Club Manager Report – March 2015

Ahsha Ahsha Miranda

Hello Residents! The first months of the year are a bustle with renewed communications and connections. I am
pleased to be receiving many annual dues submissions to the Clubhouse drop box, mail box, or in-person and I was very pleased with the rush of ballots to make quorum of our Annual Shareholder meeting. I appreciate receiving your kind hellos in your posts and seeing familiar faces and meeting a few new with the in-person deliveries. Dues deadline is February 28th – do not hesitate to connect with me if you have any questions.

I get quite a few comments about how quiet the Clubhouse is in the winter – am I not bored?! Heaven’s no! With this miraculous spring weather in the mid of winter the pedestrian traffic is plentiful. I surely do miss the noise and activity of summer season activities, but the administration of Club business, mailings, dues collection, preparation for summer activities, and maintenance – actually make this my busiest time!

Your Clubhouse is continuing to be rented regularly on weekends, and we have had an increase in interest in daytime and weeknight use. I appreciate your patience with the evolutions to the rental procedure – there is added communication required to maintain expectations for use by all parties. Rental rates remain extraordinarily low, with the expectation that you will treat it as your own, leaving it as or better than you found it. I especially like to see the kidlet birthday parties: so much creativity and joy really changes the space from event to event. Please connect with me if you would like to secure the space for your event or have any questions.

Our self-service rental reservations system for the Cabana went live online early in February. Reservations slots are from 11am-4pm and 5pm-10pm. Please review the usage guidelines and remember only one prime-time usage reservation per family. There are 449 families and only so many Saturdays! Again, if you have a question – connect! If you are looking for a reservation slot in the first 2 weeks of June – you must connect with me directly, as this is our most popular group use time and there are still considerations for parking, portapotties, etc. as the CSO project continues into the summer.

With the Family Work Party day coming soon in early May, I have set this as deadline for publishing the next volume of the Directory. People are clamoring to know all of the new residents! Hopefully, this coincidence will encourage a great turn out and will help make those connections as the summer begins. If you would like to confirm your Directory entry – please send me an email. Please try to limit your entries to 2 phone numbers (home and primary cellphone). Please do list your kids! (But no cellphone numbers for kids under 18.) An example of needed information for formatting:
NEIGHBOR, Jane & John, June, Junior. 10040 15th Ave NW 206-784-3868., Jane’s Cell 206-100-4015

Always the reminder – knock, knock at the Clubhouse door as it will be closed to keep in the heat. If my vehicle is in the parking lot, most likely I am in. Please do call or email if you’d like to set a time to meet that’s convenient for you. Especially, if you’d like to pick up an old Directory or need to swap out a non-working fob for a new one.

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