Pool & Tennis Report – November 2017

The Pool is closed, the tennis courts are empty and it is getting dark at 4pm…..not my favorite time of year, but always a good time to rest and reflect.
Be confident, we are not dormant at the clubhouse…. we are in budgeting and planning mode as we move to the new year assessing what worked, what did not, and as always, how can we improve to better serve the Blue Ridge Community.
Swim Team
With regard to the programs, I am very excited about the growth of the swim team, which is one of the galvanizing forces in the community. We have grown 13% since 2015 to 160+ swimmers and have really become competitive. Because of this program, our private lessons in the last year have increased over 100%! Thank you Carlos and Glen for your continued leadership and commitment to this program. 2018 and 2019 will prove to be very exciting for Blue Ridge as we will host the 2018 Northerns event and 2019 All Cities event. We are already in planning mode for this as it will be a huge volunteer effort to pull off back to back events (which I am confident we will do)! We will need lots of help on may levels, so stay tuned!! We also plan to replace the 6 starter blocks before the upcoming season. We do not have this in the budget due to the clubhouse remodel, the locker room upgrades, and other operation improvements we need to make to equipment due to end of life, but my hope is we can band together as a community to cover these costs…. please feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in donating a starting block or partnering with another family to donate a block…. I will have a full list of pool projects/updates in my annual shareholder report (in Feb), but wanted to make sure the community knows we have failing pool equipment and have planned for these expenses thanks to our reserve study and the diligent work of Janet Wallace (our president), Michelle Morgan (our association manager) and Andrea Durbin (our treasurer). Also note, we have budgeted to replace the pool furniture and are looking for a person to head up a furniture task force committee in the off season to come up with a solution by Q1 2108!
As most of you know, 3 years ago we entered into a contract with Tennis Center Sandpoint to try and meet the needs of the community to offer a higher caliber of Programs. Our goals were simple: Build the team, Increase participation in the community with adults and increase the level of programming for the kids. The good news is we have accomplished this!  Just this year the team grew from 12 to 30 participants!! For the adults we have added cardio tennis and Wimbledon to the offering along with beginning and advanced classes…..all of which have sold out. I have also heard from many members in the community, that the kids are loving the programs and their game is improving dramatically… So with that, we have filled the courts! Because of this success….we have also heard from some residents that they would like more open court time in the evenings and weekends, priority time slots for the ladies flights (which we have always maintained), less boom box activity, and online sign ups. The other request, is that when there is no regular programing happening, and there are private lessons at the courts, we always have at least one court open for open play. I am happy to announce, that we will be making these changes in hopes of balancing the diverse needs of the community and working out the balance of the details for the season. Thank you to those that spoke up about your needs.
Water Polo
Water Polo also continues to grow and has become very competitive. Thank you Thor for your commitment to build this and all of your efforts! Congrats on another great season. We are looking for ways to get more Blue Ridge residents involved in this program. Please let us know if you are interested and we would be happy to provide more information!! We also heard from the community about excess noise this season (which I think is partially due to the fact that they are winning and we had more home meets this year), but please know, we are working to address this issue. Thanks again for the feedback.
Pool Managers
We are looking forward to having Our Pool leadership team (Rosie, Jessica and Luke) back next year with another year of experience under their belt. We are in the process of reviewing our progress last year and implementing changes for next, so again, please forward me any improvements you would like to see!
Thank you for your continued support.
Jenny Fredericks
Pool and Tennis Chair
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