President’s Report

As we transition to a new Board and look ahead at plans for the year, it’s time to fill you in on some changes amongst the Board and initiatives that are on tap for 2017.

First, I’ll welcome our newest Board Members voted in by the Shareholders: Steve Brunette and Steve Reich. With the same first name we are still trying to work on how to best refer to them. I am resisting the temptation to collectively call them The Steves. Steve Brunette will serve as the Grounds and Facilities Chair with more of an accent on facilities over the next couple of years. Since he is new to this position, we’ve decided to postpone the Annual Work Party that usually occurs in April until a plan has been developed. Steve Reich came on board to be Security Chair but we are reviewing this position to broaden its scope. Originally this role on the Board primarily operated as a resource and information conduit for security/crime and safety issues. With social media (Facebook) and an Association Manager to oversee our security vendors, the work involved for the position has changed and diminished. We have, however, identified a need to do a better job of general communication to all of you to make sure you are better informed on issues and that the Association office and the Board are aware of issues important to you. We are still working on how to best morph this position and you will hear more later.

With the departure of Steve Malloch and Mike Brooks, there are some other shifts. Barbara Sinn has taken on the big responsibility of Architecture Chair while Brooke Walker is now the Membership Chair. Andrea Durbin was also elected by the Shareholders to finish out Brandon Pemberton’s term. She will continue as Treasurer.

The Board had a planning session last week to talk about priorities and roles/responsibilities. We’re tweaking some of the Board jobs to make sure we have proper oversight over different functional areas.

The most significant thing to come out of our meeting was the commitment to form a Long Range Planning Committee. This committee will be charged with developing a 3-year capital/asset spending plan that projects the impact on revenue and reserves. We want to avoid the situation we had this past year with deferred maintenance that resulted in the special assessment. This planning committee will also explore our dues/membership structure. There have been discussions over the years about moving to one set of dues where all community members would have access to the pool and tennis facilities. The committee will define the implications and will determine if there is community support for the possible change. Our Treasurer Andrea Durbin will chair the committee and it will include both Board and community members. If you are interested in possibly participating on this committee, contact Andrea at

We also decided to renew our effort to design and determine the cost of the Pool Deck Extension project. As a reminder, last year, we started to explore ways to gain more space around the pool and update the exterior of the buildings that house our pool equipment and supplies. We will engage Schemata Designs to design an extension of the Club House deck along the East end of the pool that will potentially continue along the tennis courts on the South End. Depending on the cost and nature of the design, it is likely that there will be restrictions on the use of reserves or assessments to fund the project. This means that a capital fundraising effort will be required. The goal will be to get community input this summer to determine whether to go forward.

Those are the main things we are working on. If you have any thoughts on any of this or other priorities you think should be addressed, shoot me an email!


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