Association Manager Report – April 2018

Spring is really here! I’m grateful for the extra sunlight and the extra activity it brings. It’s great to see more people out and about on our streets, in our parks, and more visits to the office.
Increased Clubhouse Use
Your Clubhouse is seeing an increase in rental use. This is excellent – it is getting used as intended – for your family and neighborhood gatherings, medium-sized to large, potluck to catered. Rental rates remain comparatively low, with the expectation that you will treat it as your own, leaving it as or better than you found it. We especially like to see the birthday parties: disco dancing to high-tea, so much creativity and joy really changes the space from event to event. The calendar availability is in real time, handy as you contemplate dates. Details and forms are also under the Facility Rentals tab, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out and we’ll track it down.
Final Option #2 Payments Due April 30th!
Most 2018 Dues have been received – Thank you! For those that chose the payment plan – the second payment is due April 30th. “Real Estate Season” is upon us and having your dues current and understanding the assessment status of your home can expedite closing.
Key Fobs Updated with 2018 Memberships
The key fob database has been updated to reflect 2018 membership levels and outstanding balances. Don’t wait for the sun to find out if your key fob no longer works, please contact us ASAP with any problems!
Happy Earth Day and looking forward to seeing everyone at the Work Party, April 21st !

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