Events Report – September 2019

I can’t believe summer is ending, but I am so thankful we have had such a great one in our community. So many good times have been had including the 4 th of July and the summer party down at the beach park! Thank you so much to Amanda and Ryan O’Rourke for taking on the Fourth of July again this year. It was an amazing day and it was such a great time to see all the neighbors out celebrating together. The summer beach soiree looked amazing and beautiful in white! Many thanks to the Summer Party team including Barbara Sinn, Kristi Dwight, Anna Brunette, Margaret Giesa and others for organizing this amazing event!

It has been my pleasure to lead Blue Ridge Events for the past year, but I am leaving my position at the end of September. This has been such a fun experience and I am grateful for the opportunity. Thank you so much to all the volunteers in the community who have graciously given their time to make sure that our events have been a success. If anyone is interested in taking on the events role please let me know or contact the board. It is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors!

Upcoming Events:·          

  • Oktoberfest- September 27th
  • Family Halloween Party- October 31st
  •  Holiday Open House-December 5 th         

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer I can be reached at

Summer Highlights:Congratulations to all of our winners on the 4 th of July! Below is a summary of the winners with some highlight photos from the day.

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