Club Manager Report – Summer 2017

20 is Plenty! Have you noticed, Seattle City Light has begun final restorations on Blue Ridge roads. New smoother surfaces mean more speeding drivers. Encourage lead footed family and neighbors to slow down!

Young Entrepreneurs: Are you a budding business owner and under 21yrs? Blue Ridge members may run free ads in the monthly Bulletin and on for babysitting, odd jobs, etc. . . Email final content to:

Thinking about fundraising with lemonade, cookies, etc . . . at the clubhouse? Contact me at for details.

Beach Park: Thank you to the cabana renters who have been doing a great job cleaning after use, packing out their trash/recycling, and complying with parking signs. Blue Ridge relies on everyone doing their part to keep costs low. There are still some prime spots available for the Cabana on our self-service rental reservations system at

Communications: Many thanks to webmaster extraordinaire, John Parchem, and master multi-tasker editor, Jean McCarthy, for their tireless communication efforts. Enjoy their hard work and use the website! Want to know what’s going on? Check out the website. Want to know the pool or beach cabana schedule? Check out the website.

Also, let me know if you’re not receiving Blue Ridge community eblasts, they cover time sensitive topics between Bulletin issues.

Thanks to all the volunteers that help make summer fun in Blue Ridge!

Michelle Morgan, CMCA®
Blue Ridge Association Manager
10040 15th Ave NW I Seattle, WA I 98177 I 206.784.3868 I

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