President Report – July 2018

School’s out for Summer! Well, it is for some of us anyway. There
is a lot going on for the season that you can read about in this
month’s Bulletin. The Board has its monthly meeting on July 9 but
as usual there is no meeting in August. I will highlight a few things
that you can read more in depth about in other columns.

Fourth of July!
One of the best community-wide celebrations we have in Blue
Ridge is the annual 4th of July Parade and picnic. It is so much fun to see the festive kids on bikes in
the parade, partake in the traditional hot dogs and picnic fare and watch the spirited rivalry of the
games down in the park. We need to give a special thank you to Amanda and Ryan O’Rourke for
stepping up to lead and coordinate this large event. It requires a large number of volunteers to pull this
off and it looks like there may still be a few openings. Go to the following link to sign up:

Beach Park and Beach Clean-up.

And here is my annual plea. While it technically may be illegal to shoot fireworks in the Seattle City Limits, we know it happens, especially down at the beach. For those of us who take our dogs to the Beach Park or walk the beach the next day, the amount of refuse and garbage down on the beach is staggering and overwhelming. Often it’s these neighbors that end up spending their morning on clean-up duty. If you are involved in anyfirework activity, PLEASE, PLEASE help clean-up either that night or the next morning when the tide is out further. We will tryto have large
contractor bags available to help facilitate.

Let’s Be Good Neighbors.

Recognizing that fireworks are not just limited to the Beach, please be
considerate of your neighbors on when and where you shoot them off. Not everyone enjoys them and
the sounds of fireworks that go in to the wee hours of the morning or that continue beyond the 4th are
not welcome. Many have pets that are traumatized enough already. Celebrate but be considerate.

Kayak and Paddle Board Storage

At our last Board meeting, we reviewed a draft proposal to allow storage of kayaks and paddle boards
at the Beach Park. This proposal is championed by Joe Keating and a group of interested neighbors.
After addressing a few questions, the proposal was edited and will now be officiallytaken up bythe
Board at the July 9 meeting. The proposal in full can be read and is contained in this edition of the
Bulletin. In a nutshell, the group proposes that Blue Ridge initially allows the “temporary” storage of 17
kayaks/paddle boards in three storage units that would be located on the east fence line near the
swings during the months May-September. The storage units would be purchased and owned by the
collective of interested boaters. And since there are significantly more interested boaters than available
storage slots, participation would be granted through a monthly lottery system. Liability would be taken
by boat and storage unit owners and addressed through a waiver and insurance review. This
arrangement would be reviewed bythe Board annually. If you wish to comment on this, please contact
Joe Keating ( and Steve Brunette ( by Sunday, July 8.

Northerns – Post Season Swim Meet
Another good read in this month’s Bulletin is a guest column by our former Pool & Tennis Chair, Jenny
Fredericks that will give you more information on the post season swim meet that Blue Ridge will be
hosting on August 2.

Northerns involves qualifying swimmers from the swim teams in the North end of the Seattle Summer
Swim League. This meet will have many more people here than for a typical meet. There is a small
task force, led by Jenny, that is deep in to planning this event that will include logistic, traffic, and
financial considerations. If you have questions direct them to Jenny or Brooke Walker, current Pool &
Tennis Chair.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Keep reading for more information! Start enjoying your summer!

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