President’s Report – February 2018

As we approach the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting on February 5 there are a few things on my mind:
Every VOTE Counts!
You should have received your ballot in the mail, as a Blue Ridge shareholder. Please vote! We need a quorum (34% of shareholders) to either send in your ballots, drop them off at the Clubhouse or bring them to the meeting. The business of the Association is managed and conducted by your elected Board of Directors but we need you to vote to ensure that we have a full group dedicated to the many tasks that keep things operational.
There are three excellent candidates for three open positions: Jennifer Henninger, Eric Souder, and Andrea Durbin. Two are new to Board service but have been very involved with Blue Ridge volunteer activities.  Jen has been a long-time Blue Ridge events volunteer while Eric served on the Long Range Planning Committee this past year. Both have kids that have been active in swim and tennis programs and both have professional and community experience that will be helpful on the Board. Andrea was appointed as Treasurer at the end of 2016 to finish Brandon Pemberton’s term and is now stepping up for a full 3-year term. She has done a great job shepherding us through effort to improve our planning and fiscal procedures.
Good-bye, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen , Adieu
Two Board members will be rolling off the Board: Quinne Feng and Jenny Fredericks. Quinne took on the Secretary position 3 years ago as a relatively new resident to Blue Ridge. We thank her for diligently jumping in to take those monthly minutes and for ensuring that we keep track of the important decisions of the Board.
This year marks the end of Jenny Fredericks’ 6 years on the Blue Ridge Board (two 3-year terms). In 2012 she was elected and appointed to the newly created Swim and Tennis Program Chair. As I understand it, things at the time were in flux and there wasn’t full board oversight or consistent management over any of the summer programs, a very important part of our community.
It is impossible to describe the time and energy she has spent to build, improve and manage the Blue Ridge Swim and Tennis programs or the long lasting impact that she has had.  She had a vision to develop a professionally run set of fun programs that offers summer jobs to Blue Ridge kids and opportunities for select young adults to grow into management positions. She mentored kids along the way and instituted policies and procedures to adhere to employment and public health standards. The Swim and Tennis Programs are thriving with increased participation and contribution to the bottom-line. And most importantly, the programs serve as a way to bond our community together in many different ways.
It is also impossible to fully thank Jenny for all she has done for our community, but here goes: THANK YOU! I hope she knows that everyone close to the “action” appreciates her incredible contribution. I personally will miss working with Jenny. Her sense of humor, professionalism and willingness to roll up her sleeves and tackle problems got us through a number of issues.
Fortunately, she’s not really going away. You’ll see her around the pool this summer with her kids on swim team and as she leads a task force that will manage operations when Blue Ridge hosts the post season Northern swim meet. Maybe you can individually thank her then. Or say hello to Brooke Walker who will step in to the Swim and Tennis Program Chair. We’re fortunate there too!
Annual Shareholder’s Meeting
So…….here’s my appeal: Come to the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting – 7:00pm February 5 at the Clubhouse. ALL residents are invited. At the meeting, Board Members will give Annual Reports; there will be the opportunity for Q&A and discussion about current and future issues.
And once again…….fill-out and bring your ballot.
Or……..if you can’t make the meeting, send in your ballot. We need your vote and a quorum or we’ll have to do the process all over again (and we’d like to avoid that).
Hope to see you there!
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