Architecture Report – April 2018

In March the board:
Approved the Smith front porch enclosure – 10221 Radford Ave NW
Dellisanti 10535 12th Ave NW – 2nd story addition – Vote tabled in light of new plans. The board accepted their new plans as a new presentation.
Initial presentation of plans for Dellisanti 2nd story addition – 10535 12th Ave NW
In April the board will:
Vote on Dellisanti project – 10535 12th Ave NW
Initial Presentation of Zhang/ Nix 2nd story addition and house remodel – 10234 Belgrove Ct NW
Just a few words about the architecture process. As the chair, the homeowners reach out to me at least two weeks in advance of the next board meeting so I can do my job of notifying the neighborhood. The homeowners should be reaching out to their surrounding and affected neighbors, presenting them with a set of plans, and having them sign attachment C (signing does not mean you are in favor of project, it just acknowledges you were contacted). In addition they should give you an attachment D, neighbor feedback form, to fill out. Attachment D should be turned into me or our association manager for board review. If I do not hear from a neighbor, I assume they are neutral on the project so if you want your opinion to be heard, you must reach out. And if you ever have any questions concerning the process, please send me an email. I am here to make the process run smoothly.

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