Association Manager Report – January 2020

New Year’s Beach Clean-Up 

While it’s technically illegal to shoot fireworks in Seattle City limits, we know it happens, especially down at the beach. For those who enjoy the beach the next day, the amount of refuse and garbage is staggering and overwhelming. Often, it’s these neighbors that spend their morning on clean-up duty. If you are involved in any firework activity, PLEASE, PLEASE help clean-up before the refuse is washed out to Puget Sound. Refuse buckets and trash can liners have been dropped off at the beach gate to make the job easier. 

2019 Rewind

It’s hard to believe 2019 is over; we had a great year and much was accomplished, including: 

Planned Projects

  • Pool/clubhouse surveillance cameras replaced (saving 4k annually!)
  • AV components replaced
  • Pump house noise mitigation
  • Pool heaters, chemical controller, thermostat & hand sprayers replaced
  • Asphalt at Beach & Woodbine parks repaired & resealed
  • Pickleball/basketball striping at Woodbine Park installed
  • Tree maintenance coordination initiated for Mary Ave
  • IT upgrades for clubhouse & lifeguards

 Surprise Repairs

  • Handrail, appliance and plumbing repairs and replacements
  • Snowmaggedon damage (trees, tennis & landscape)
  • Beach Park gate, fence, irrigation & bench repairs
  • Woodbine playground warranty replacement


  • Merchant services established
  • Recouped $2,768 with vendor oversight
  • Reserve study complete
  • New dues structure research & adopted effective 2021
  • Facility reservation platform replaced
  • Business office manual created
  • Webmaster responsibilities transferred from volunteer (thanks John!)
  • 2010 loan refinanced to lower rate
  • YOY expenses & utilities well under budget! Accounts Receivable: HOA 99%, Swim Team 100%, Swim Lessons 99%, Water Polo 100%.
  • 2019 Pool Ops manual complete & approved by public health
  • All City coordination with vendors, insurance and POS
  • Analysis to extend pool season
  • New labor laws incorporated – highest compliance yet!

 Much was accomplished due to the expert stewardship and unsung efforts of Blue Ridge Board members. Much appreciation also for the committee members and volunteers that make Blue Ridge so special. Thank you also to those who took the time to share the warmth of the holiday season. I am honored to serve Blue Ridge and enjoy contributing to this wonderful community.
Thank you!

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