President’s Report – December 2017

The holidays are in full swing and year-end activities are wrapping up. And I need to wrap some presents.

The 2018 Budget was officially ratified at the Budget Ratification Meeting on December 11. If you reviewed our Treasurer Andrea Durbin’s letter and notice, you read that there was an overall modest increase to expenses with the bulk of it coming from an increased annual contribution to reserves (from $60,000 to $93,000). This contribution approaches full funding and is part of our fiscal strategy to more proactively plan our future maintenance and capital expenses and adequately fund our reserves. We overwhelmingly heard from you that you want to avoid special assessments as we had in 2017 and this is our effort to do that. To cover this increased expense we needed to slightly raise dues. Your dues notice will be in the mail soon.

Association Manager

Another Board year-end activity was to review our Association Manager, Michelle Morgan. She has now been with us for two years. Many of you have probably had limited contact with her or have actually never met her. We realize that the community may not be aware of all that she does or the value she brings. As we have moved away from volunteers handling business functions and incorporated HOA requirements in to operations, the activities in the business office have increased.

Michelle has a background with homeowners associations and has brought a level of professionalism in many areas to ensure that we are operating properly and legally. This has meant cleaning up many processes and instituting policies where needed especially in the finance area. She has established strong relationships with our vendors and saved us money through bid review and contracts. And, I don’t think anyone on the Board could do their jobs effectively without her assistance. I know I rely heavily on Michelle. In the end, all that needs to be done in the business office cannot be done by one person. A new part-time office assistant will start after the first of the year. This will help meet the customer service expectations of the community.

So, on behalf of the Board, we thank Michelle for the outstanding job that she is doing!

Season’s Greetings
I could go on about some of the upcoming activities that will consume our energy after the first of the year (Board Elections, Annual Shareholder meeting) but I won’t. I’ll simply wish everyone Happy Holidays and Great New Year!


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