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Shareholder Meeting & Reports

It was great to reconnect with members at the 77th Annual Shareholder’s Meeting on February 5th. We broke earlier records for returned ballots with a 52% response rate and handily achieved quorum – Thank you all! If you didn’t receive a shareholder report, drop by and pick one up, we’re usually in the office Mon-Fri, 9-5. A big thank you to Darby Carlisle for creating our beautiful cover!

Each year, three board members are up for election, familiar faces rotate off, and fresh ideas are introduced. As I start my third year serving Blue Ridge, I continue to be impressed with this highly dedicated and collaborative group genuinely serving the greater good. Congratulations to newly elected board members, Jen Henninger and Eric Souder! As Jen and Eric get up to speed, the focus shifts to supporting 2018 board goals and projects.

Blue Ridge is a special neighborhood. Unlike many communities, Blue Ridge accomplishes much with many groups of ambitious volunteers. The immediate benefit is lower than average homeowner assessments, but the real benefits are vital social networks and community pride. Please consider the many volunteering opportunities, from behind the scenes, or in the thick of things, from one time, short term projects, to ongoing community engagement. Help Blue Ridge usher in another fabulous 77 years!

Thank You for Your Payment!

Along with the crush of ballots, we processed annual payments, visitors, emails, and phone calls as our dues deadline neared and passed. We fielded many questions and suggestions and met many of you, and your dogs and kids, too. As of now, all initial dues payments received have been processed. If you owe the Initiation Fee – you should have received a statement from our bookkeeper recently. Please remember Option 2 second payments are due April 30th.

Reservation Calendars Open

Excitement for warmer days is under way as many of you plan picnics and parties at the beach park. The board recently updated rental forms, rules, and fees, including a new cabana rental fee of $100 to offset increased maintenance and repairs. Please utilize the rental reservation system at for calendar availability, new forms and rules. If you don’t find what you’re looking for under the “Facility Rentals” tab, reach out and we’ll track down an answer.

Clubhouse Parking Lot

Not everyone thinks of the clubhouse parking lot as a homeowner amenity, but it’s handy for carpools, or as overflow during home construction or hosting large gatherings. Before parking though, please give us a quick call or email so we can coordinate with rental parties, construction projects, or lot closures.


Our mail carrier has mentioned many homeowners need to update their mailboxes. Several “front loading cluster box units” are damaged and/or are easily targeted for mail theft. Most mail

kiosks are on your neighbor’s private property, and it is the responsibility of the homeowners who use it to maintain it. Do you think your grouping needs to be replaced? Collaborate with your neighbors and organize a replacement. An excellent selection of secured options are available at

Here’s a tip if you lose a mail box key: A locksmith may cost around $100, but replacing the tumbler is a lot less at $50. Your mail carrier will do this for you if you leave him a note, once your box is secure again, you can leave a $50 check.

Road Conditions

As the weather warms, potholes will appear causing wear and tear on your car. Reach out to the Pothole Rangers at Seattle.Gov under Transportation or 206.684.ROAD (7623). The more reports, the faster the repair. Non pothole issues can also email:

Office Hours

I will be on vacation March 5-9th and services and business office hours will be limited this week. If you need any help or questions arise, Alison will be in the office Mon – Thurs, 9-1pm answering emails and phone calls.

Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.”

— Lewis Grizzard

Warm and sunny cheers to the coming spring!

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