Tennis Program Registration

Blue Ridge Club has a new registration system for its tennis program courtesy of Tennis Management
Group (TMG). The system is provided by Club Automation, an online, cloud-based system that will
allow members to register for kids’ tennis camps, adult programs, social events and reserve tennis
BR residents and Non-BR residents can create their own account in the system on the instruction page (see link below):
1. Visit the new landing page at
2. Under the banner “First Time Here?” click on the “Access My Account” button.
3. You’ll receive a pop-up window to “Create an Account”. Please enter your name and email and
click NEXT
4. You will be directed to a registration page; please confirm and fill out the necessary fields.
Once you have completed your initial login, feel free to browse through the site. You’ll see options
such as:
 View My Info
 Reserve a Court – you can view the tennis court sheets
 Register for Classes – register for camps and clinics here
 View My Statement
 The BR Club Automation system will be facilitate all camp/clinic transactions as well as
private lesson billings.
 If you plan to participate in any drop-in clinic or private lessons, we require you put a credit
card on file on your profile. This way, there will be no need to conduct any transactions on
the court with instructors.
 If you are having any trouble accessing your account, please email the Tennis Coordinator to
request password resets or if you have other account questions.
To reach the Tennis Coordinator, Monica Blum, please call (206) 527-5726 or email her at .
 If you are a Blue Ridge + community member, please contact TC Monica Blum to ensure your
status is updated in the system to receive the BR+ pricing for tennis programs.
 All Summer Programs will open online in the system on Monday, April 2nd @ 8:00 AM.