Club Manager Report – April 2017

It’s not usually a good sign if a Hairy Woodpecker is excavating insects and creating holes in a building’s siding. In the Woodpecker’s defense, he didn’t cause the original moisture damage, which attracted an insect population and reliable food source. After several decades, there were other areas of the clubhouse with failed siding, but the west side belonged to the Woodpecker. They are skittish birds, hearing them more often than seeing. During the long, quiet months at the clubhouse there were days when the Woodpecker visits were a welcomed interruption. I will miss his calls, rhythmic tapping, and catching a glimpse of tail feathers against the kitchen window. This has been a good gig for the Woodpecker, but soon the gig will be up when damaged siding and framework are replaced. This morning was his last visit and that’s a good sign for the clubhouse. I will listen for him as his search continues for insects in nearby tress. 

Pardon our dust!  Siding demolition is under way and the front entrance is closed until project completion in June. Please help maintain a safe environment and use the side door off parking lot (north side) as a temporary entrance. Drop-box use is still available evenings and weekends, please watch your step.

Payments:  Thank you to every homeowner who paid our 2017 Maintenance Assessment due by March 31st , reducing collection costs for everyone.

Thinking of selling? Please share my contact info with Listing Agent, Title, and Escrow for document requests, payoffs, and HOA demands. Turnaround times are usually less than a week (please note office closure below).

Seattle City Light: Please see project updates below, Phase 1 is nearing completion in June with Phase 2 beginning this month. Details, contacts, and maps below. 

New Directory and Shareholder Reports: Stop by and pick up your copy!

Office closure: The office will be closed during vacation April 17-21nd, let me know if I can help prior and cheers to a sunny spring!

Michelle Morgan, CMCA®
Blue Ridge Association Manager

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