Grounds and Facilities Report – April 2018

Greetings, Neighbors –
Spring has arrived and as you can see (and smell), the landscaping crew has been hard at work getting our parks ready for increased use. With many of our shared areas being well tended to, our upcoming work-party provides an opportunity to truly improve and enhance our community by taking on tasks that are more non-recurring in nature and forge camaraderie and friendships in the process. This year’s event is scheduled for  SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 9:00 AM  (Coffee and donuts available beginning at 8:15). Plan on meeting at the clubhouse in the morning, with work projects assigned and commencing at 9:00 AM. While projects are still being finalized, they look to include an array of skill sets and physical effort including (and weather depending) planting, painting, cleaning and minor repair. As a reward for your hard work, a delicious lunch will be served around noon back at the clubhouse. (Thank you Candis Litsey for again making this possible!) More details will be forthcoming, but please plan to participate if you can, as we are looking forward to 50-75 participants for what should be a fun and gratifying experience. Kids are welcome and appreciated! (For those neighbors that wish to be involved but are unable to attend, donations in the suggested amount of $25 will gladly be accepted and can be turned in with Michelle at the Clubhouse.)
In addition to the upcoming work party and as many of you have been already made aware, our Beach Park has been graced with nature’s ‘spring fever’ in the form of a Killdeer nest. While many are excited about this new ‘addition’ to the Blue Ridge community, ensuring its success requires a bit of common sense and minor shared sacrifice – particularly since the location is in the existing play structure area (and cannot be moved without terminating the process). Specifically, until the eggs have hatched and the nest no longer needed, we are asking neighbors to exhibit discretion in the use of the play structure, allowing space as appropriate and being respectful of the parent-Killdeer actions. Also, importantly, we are asking that dog owners pay special attention to their dog’s activity and behavior. While keeping dogs on leash in the park for the next several weeks has been suggested, at a minimum, please keep your pups away from the nest so we can avoid any conflict between the species. While mildly inconvenient, the expected time frame is relatively short, with estimates for the completion of nesting on or around May 1 st . If you find yourself at the Beach Park over the next few weeks, perhaps take a moment to observe and enjoy the nest as it represents a chance to view one specific component of the natural beauty from which we all benefit.
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