President’s Report – March 2018

I can’t believe it is March already with Spring just around the corner! We’re forging ahead with initiatives for 2018.
Ch-ch-changes – The Board 2018
At last month’s Board Meeting we ratified the Shareholder vote of our 2018 slate of Board Members. And with this transition, there is a shift of responsibilities among the group.
Jen Henninger and Eric Souder are new Board members. Jen will serve as Membership Chair. Her primary responsibilities in that role are to orient new residents in the neighborhood and to work with the Events Coordinator to engage community volunteers. As Security Chair, Eric will monitor and communicate safety and security issues especially concerning our common properties. The Board also elected Board officers for 2018:
Janet Wallace – President
Brooke Walker – Vice President (and Pool & Tennis Chair)
Andrea Durbin – Treasurer
Steve Reich – Secretary
Before we are too far in to the year, the Board will hold an informal planning session to orient new members and discuss priorities for the year. In my column next month, I will report on our session.
Hey – I’m Walkin’ Here!
We keep hearing from neighbors about concerns about traffic and road safety. At our next Board Meeting on February 12, Jane Caron and Helen Curtis will be presenting a proposal to the Board to form a community task force that will determine ways to address those concerns. Some of the issues include excessive speed, impaired sight lines, and possibly road conditions. Please come to the meeting if you are interested in this topic and would consider joining the task force and the effort.
Events – We want em’ but who is going to lead them?
Our community is still in need of an Events Coordinator (or maybe two Co-coordinators). Cat Burns has left after two years in the position. She did a great job and ended her tenure as the lead on the fabulous Tom Douglas dinner in January.
What does the Events Coordinator do? Well, the primary responsibilities include working with the Membership Chair to identify leads that implement our signature events (e.g. Easter Egg Hunt, Fourth of July Parade and Picnic, Halloween, Holiday Open House), assisting with volunteer recruitment, and serving in a budget/financial management capacity. It can be a fun position where you get to know your neighbors and perform a vital community building role.
But for as long as I’ve been around, it seems we’ve struggled with getting the right structure in place to run and manage the events we’ve all come to enjoy and want. We’re all busy and only have so many volunteer hours to give. I don’t know the answer, but I do know I will be very disappointed if we don’t have the Fourth of July festivities this year. We’re definitely open to new ways of ensuring that we keep these events going.
If you have ideas or questions or would consider stepping in to the Events Coordinator role, please contact Jen Henninger or myself
Thank you!!
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