Association Manager Report – April 2019

Hello Blue Ridge, 
Congrats and bon voyage Alison! Alison Gray has been serving Blue Ridge as part-time office assistant for over a year and soon, will begin another life adventure in San Francisco. Since January 2018, she implemented systems for lifeguard time keeping and background checks, salvaged water damaged archives, kept facility rentals humming, and took on editor duties for the Bulletin, website, and the new 2019/2020 Directory. Alison’s high performance and trust allowed me to provide additional board and committee support and focus on neglected goals. We will miss her tremendously and wish her good luck!  

Here are the highlights for current projects: 
Mary Ave Tree Assessment  When was the last time you enjoyed “forest bathing” on the Mary Ave trail? It’s perfect this time of year, before the trees bud out and vegetation encroaches. This greenbelt is almost 5 acres and directly abuts 30 private properties between 15th, 14th, and Woodbine Way. There’s been little maintenance over the years and an arbor assessment this month will help Blue Ridge prioritize needs. For safety reasons, the trail will be closed during this project, April 8 – 12.  

Pool Pump House  We’re saving on electricity costs since installing the new energy efficient pool pump, however the noise has been a nuisance for some neighbors. The pump house was overdue for renovation and it made sense to add soundproofing and insulation to the project at the same time. Phase 1 and 2 are complete, with the final phase finished by April 30th. 

Beach Park  Since 1941, Blue Ridge has maintained a rental agreement with BNSF to cross the railroad tracks and enjoy the beach. Failure to use this crossing responsibly could jeopardize our agreement and beach access. Last year, we learned our current crossing isn’t safety compliant and requires a concrete pad. Bringing our crossing up to code requires coordination with BNSF contractors, the weather and of course, train schedules.

We also have asphalt repairs and maintenance planned for better weather. Along with BNSF coordination, this project will require closing the park for 1 or 2 days. The goal is to minimize impacts during high use and cabana rentals, we’ll keep you updated as we learn installation dates.

Tennis Courts  The wind screens were rehung in January (thank you Ryan Brunette!), when Snowmaggedon hit and pulled down even more wind screens. A big thank you to Jamie and Ty Smith for rehanging the screens again, hopefully for the last time in 2019. After pressure washing this month, the courts will sparkle and be ready for another great season.

2019 Dues  Most 2019 Dues have been received – Thank you! For those that chose the payment plan – the second payment is due April 30th. As of March 11, outstanding balances were $40,613, not including payment plans.

Here’s the membership breakdown so far: 

  • 31 – Unpaid Memberships 
  • 25 – CM Payment Plans 
  • 20 – CM+ Payment Plans 
  • 9 – CM+Sr Payment Plans 
  • 173 – Paid CM 
  • 136 – Paid CM+ 
  • 55 – Paid CM+Sr 
    “Real Estate Season” is upon us and having your dues current and understanding the assessment status of your home can expedite closing. 

Pool/Clubhouse Security Cameras  Over 10 years ago, 8 security cameras were installed to deter after hours swimming and vandalism. It must have worked, because I haven’t come across any incidents since. The current system is expensive and failing. A replacement system will be installed later this month at 1/3rd the original cost, no monthly fee, and much better technology.

Key Fobs  The key fob database has been updated to reflect 2019 membership levels and outstanding balances. Don’t wait for the sun to find out if your key fob is missing or no longer works, please contact us with any questions or problems. 

Annual Updates  Preparation for the 2019 CPA audit is complete and should commence in the next month or two.  Other annual updates include seasonal employment systems, State/City/Fire/Health Dept permits, licenses and corporate filings, master insurance policies.  

Happy Spring Everyone!

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