Pacesetters Report-June 2019

Our next Pacesetters meeting will be on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at the Blue Ridge Clubhouse. Everyone is welcome–Blue Ridge residents, family, friends and acquaintances.

Our June meeting will, once again, feature Blue Ridge resident Cathy Farrar. This past fall, Cathy independently embarked on a 5 month adventure to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India. She will share experiences that surprised and delighted her and some that made her feel uncomfortable. She will talk about how her observations have made her question some assumptions and generalizations she has held about other cultures and as her role as an American. After the presentation, Cathy will answer questions, but she would also like to take time for those of us in the audience to briefly recount our own traveling experiences. We look forward to the most recent adventures of this wonderfully intrepid world traveler.  

The Evening Agenda:


6:30-7:15…..Potluck dinner


7:20+/-8:00..Program and Questions

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