President Report – February 2019

  1. Come to the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting is February 4 @ 7:00pm at the Club House. It’s your chance to hear a summary of 2018 and ask questions.
  2. Please get your ballots in before the Shareholder Meeting deadline. This is your chance to vote for the current slate of Board Member candidates. We need a quorum for the votes to count and to hold the meeting! There is still time to mail it in, drop it off at the Clubhouse, or bring it to the meeting.

Since this newsletter should be published just before Annual Shareholder’s Meeting I want to remind you of two things:

At the Shareholder’s Meeting each Board Member summarizes the year in their area of oversight. Here are some highlights:

Finances. Blue Ridge Club is on solid ground financially. While both revenue and expenses were higher than expected, a contribution of $168,000 was made to reserves for a total of $585,000 at year-end. At a 68% funding level as measured by our Reserve Study, we are making headway towards the goal of becoming fully funded which simply means that we have enough to replace/repair our assets over the next 30 years. We’ve continued on the path of annually planning (and funding) projects to proactively manage the maintenance of those community assets. In 2018 Blue Ridge spent close to $80,000 in reserves to fund several major projects. Now that we have significant funds in Reserves, Blue Ridge is developing an investment plan to receive a better return on that money.

Pool and Tennis. The programs had a major change this year with Brooke Walker taking on the mantle of responsibility as Pool and Tennis Chair. She did great learning and taking on this huge job. Blue Ridge hosted the Northerns post season swim meet that brought in hundreds of swimmers from other swim clubs. It was a real feat in coordination and involved many Blue Ridge swim families to pull it off. We’re hosting the All Cities meet this coming summer and with lessons learned, we’re ready.

Architecture Review. This area continued on the trend with mostly standard projects and 2 or 3 complicated ones that came before the Board. The more difficult projects tend to be tear downs where significant changes to smaller, older homes are proposed. The Board has the challenge of taking in to account all perspectives in relation to the review criteria which has elements of subjectivity. In these cases, it sometimes feels like no one is fully satisfied with the outcome and that can be frustrating for all. As mentioned last month, 2018 was Barbara Sinn’s last year on the Board and as Architecture Chair. Eric Souder will be shifting from Security to this sometimes tough job.

Legal. Things were relatively quiet on the legal front in 2018. In addition to the usual lien management, consultation with outside council on the interpretation of our Mutual Easements was required on two issues: tree houses and the dues structure. As Kelly Sheridan leaves the Board, Steve Reich will transition from Secretary to Legal Chair.

Security. Eric Souder joined the Board this past year as Security Chair. The biggest happening in this area is that security cameras were installed down at the Beach Park. They have helped us identify people “breaking” the park’s rules and have caused the Board to discuss and fine tune our enforcement alternatives.

Facilities and Grounds. Steve Brunette serves as Chair in this area. The Long Range Planning Committee has helped us formalize our maintenance planning and the process is working well. Blue Ridge did have a Work Party this past year with projects at both parks and the Club House.

Membership. As Membership Chair, Jen Henniger welcomes new residents and helps them “acclimate” to Blue Ridge. It feels like the real estate market has slowed a bit in this part of town but we always have new neighbors joining us. Jen was instrumental in recruiting Sarah Salentine who has been doing a great job as Events Coordinator.

So, those are some of the highlights of 2018. Come to the Shareholder’s Meeting to hear more and find out about some initiatives for 2019.

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