Association Manager Report-July 2019

Mary Ave Trail
The Blue Ridge Club owns several beautiful common areas, including the Mary Ave greenbelt, with a City trail that eventually connects to Carkeek Park. This common area is almost 5 acres and provides a greenbelt of native flora for over 28 properties. As part of a long term maintenance strategy, Blue Ridge recently hired an arbor firm to conduct an assessment of the Mary Ave greenbelt to evaluate and catalogue trees of concern. In a nutshell, their findings were:

1) All trees were rated as low risk, meaning we should plan on mitigation and maintenance measures, but immediate action is not usually required.
2) Compromised trees within target range of adjacent homes and trail are first priority, of these there are approximately 5 trees that need pruning and 5-7 that require snagging within the short term. None require full removal.
3) Removal of non-native species need to be part of ongoing maintenance, mostly ivy often discarded from neighboring gardens.

  • When ivy is allowed to grow up tree trunks it can increase the risk of the trees being blown over in windstorms because of its large mass and “sail effect”.
  • Because ivy roots are shallow, thick mats covering hillsides can increase problems with slope failure as water runs down under the ivy and entire mats of ivy and soil slide downhill.
  • In addition to tree and slope damage, ivy ground cover often host pest animals such as rats.

We have some deferred maintenance to address, but now we have a good risk management tool and a reasonable plan for the next few years. 

Credit Cards  In other news: the business office now offers credit card payments for HOA dues, key fob and rental fees!!! Previously, credit card payments for dues were hand processed through our athletic portal and not available for other payments. We now have an in-office credit card terminal compliant with PCI data security standards. Mobile terminals have also been ordered for swim team and Events. The processing fee is still 3% for all transactions and paid by the card holder. 

Many thanks to Treasurer, Andrea Durbin for her relentless efforts towards more efficient and secure banking. She also spearheaded an increased savings rate and now working on decreasing the loan rate for Blue Ridge.

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