Association Manager Report – January 2019

Happy New Year Blue Ridge!
In last month’s Bulletin, I shared 2018 accomplishments and this month I’d like to share what we have planned for 2019:


We have 3 pool heaters, 1 failed in September and the other one is failing as well. The reserve studies predicted their expiration, enabling the Board to plan financially, and we negotiated savings by replacing both at the same time. Depending on permitting, the new heaters should be in place well before opening day May 11th.
Additional projects include replacing EZ Facility, further labor compliance, renovating the pump house, replacing 2 ADA hand sprays, and an engineering report for the concrete retaining walls.

Beach Park

Our current railroad pedestrian crossing is non-compliant with safety regulations and could jeopardize our BNSF lease and access. A concrete pad will provide safer crossings and retain Blue Ridge compliance. We’re at the mercy of the BNSF process and schedule for this work, but the goal is for completion by summer.
The asphalt path leading from Blue ridge Dr to the railroad tracks needs repair and maintenance. Permitting and weather will determine completion, but again, the goal is by summer.

Club House

The current surveillance system is 10+yrs old and with the current vendor, expensive to operate and replace. This past year we explored other vendor and hardware options and found alternatives to save thousands of dollars and improve performance. Installation is planned once winter weather has passed.
The clubhouse audio/visual components have foiled many renters and Events volunteers with unreliable performance or complicated use. We’ll replace the speakers and mixer board with all in one blue tooth speakers and install a permanent screen for simple pull down use.

Woodbine Park

We negotiated savings for asphalt repairs by coordinating the Woodbine and Beach Park projects. Re-striping will happen once temperatures are warm enough with the addition of pickle ball stripes under consideration.

Mary Ave Greenbelt

This greenbelt is also called Tract A, and while there’s a public access easement to Carkeek Park, as owner, Blue Ridge is responsible for maintaining the greenbelt. As age, yard debris and invasive ivy have compromised tree conditions, it became obvious an arbor assessment was needed for a long term maintenance plan. Expect to see a team of arborists in Tract A sometime after the trees leaf out.

Please reach out if you’d like further details about these projects and we look forward to seeing you Monday, February 4th, 7pm at the 77th Annual Shareholders Meeting.

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