Association Manager Report – July 2018

Be the Change
Have you met Metta and Milt? Doers, unaccustomed to sitting on the sidelines and believers of the daily 15 second kiss. What about Jenny and Jean? Enthusiastic volunteers who envision a more perfect union and have fun while giving back. Heard about Fred?First to arrive and setup, last to leave and teardown. Quietly painting our benches and tables year after year. And what about the man behind the curtain? John’s been our webmaster, IT guru, and everything digital consultant for years, volunteering hundreds of hours and saving Blue Ridge thousands. But it has to be Alyne who has the most glamorous assignment of all: for years she’s kept us well stocked with doggie waste bags.

These are just a few Blue Ridge homeowners that contribute to the greater good and offer dailyinspiration. I don’t like enforcing rules or delivering unwelcome news, but it’s necessary and frees others to focus on bigger issues. My joy comes from the sporadic shared stories, the smiles, and helping you create community. I leave Blue Ridge most nights with a sense of accomplishment and a heart of gratitude. Thank you. And speaking of rules, a few reminders . . .

Facility Rentals
Q: Why do I have to attend a sponsored rental?
A: Blue Ridge facilities are insured as privately owned, this keeps their use in compliance with our
governing documents as well as saves moneyfor the community. As long as the responsible
homeowner is in attendance, the asset is insured. This is why both clubhouse and cabana rental
forms state, “The Blue Ridge homeowner is required to be present for the entire time the rental function
is in progress.”

Key Fobs
The beach park, tennis courts, and now the clubhouse, all require a homeowner’s keyfob for access.
“If you wish to share our resources with friends and family outside of the neighborhood, you must
remain present during guest use of the properties. Fobs found to be in use by people who do not live in
Blue Ridge will be deactivated and may result in your household fobs being deactivated.”

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