Association Manager Report – December 2018

It’s hard to believe this is the last Bulletin issue for 2018; we had a great year and much was accomplished:
Increased Labor & Insurance Compliance
Each year, we hire approximately 50 pool staff members which require forms, policies and procedures that comply with several overlapping agencies. This year we implemented new procedures to comply with employee time keeping requirements, adult background checks, Seattle’s new minimum wage and Paid Sick and Safe Time. We also updated our employee Drug & Alcohol policies & procedures for clarity and D.H.H.S. compliance.
Pool Projects
This year’s projects included:
Connection to City sewer, installation of new 3-phase pump and electrical converter, separation of pool chemicals from mechanics, concrete gutter repairs, sump pump repair, installation of new chemical controller, flow meter, water fountain, diving blocks, furniture, computers, and plumbing fixtures. We also repainted the pump house, storage shed & ADA railing, stained benches, replanted concrete containers, installed additional irrigation, and updated our Pool Operations Manual for compliance. Operational projects require coordination and approval with Seattle Public Health, we had a lot to complete before opening day, but managed to open on schedule and obtain our permit the day before.
Beach Park
This year we had more than usual fence and gate repairs, mostly due to intentional damage as key fob controls tightened. In June, we installed two new cameras and discovered park use complaints, rule violations and property damage were the result of Blue Ridge residents and not “outsiders”.  2018 also saw the completion of CSO mitigation with King County replacement of 10 Hinoki Cypress saving Blue Ridge homeowners over $7,000.
Tennis Courts
This spring we patched a few low spots, resurfaced the tennis courts and replaced both nets. Combined with shed repairs, repaint and bench refurbishing, the courts look fabulous! A big THANK YOU to longtime homeowner Lloyd Low for his craftsmanship and annual maintenance.
A quick reminder for those that don’t realize: bikes, toys and skates can ruin the court surface. The courts are for racquet play only with appropriate footwear.
During resurfacing, many of you expressed an interest in pickle ball courts. It took us several months to research, consider the options and perform due diligence, but pickle ball is coming to Blue Ridge in spring 2019.
The parking lot had significant damage with preventive maintenance years overdue. In 2018, we removed years of debris from both catch basins, repaired alligatored asphalt and finished with reseal and re-stripe. Parking spaces are now clearly marked and we’ve added years to this asset’s “remaining useful life”.
The other big project was drying out and salvaging over 15 banker boxes of Blue Ridge archives. For years, water had been seeping into the basement and boxed records soaked it up. It took months and was far from glamourous work, but all traces of mildew are gone and records were saved.
Seattle City Light and SDOT Road Construction
In January, Blue Ridge hosted a meeting with approximately 75 homeowners and several City Light representatives regarding replacement of Blue Ridge light fixtures. The existing fixtures are expensive for ratepayers, obsolete and unrepairable. City Light installed 3 pilot lights for community input, the opinion of those in attendance was not favorable of the proposed replacements and newer technology was requested. Until the City has access and funds for newer technology, Blue Ridge may experience unilluminated areas.
Phase Two road construction is nearing completion and traveling Blue Ridge roads are already easier.
Thank you. Thank You Very Much.
Year-end means a flurry of activity, taking stock, and expressing gratitude. Heartfelt thanks to the Blue Ridge Board members for their expert stewardship and tireless work. Thanks also to the many committee members and volunteers that make Blue Ridge so special you want to call it home. Much appreciation and a big hug to Alison Gray, she does a phenomenal job in the business office and the chief reason we finally tackled some overdue projects. Thank you also to those who’ve taken the time to stop by, mail, or email the warmth of the season. I am honored to serve Blue Ridge and enjoy contributing to this wonderful community.
We hope we have the opportunity to see you at the Holiday Open House, Thursday, December 6th, 5:30 – 7:30pm . Cheers to a season of celebrations and a happy, healthy new year!
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