President’s Report – August 2019

Although the Board doesn’t have a Board meeting in August, that doesn’t mean that things are still aren’t happening in the neighborhood!

Dues Structure Update
First, however, I want to report on what happened at the July 8 Board meeting regarding the change to the Blue Ridge dues structure. The motion to approve the Long Range Planning Committee’s recommendation to adopt a single dues in 2021 where all residents will have access to the pool/tennis facilities passed with a vote of 8 yes and 1 no

While it was not a unanimous decision, most on the Board agreed with the primary rationale that was outlined in the recommendation:
Equity.  All residents own every asset in the community including the pool and tennis facilities. Everyone should share equally in all of maintenance and operational costs AND the benefits (property values, use).  Simplicity & Stability.  One set of dues and membership category reduces administrative complexity and costs and provides for more predictability in budgeting. 

Unity. The historic root of pool and tennis “membership” comes from the days when Blue Ridge had a Social Club. We support the idea that we are all members of one HOA with equal standing and that this change will foster community. The feedback that the Board received over the past year and during the meeting included both broad support for the initiative and issues around costs and use. A number of folks expressed the desire for increased hours for the pool (Adult lap swim, open swim) and for tennis court time. One of the reasons for delaying the implementation until 2021 is to work through scheduling options. Others also expressed concern over the possible cost burden for seniors that are unable to use the pool. Arguably, the dollar impact should not be huge (a $350 increase if it had been done in 2019) and payment plans will be designed as part of this. This will be a change in mindset. Payment of dues will be based on ownership of community assets rather than use. 

All Cities on August 6 

Later in the Bulletin, you’ll get details surrounding Blue Ridge hosting the summer swim league All City Meet. Like last year with Northerns, there will be swarming activity up at the pool and surrounding area. If your family has every participated in swim team, please consider volunteering to help. 

On a related note, this meet will be the last day for Carlos Palacian to serve as Blue Ridge swim coach after 14 years of working with our kids. He has been instrumental in building up the program and providing swim families with great memories over those years. He deserves our heartfelt thanks and we wish him well as his family settles in to life down in Burien. If you’d like to give your own personal thank you, stop by the pool over the next few days or come to the swim banquet on August 7! I know August is prime vacation time for many. We are off for a couple of weeks ourselves. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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