Security and Traffic Safety Report – December 2018

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying the last few weeks of fall as winter starts Dec. 21st!  Security issues were fairly silent last month but there are a few items to talk about.  The first one is that there are a number of skateboarders and bikers in the neighborhood.  With our blind corners, shorter days and cars using the roads this can cause major safety hazards.   So bikers and drivers, please be careful and drive/ride slowly – sorry skaters, the official city stance is that technically skateboards are not allowed on city roads.  The second item is about random cars parked in BR and used as living spaces.  This occurred a few weeks ago on Woodbine and was the first I had heard about it.  The car eventually moved within 30 hours but if you see this occur on your street then please call the police and let me know.  Lastly, with the holidays comes packages and not so friendly thieves wanting those packages – so please keep an eye on your neighbors and help each other have a very safe holiday season.

Also, if you are interested in getting alerts and notifications from our wonderful city – Seattle’s Public Outreach and Education Coordinator, Matt Auflick has provided the following:

Sign-up for City Alerts on traffic, severe weather, utility disruptions and more! Customize the types of alerts you want to receive and how you receive them (phone, email, text message ). Find other winter preparedness tips at


Happy Holidays and Stay Safe,

Eric Souder

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