Security & Traffic Safety Report – September 2018

Happy Summer Neighbors,
The security team has been active over the last few months which I am sure is usual during the summer. A recurring issue has come up which is parties down at the beach park and beach. Please let your families (and teen/college age kids) know that the beach park closes at 10:30 pm and please  don’t prop open the doors. We have these rules in place to keep the noise level down for our neighbors and keep those using the beach park and our assets safe.
Also, on July 24th, one of our fellow neighbors had an incident where an excited dog barreled down the path to the beach gate, within the beach park, and he was tripped by the dog and broke his leg. He needed medical attention and luckily his son and a visiting nurse were nearby to wait for the EMTs. Thankfully he is doing much better. I want to bring this up to make sure that dog owners are aware of what their dogs are doing around the neighborhood. The dog was unleashed, which seems to be a recurring issue, but in this occurrence, the owner never acknowledged themselves. We all love our neighborhood and it takes a team to make it safe. If you see someone who needs help than please help them and if you see something strange then don’t hesitate to call 911.
Please let me know of any incidents as well as use our neighborhood Facebook site as this seems to be a good way to communicate.
Enjoy the last days of summer and stay safe!
-Eric Souder
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