Association Manager Report – December 2019

We’re in the process of transitioning to a new online portal for easier homeowner use and to manage clubhouse and cabana rentals. We took this opportunity to also streamline processes and forms and are hoping to transition to a paper free system. Reservations will look different but are essentially the same with the exception of one policy change; the clubhouse rental fee and deposit are both due within two weeks of making the reservation.
 Next year’s cabana and clubhouse rental calendar will open by the shareholders meeting, February 3 rd . Pool Staff, Swim Team and Events volunteers – please send us your 2020 dates and times by December 21 st . 

Beach Park Survey Results 

As mentioned in last month’s Bulletin, the existing playground equipment is beyond its useful life and no longer meet safety standards. As 2020 maintenance and repair projects are considered, we asked members to complete a survey so we could learn how homeowners use, or don’t use, the beach park and gather feedback on replacing the playground equipment. Thank you to everyone that took the time to respond, as promised here are the survey results: Q1: How often do you visit the park? 

  • 27% A few times per year
  • 26% Multiple times per week
  • 25% A few times per month
  • 17% Weekly, or almost weekly
  • 5%   Never

 Q2: What are your primary activities? (choose as many as applicable) 

  • 45% Picnics/BBQ
  • 44% Dog walking/playing
  • 41% Playground equipment
  • 30% Other (access to the beach, enjoying sunsets, visiting neighbors)
  • 27% Cabana rentals
  • 24% Ball/frisbee activities
  • 10% Fitness

 Q3: Would you rather have the existing playground equipment removed or replaced? 

  • 75% Replaced
  • 14% Don’t care
  • 11% Removed

 Q4: What playground elements are important? (choose as many as applicable) 

  • 71% Swings    
  • 61% Slide    
  • 48% Climbing rock/net    
  • 47% Natural (rocks, logs, hill climb)    
  • 42% Monkey bars    
  • 39% Balance beam    
  • 29% Pretend play    
  • 26% Spinning/bouncing    
  • <25% Fitness, Shade, or Other (teeter totter, trail, zipline)

 Q5: How many children, by age, in household? (choose as many as applicable) 

  • 34% 2-5yrs
  • 27% 6-8
  • 27% 9-12
  • 26% 12-18
  • 25% No children
  • 22% 19+

Comments not included above:

Consider off-leash area within park for dogs separate from playground and open space. Have had multiple off-leash dogs run up to and knock over my playing small children completely unprovoked.
No pets on playground equipment sign. Dogs often pee in wood chips.
Prefer as little or no plastic as possible
Preference for lowest maintenance option
Mirror of woodbine structure
I think something different but similar to what we put in at woodbine would be awesome
I support whatever the children enjoy. Uniqueness is special. Like Carkeek’s salmon slide. And beauty for adults is nice too.
My kids are past playground years so I defer to the families who will use it the most, but I think playground equipment is essential to making the park the great place it is
Since there is no other place in the survey to add this note, I think we desperately need landscaping along the sewer facility fence to screen that from view.
Remove old bbqs in grass so kids can safely run w/o injury. (replaced in 2016) The beach park has several County, City, and utility easements that require compliance, next steps include consulting with permitting departments, insurance, and vendors. Thanks again for your help and stay tuned!  As the end of another year approaches, we hope you share our excitement for celebrating the upcoming holidays with family and friends! 

Thank you Blue Ridge for a great 2019 and cheers to a happy and healthy 2020!

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