Pool & Tennis Report August 2019

ALL CITY SWIM MEET – August 6th, 2019
It’s almost here! We have been planning for this event for over 2 years and we are so excited the date is approaching.  BACKGROUND:
Within the SSSL there are 8 clubs in the Northern region and 16 clubs in the City. Since 1960, the post season meets have rotated every 15 years. We were honored to host Northerns last year and are hosting ALL CITY this year.
For a regular season dual swim meet, we usually have 400-500 people attend. We expect more than twice that for this event. 
We recognize these events will affect our pool neighbors and Blue Ridge community, and will be complex in scope. We have spent over 2 years planning to help insure we are safe, successful and mitigate the impact to the community.
I am privileged to be able to work together with a committee of very talented people who will manage key aspects of the events as listed below. This post season event will be funded solely by the Blue Ridge Swim Team, sponsors, and the GSSSL. All profits will go back into the Swim Team and Blue Ridge Pool.

  •         The pool parking lot will close at 2pm for pressure washing. Pool remains open.

 AUGUST 6th:

  • The pool will be closed all day and setup with begin at 8am. 
  • 15th Ave NW from Blue Ridge Dr. to just past NW Greenbrier Way will be closed to all traffic from 9AM – 8pm.
  • Blue Ridge Dr. will be ONE WAY heading WEST from 15th Ave NW to Bayard.  This is in the interest of the safety of the children.  If you are coming up the hill, please use 100th.
  • We are requesting NO vehicle PARKING on Valmay between 100th and NW Greenbrier Way. Including homeowner, guest, or service vehicles.
  • We are requesting NO vehicle, homeowner or other, PARKING on 15th Ave NW  – our plan is to use this street for coach and ADA parking ONLY.
  • Whitman Middle School & Soundview will be utilized for parking and we have a very comprehensive plan for traffic and crowd control to insure safety. We have also retained a police officer to be stationed at 15th Ave NW and 100th. We have secured permits from the City and School District. 
  • Attendees will begin arriving around 1pm and finish departing by 8:30pm.

Jae Kim has put together an amazing 3D computer rendering of the Pool, athlete and spectator flow, and surrounding area. Jae’s rendering includes recommendations for parking and traffic considerations from Mike Williams, Rhea Wallace and the committee. These diagrams are currently posted in the clubhouse.
I would like to give a huge thank you in advance to the talented volunteer committee members listed below. 

  •         Jenny Fredericks – Committee Chair & Project Manager Extraordinare
  •         Jae Kim – Inside Pool Logistics
  •         Mike Williams – Traffic and Crowd Planning
  •         Rhea Wallace & Adam Bradly – Traffic Planning
  •         Karen Bombino & Jamie Smith – Concessions
  •         Kristin Ballinger – Officials Coordinator
  •         Kevin Green – Logo and Theme
  •         Jean McCarthy and Darby Carlise – Sponsors
  •         Ryan and Rob Carlisle – Construction Consultants
  •         Cat Burns – Volunteer Coordinator
  •         Brooke Walker – Pool and Tennis Chair

This is an opportunity for our community to come together and be a part of a big moment for many athletes in our city. (Not all athletes wear shoes 😉 Btw!)Please consider making a donation for concession sales to support our grand event AND volunteer your time to help run this huge undertaking for our neighborhood. Sign up to Volunteer: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F044EABAE23AAFE3-allcity1

Make a donation or loan an item: https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/20F044EABAE23AAFE3-allcity

Please feel free to reach out to me tennispoolchair@blueridgeseattle.com with any questions or comments.
Please consider coming out to support! Come cheer on our swimmers and grab dinner in the pool parking lot.  We will be cooking up hot dogs, pulled pork sliders, marinated chicken, salad, donuts and all the other concessions we have at normal swim meets including pizza, fruit, beverages and desserts.  We are planning for a festival-like atmosphere outside the pool. Even if you never enter the pool area, you can still share in the fun and our help express our Blue Ridge PRIDE! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and the All City planning committee appreciates your patience and support as we execute this special event for our swimmers!

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