President Report – January 2019

Happy New Year! The New Year means changes on the Board.

Vote Early (but not often since there is only one ballot per household) Board election ballots will soon be in the mail. Annually we have 3 Board positions up for election to a 3 year term. This year we have two new people asking for your vote and one returning member that is seeking another term. Marilyn Ernst and Josh Findley are already familiar with Blue Ridge issues as they have served on the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) and have attended many Board meetings over the past couple of years. Marilyn is retired after a long career in the insurance industry, has grown children and a granddaughter that will hopefully continue in the swimming tradition of the family by joining the swim team one day. Josh is an I.T. Consultant with a young family that has lived in Blue Ridge for 5 years. Both Marilyn and Josh have already made strong contributions to Blue Ridge and we fully appreciate that they want to continue to serve the neighborhood.

We are also EXTREMELY thankful that Brook Walker has agreed to serve another term. Brooke has been super involved in the neighborhood in many capacities for years. During her first term in office she worked as Security Chair, moved to the fun Membership Chair job and then took on the heavy mantel of responsibility as Pool & Tennis Chair in 2018. This position basically involves running a small business operation for a concentrated 4 month period. She did a fantastic job in her first year and we will benefit greatly from her continued stewardship of the programs.

Fond Farewells

Kelly Sheridan and Barbara Sinn will finish their terms and rotate off the Board. Both have actually served longer than one term having been appointed during the previous term.
Kelly has been Legal Chair and has helped guide us threw a few thorny situations, drafted a number of policies as we have worked to formalize operations and decision making authority, and has provided a much needed perspective during Board discussions. He’s done this all while working in a very demanding job.

Barbara started out as Membership Chair (the fun job) and moved to Architecture Chair (a much less fun job). With Architecture, she brought her own bubbly personality and empathetic demeanor to a position that sometimes can be emotional and contentious. It also involves time outside Board meetings to talk with neighbors and encourage compromise.
Serving on the Board can be rewarding with the knowledge that you are making a contribution to the neighborhood that you love. But positive affirmations don’t necessarily come often and on occasion, we get embroiled in difficult situations with a lot of negativity. If you see Kelly or Barbara around in the next few weeks please thank them for their service. I give them my personal thanks and will miss working with them.

Annual Shareholder’s Meeting – February 4th

The annual meeting is around the corner. This is the time where all residents can come hear about the last year and what is planned for 2019. Please come to ask questions and tell us what is on your mind.

And………Please VOTE! Ballots are due by the Shareholders meeting. They can be mailed in, dropped off at the Clubhouse or brought to the meeting. As always we need a quorum of 34% for the elections to be valid.

Hope to see you at the meeting!

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