Association Manager Report – February 2019

Annual dues
Each January brings a crush of payments, visitors, emails and phone calls as the January 31 deadline for annual dues approaches. Thank you to everyone who made their payments on time! If you missed the due date, please contact me or I’ll reach out soon. Please remember, final payment for the installment plan is due Tuesday, April 30.

Sometimes we’re asked, “Why hasn’t my check cleared yet?” , this question usually arises when a balanced check register is unavailable. Blue Ridge bookkeepers post payments and make bank deposits every two weeks; this provides affordable efficiency and separation of duties to safeguard homeowner funds.

Be there or be square
In addition to the annual dues, January also means meeting deadlines to print, stuff, and mail the annual shareholder meeting notice, create and print the annual shareholder report, while hopefully receiving enough shareholder ballots to reach a quorum. Ballots were mailed January 11th and need to be returned by the 78th annual shareholder meeting Monday, February 4th at 7pm . Please reach out if you didn’t receive a ballot, we may need to update your address, or issue a replacement ballot.

Do you have reservations?
In January, we also opened the 2019 clubhouse and cabana rental calendars – Thanks to Alison’s diligent efforts, this was a full month sooner than in the past! The response was immediate and reservations have been streaming in daily. Our self-service reservation system (installed by IT volunteer John Parchem ) is available at where you will find real time availability 24/7, procedures, forms, fees and rules. If you’re hosting a special event, we also offer additional coordination and janitorial services; please reach out for details and fees.

“Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.” Elizabeth Andrew
Unlike many communities, Blue Ridge accomplishes much with many groups of ambitious volunteers. The immediate benefit is lower than average homeowner fees, but the real benefits are vital social networks and community pride. Please consider the many volunteering opportunities, from behind the scenes, or in the thick of things, from one time, short term projects, to ongoing community engagement. Help Blue Ridge usher in another fabulous 78 years!

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