 1711 NW Greenbrier Way – Carlisle

      In June, the Board will act on:

    Project modifications – 1711 NW Greenbrier Way – Carlisle

  • Security Report-June 2019 (6/4/2019)

    Summer is just about here. That means long daylight hours and increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic on our streets. Drivers, please share the road and be extra cautious of those out for a walk or ride. Pedestrians, use the left side of the street so you can see those on wheels headed your way. Cyclists, take your share of the rules of the road: use the right side of the road and obey all stop signs and speed limits.

    Keep our neighborhood safe by keeping your neighbors in the know. Please provide visibility to our community of any criminal activity by posting to our Facebook page or letting me know ( If you witness any suspicious activities or trespassers, please report them to the police immediately.

  • Membership Update-June 2019 (6/4/2019)

    Happy Spring! I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather, the pool opening, and the neighborhood parks and beach coming alive with flowers and fresh life as much as I have. Get out there and take a stroll through our gorgeous neighborhood… and don’t forget to say hello to someone new along the way!  

    More will be reported below by the Events Chair, but I wanted to give a heartfelt thank you to Kelly Carrithers for organizing and Sarah and Pete Salentine for hosting a spectacular “New” Resident Social on Sunday May 19th. It was wonderful to meet so many of our neighbors who have moved into Blue Ridge within the last several years. As the local real estate market trends positive, be on the lookout for lots of new residents and please help me in giving them a warm welcome!   And speaking of the newest residents… please welcome Whit and Connie Leibow and their children, Shea and Eli to Blue Ridge!  

    Please don’t ever hesitate to let me know if you have any resident questions I can help with.  

    Cheers, Jen Henninger

  • Events-June 2019 (6/4/2019)

    May was filled with some amazing weather and an opportunity to meet new neighbors. Many thanks to Kelly Carrithers for organizing the New Resident Social. It was a wonderful time to meet our new residents and connect with long time neighbors.

    I can’t believe summer is here! I hope to see you out at our events coming up this summer.

    Fourth of July

    Fourth of July will be here before we know it and we hope to see you there! Thank you Amanda and Ryan O’Rourke for organizing this annual tradition. This event is 100% volunteer powered – here is the link to sign up:

    Day of Schedule:11am Flag Ceremony and Parade start at the Clubhouse11:45am BBQ at Woodbine with Hotdogs, Games and Pie Baking Contest followed by Inflatables pool party

    Upcoming Events:  

    Fourth of July Parade and BBQ- July 4th    

    Summer BBQ at the Beach Park- July 20th (More information to come)

    Oktoberfest- September 27th

    Family Halloween Party- October 31st   

    Holiday Open House-December 5th  

    If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, I can be reached at

    New Resident Social

    We had a great turnout of neighbors at the New Resident Social on May 19th!  Thank you Sarah and Pete Salentine for hosting! This fun event provided new residents with an opportunity to learn more about our community while mixing and mingling. Lots of information was shared, good conversation was had, and crafts & games were enjoyed by the kids.  

    Thanks again to everyone who helped or stopped by to welcome our new neighbors!  

    Kelly Carrithers New Resident Social Chair

  • Pacesetters Report-June 2019 (6/4/2019)

    Our next Pacesetters meeting will be on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at the Blue Ridge Clubhouse. Everyone is welcome–Blue Ridge residents, family, friends and acquaintances.

    Our June meeting will, once again, feature Blue Ridge resident Cathy Farrar. This past fall, Cathy independently embarked on a 5 month adventure to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India. She will share experiences that surprised and delighted her and some that made her feel uncomfortable. She will talk about how her observations have made her question some assumptions and generalizations she has held about other cultures and as her role as an American. After the presentation, Cathy will answer questions, but she would also like to take time for those of us in the audience to briefly recount our own traveling experiences. We look forward to the most recent adventures of this wonderfully intrepid world traveler.  

    The Evening Agenda:


    6:30-7:15…..Potluck dinner


    7:20+/-8:00..Program and Questions

  • Pool & Tennis Report-June 2019 (6/4/2019)

    Tennis:  Registration for adult and junior tennis programs is officially open and filling up. I’m thrilled with the response so far, but spots are still available.  Do not delay! Information & registration may be found here:   A reminder that we also have a court reservation process for CM+ members. It’s not necessary to reserve a court to play, but it will guarantee that one will be available at your desired time. (Same link as above)    

    Swim Team:  I’m thrilled to report that we have over 150 swimmers on our swim team this year! Go Barracudas! 

    Planning a pool party? Don’t forget to complete a rental contact (found on our website) ahead of time. If you show up to the pool with 9 or more guests, you may be turned away.  

    FROM LUKE: I hope everyone has enjoyed the first couple weeks of the pool season! I just have a couple reminders. On weekdays from 6-6:30pm the swim team will start practicing in lanes 3-6 of the pool, while the remaining 2 lanes will be open for free swim. The pool schedule changes to normal summer hours on June 24th with open swim from 2-8:45pm during the week. Please feel free to contact me with and questions or concerns about the pool! My email is— Luke Ilgenfritz, Blue Ridge Pool Manager, 206-784-9028

  • President’s Report-May 2019 (5/15/2019)

    With May comes the time for Blue Ridge residents to seemingly come out of hibernation – or at least we start seeing each other more enjoying the outdoors. You may have noticed our landscaping company hard at work with spring spruce up and preparation for increased activity at our two parks: Woodbine and the Beach Park.  And you may have noticed the reflective tape hung all over the Beach Park play structure to prevent the killdeers from nesting nearby.

    What does all that mean? It is time for my annual column devoted to park etiquette and use guidelines! During the late spring and summer, our parks get a lot of use by different people with different purposes and sometimes that can create problems. Although this may feel a little early in the season, here are some friendly reminders about perennial issues and ways we can all make our experience more enjoyable.  

    Pack it in/Pack it out. 

    Cabana renters are required to clean up their area and haul out all of their garbage. Groups that have impromptu picnics or barbecues should do it too. We simply don’t have enough bins or frequency of pick-up to handle back-to-back parties and picnics over the course of a sunny and busy weekend. One of the reasons we raised the Cabana rental cost was to help cover the cost of extra pick-ups (that are not easily scheduled). The basic tenant should be to try to leave things better than when you arrived.

     Dogs – not necessarily everyone’s best friend.

    Dog owners are probably the most consistent year around users of our parks and the beach. Issues arise, however, when dogs are sharing the space with more residents during the summer. We all love our own dogs. But we sometimes too easily forgive their transgressions which can range from being too aggressive with other dogs to being overly friendly with people who don’t like or are afraid of them to disturbing that intimate family picnic.

    It’s a real benefit to be able to have a space for our dogs to run off-leash. But with that comes some responsibility to “know your dog” and how they will react in certain situations and then be able to control them. In our family, we have one dog that doesn’t appreciate young puppies running up to him so if we see one approaching, we will leash our dog and avoid the greeting. Our other dog, if given the opportunity will leap up on a picnic table while a nice family is enjoying a meal. If we see that the Cabana is being rented or a group at the barbecues, we’ll keep our dogs on leash and do a pass through straight to the beach.

    It’s all pretty common sense. As is the notion that you should keep careful watch on your dog so that you can clean-up after them. No one likes to be out there throwing the Frisbee or something and then find an unwanted substance on your shoe.      

    Beach Park – After Hours

    Every year there are teen parties down at the Beach Park that can cause problems. Infractions include propping the gates open all night to circumvent closing time, trash and broken bottles left on the Beach, and fires left burning to be found by early morning dog walkers. And often it can be noisy for surrounding neighbors. Sometimes we can determine party attendees through FOB tracking and the gate cameras but not always. Sometimes parents can be notified but not always. In some cases warnings can be given and if there are repeated violations, there is the potential of FOB deactivation.  I’m not sure what the answer is but a summer parental reminder about park rules and responsible clean-up wouldn’t hurt.    For the most part our communal usage of our parks works really well. There are just a few issues that come up every year. We are all owners of these neighborhood gems and we all are lucky to get to use them. 

    I’ll end my column this month with a big thank you to someone who helps improve our parks every year, Fred Kern. He monitors our benches and picnic tables for maintenance needs and repairs them. This year he painted and replaced several benches just in time for those summer barbecues. He was helped by someone I know pretty well, Rhea Wallace. THANK YOU both!

  • Association Manager Report-May 2019 (5/15/2019)

    Hello Blue Ridge, 
    Please Welcome Shannon to the Blue Ridge Family! Shannon joined the team in late April as a part-time office administrator. She will coordinate Bulletin publications, offer reservation and Events support for the cabana and clubhouse, employee time keeping and assist with overall database management & organization. Shannon lives nearby with her husband, 2 school-aged children and their ‘spirited’ chocolate lab. They are an active family who absolutely love residing in the NW! She’ll generally be in the office on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 10-3, stop by and say hello!

    Shout Outs Blue Ridge volunteers are the best! A special thank you to Fred Kern for keeping our park benches and picnic tables in tip top shape. During milder weather, you will often find Fred painting, staining, or replacing damaged lumber. Please say Hi next time you see him and Thanks for his dedicated maintenance and cheery spirit.   

    Party at the Cabana! The Cabana self-service rental reservation system is fired up and neighbors are picking their days or evenings! Reservation times are from 11am-4pm OR 5pm-10pm, this is to ensure maximum availability for all residents. Blue Ridge policy is to allow for one ‘prime-time’ rental per season. Prime-time is defined as Friday evening through Sunday, and holidays, from May 1 to September 30. There is no limit to non-prime-time reservations. The reservation calendar, rules, fees and forms are at And as always, please remember to ”pack it in – pack it out” after each use.  

    Office Closure Please note: the business office will be closed May 13 – May 18 while I enjoy some much anticipated vacation time. If you need real estate or lender documents, key fobs, or anything time sensitive, please let me know ASAP.   

    May is here and silence at the clubhouse will soon be a memory. We look forward to seeing more of you as the weather warms and days feel endless.

    Michelle Morgan, CMCA®, AMS® I Association Manager 


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