Security Report May 2015

Relatively quiet around here, especially given that we had some really gorgeous weekends during Spring Break. That being said, Friday April 9th the gate from the Beach Park out to the beach was propped open and left propped open all night long. The gates should never be propped open, but especially not all night long. Blue Ridge is perfectly situated on the railroad tracks between Carkeek Park and Golden Gardens Park. It only serves all of our safety to make sure the gate is locked in order to keep people who don’t live in Blue Ridge from entering our park. As we head towards more frequent beautiful days, please remember to keep the gates locked and remind your kids who use the park to have gatherings to do the same.

Saturday night April 10th some people had a little bbq at the Beach Park and neglected to clean up after themselves. Trash from what they grilled and several beer cans were left in the park. The same brand of beer cans were littered out on the street where I can only guess the beers were downed before they consumers jumped in their cars and drove home. Again, please remind your kids to take care of our Beach Park. Having a bbq with friend is totally encouraged, but cleaning up is a mandatory part of the equation.

Friday night April 3rd, a house sitter for someone who lives on lower Blue Ridge Drive had her car prowled. Unfortunately she left her car doors unlocked while parked in the driveway over night. Even worse, her computer, laptop and passport were all in the car in addition to several other items of importance. I know I say this in almost every report I write, but we have take personal responsibility to try to prevent these crimes of opportunity. If you don’t have a garage to park in, you have to clear your car of all your belongings, lock your car and set the car alarm. That way at least the person targeting your vehicle doesn’t get rewarded for their illegal act.

Another car prowl was reported on the Blue Ridge Facebook page in mid April. While the family was away on vacation their locked car was pried open. Nothing of value was in the car, but it was a violation none-the-less. Unfortunately this was the third time this has happened to them.

On the morning of Thursday April 23rd I received a report that someone who appeared to be homeless stumbled into Woodbine Park with a brown bag covered beverage and proceeded to lay down (pass out) in the play area. The non-emergency line of the SPD was called. I would encourage anyone who sees this happen in the future to call 911 and report that someone who is clearly drunk is trespassing in our neighborhood park. Woodbine Park is not a city park, it is for Blue Ridge residents and our guests. In addition to clearly trespassing, this would also count as suspicious behavior and as I’ve said before, don’t hesitate to call 911 and report suspicious behavior whenever you see it happening.

Lauren Rowland,


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