Security and Traffic Safety Report – November 2018

Happy Fall Everyone,
It is great to see the season change as we move from late summer to fall. With it also comes daylight savings and the holiday season. A few things to think about:
  • Please drive slowly – With kids and neighbors walking in the morning, afternoon or during the night please be aware – 20 is Plenty.
  • Keep an eye on our neighborhood – We are all the best defense against thieves and questionable activities. Talk with your neighbors and share any info. on our Blue Ridge Facebook page and let me know.
  • Help neighbors with package deliveries – We hate to hear that someone’s packages were stolen so offer help to those around you.
Overall, the last month has seen a few car prowls, 1 car break in and a very questionable person walking down a neighbors driveway and eventually around the neighborhood. For any of these incidents, please contact the police.
Lastly, a huge thank you to Jane Caron, Maddie Caron and the rest of the Traffic Safety team to helping make our neighborhood a safer place.
This summer, the  Blue Ridge Traffic Safety Task Force published a short Community Survey about traffic safety issues in Blue Ridge. We want to say thank you to the nearly 250 people who submitted their feedback! Here are the main results of the survey. (For further survey details, please contact Maddie Caron at .
  • The vast majority of respondents (91%) believe there are traffic safety issues in Blue Ridge compared to only 6% who believe there are no issues and 3% who were unsure.
  • Speeding was the most important issue of concern for respondents (70%), followed closely by hazardous intersections (58%), pedestrian safety (57%) and reduced visibility (49%).
  • Respondents reported slightly more traffic safety issues during weekdays (54%) than weekends (43%) as well as more during evenings (54%) than mornings (50%) or afternoons (37%).
  • Commonly mentioned traffic safety issues: pool/tennis summer traffic, overgrown plants, speeding, unclear right of way/unmarked intersections, pedestrian safety, blind corners
  • Commonly mentioned problem locations: 15th, Blue Ridge Dr., 15th & 100th & Blue Ridge Dr., Blue Ridge Dr. & Valmay, 15th & Valmay, Greenbrier & Valmay, Greenbrier & 15th, and many more!
  • Commonly suggested traffic safety improvements: physical structures (sidewalks, speed bumps, traffic circles, crosswalks), more signage (stop/yield signs, etc.), reduce speed (lower speed limits, solar powered speed signs, etc.), restructure 5-way intersection at 15th & 100th & Blue Ridge Dr., trim overgrown plants, educate drivers and pedestrians about traffic safety
These results have given the Traffic Safety Task Force lots of great issues to think about, and we will keep the community informed about all future traffic safety projects. If you are interested in being part of the Traffic Safety Task Force or have any questions, please attend a Traffic Safety Task Force meeting at the Clubhouse or contact Jane Caron at .
Be safe out there and have a great November!
Eric Souder
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